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    Garnet Crow breaking up in June

    Oh, that must be why they released a complete collection of all of their singles recently. It will be really sad to see them break up, but at least they left a whole bunch of music and great memories for us to enjoy! EDIT: Haven't been on here in a while, really like the new forums!
  2. FlamingFirewire

    FUNimation's New Case Closed Site

    Remember, even if you do hate the English Dub, the reason why I brought it up is because the DVDs include the Japanese dub (and obviously subtitles) along with the English dub. Plus I would like to see some more of the movies in English; just another way to show support for the series. I would hope for less alterations on the movies though... (goddamn TMS)
  3. FlamingFirewire


    Check out the new topic I made, or just check out the new Case Closed website from this link: http://beta.funimation.com/case-closed From here all fans of the show can show their dedication for the North American release of Detective Conan. Make sure to tell your friends. XD
  4. FlamingFirewire

    FUNimation's New Case Closed Site

    http://beta.funimation.com/case-closed Just posted the above link for the new FUNimation website, which of course means a new interface. It has an area for reviews and thoughts on the show and acts kind of like youTube. Thought I would post this here so that everyone here can drop their two cents onto the new forum board dealing with the "Status of Case Closed" and "Reviews" of the show at large. I really don't mean this to sound as an advertisement, but please consider supporting the show by visiting the site and showing your support for the release of DC in North America.
  5. I just noticed you joined the same day I did. On DCW, I mean.

  6. FlamingFirewire

    The Hunt - Prologue

    is the "sequel" posted somewhere else??
  7. FlamingFirewire

    Where are you, Shinichi-niichan?

    Pretty good story but the spacing really does throw me off. I wonder what will happen next...
  8. FlamingFirewire

    Which volume is this from?

    Just thought a new topic on this as I saw this picture but have no clue which case or volume it came from? I'm not sure if the words are exactly from the Manga (it might have been a parody), but if anybody recognizes the box or where it came from that would be great.
  9. Don't know much information about this series, but I just recently heard that KITsubs is subbing the first season of Kamen Rider - Season 1. It was kinda related to the show that the Detective Boys always watch, so it might make another cool page in this wiki.
  10. FlamingFirewire

    DCW Wiki goes mobile!

    thanks so much, was really looking forward to his feature now I can look up plot episodes without getting off my couch XD
  11. FlamingFirewire

    Problem With Mobile Devices

    When trying to view the Detective Conan Wiki on my iPod Touch, I always get re-directed to Wikipedia by default. There is no way to tell it not to, so is there something on this end that can be changed so that this Wiki can be accessed from mobile devices. (ie cell phone, iPhones, etc.)
  12. FlamingFirewire


    while that is true, and doesn't really defend what I was saying earlier, both the JAP and ENG video/audio is on the singles (like vol 1.1, and Cases 4 and 5 at least) so the original opening/title cards/endings/name boxes are all there. It's just too bad that Funimation decided to drop the different viewing options from the season sets and "Cases 1-3"
  13. FlamingFirewire

    A New Detective Conan Live-Action Special Has Been Announced

    maybe they're talking about this --> "Gosho Aoyama Short Stories (new edition) - February 18, 2011"
  14. FlamingFirewire


    I believe Best Buy in the US still sells some Case Closed Merchandise, but I think that that is about it.
  15. FlamingFirewire

    Favorite Episodes

    I'll post my favorite episodes a little later but I have to say that we definitely need more episodes with Shinichi's parents in them.