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    what you think about it? along with DC it's my fav anime...by far! i like the drawings and even more the coloring. the story and the world of OP. if you rly get into it, your fantasy knows no limits. not to mention the OP's worlds history it's pretty big! AMAZING ANIME!!!!
  2. evil ichigo, kudo, zoro, luffy, goku
  3. my fav's would be conan - i like how he makes fun off kogoro shinichi - ... ran - ... kid - ... heiji - yea...you know he's like the big bro conan needs sometimes! kogoro - he's so funny while he's drunk xD
  4. nah it's sonoko trying to get his attention! XD
  5. well i guess i never cried, but i get kinda sad if kudo does so... with me it's more like i wanna beat up those jerks, tryin to get ran's attention like eisuke. i really hate that guy!!! i like kaito but i wont forgive him for what he did to ran in the 14th movie.
  6. maybe that guy from chicago called james from the episodes 258-259. there's still one thing that bothers me. ai said (actually thought) that shinichi is involved in their plans long before he was born.but maybe the german translation just sucks... then kudo senior and kid senior were kinda friends, so he must know something about the BO. maybe the quiz he gave shinichi back then which was for his father was a call for help...
  7. well i dont really talk about anime with my friends unless im drunk. but i really hate it when people talk shit about something and they dont know what ther're talkin about!
  8. Finally found a DC site! Well yea, my real name is Oliver, I'm 19 years old and I live in Germany.... See ya!
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