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  1. Andrew Garfiled sucks as Peter Parker. All the girls are probably excited about it, but he totally sucks as Peter and is way too hot to be him. And yes, Spidey always used webshooters but I liked it how it was after the 2002 Spider-Man got released. Awww. . . man!
  2. I thought that since I saw the Movie for the first time, there is no doubt!
  3. I just heard his confession, so awesome! . . . just finished watching EP620 and I checked youtube and 621 was already available with german subs in HD. So I watched it there!
  4. Senpai

    My stuff :]

    Nope, it already was on the original, just recolored Heiji.
  5. I posted Heiji in the drawing section! :D



      happy new years to you and love the drawing keep it up ^//////^

  6. Senpai

    My stuff :]

    Well, I tried to color Heiji. But I couldn't find any good Linearts so I just made one myself. I used a 2px brush as line but I noticed, after I already finished it that it was too thick. Seems like I have to go with 1px next time. I recolored this one. . . . oh and I just noticed that I forgot to add the shadow on his left shoulder. ):
  7. Working on a Heiji Coloring but I have to finish the Lineart first, couldn't find a good one so im making one myself. .____.

  8. Senpai

    My stuff :]

    Seems like I should do a DC one soon
  9. I totally love that case, I might need to watch it again!
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