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  1. This topic is about who do you want between this two women to be with Shinichi... and explain why...
  2. I just want to know what lesson did you get in this Manga Series... My Answer is: For me the important things that I got in this manga series is the 3 important things in love: 1. Wait 2. Trust 3. Sacrifice You can't love if you don't know how to wait, you can't love if you don't trust him\her and you can't love if you don't know how to sacrifice. I also got that... the intelence must be used in good ways...
  3. I just want to know some romantic quotes that you like...
  4. Toni-kun

    Hello! I'm a new member from the Philippines :D

    Oh... nice to meet you... I am also a Filipino and a ShinRan fan... "ShinRan Magpakailanman, Mabuhay ang maka ShinRan!!!"
  5. Toni-kun

    Hi Im Lesair , new member from philippines

    Maligayang Pagdating sa DCW!!! Isa rin akong Pilipino... Ikinagagalak kitang makilala...
  6. Can anyone tell me either what episode, movie, special, or ova is this?
  7. Hi, cuffycake, Welcome to DCW!!!

  8. Toni-kun

    Character similarities

    [*]Conan: main character, spectacles, Agasa as... (like Sherlock and Watson) -> Nobita; main character, spectacles, Doraemon as... (Like Conan and Agasa) [*]Ayumi -> Shizuka... umm, just the only girl in the group of boys. [*]Mitsuhiko -> Soneo... the way they look. [*]Genta -> "Gian"... the same as you dscribe, hehe. [*]Agasa -> Doraemon... they invent stuff (not really in Doraemon's case ). Here -> http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Boys#Trivia [/font] Is the true name of the fat guy in Doraemon is Gian? now I know... because in Tagalog (Filipino) dubbed Doraemon called him "Damulag" (Filipino: means fat, huge, big) si that I have known him in this name...
  9. Toni-kun

    Detective Conan Music

    I love "Secret of my heart"....
  10. Toni-kun

    HalfAngel's Art

    wow... cool... good job...
  11. Toni-kun

    ShinRan fan made videos

    My link I made an another video...
  12. I can't wait for DCLA esp. with english subs....
  13. Toni-kun


    Great!!! another ShinRan fans... welcome...
  14. Toni-kun

    Who is best for Conan/Shinichi???

    Of course Ran, for me Ran has a biggest possibility to be with Shinichi because Ran is a protagonist and also Shinichi. While Shiho/Ai is only a supporting character... Because almost all of the movies, TV series etc. that I have watched the protagonist will be with the another protagonist...
  15. Toni-kun

    Post your top 5 Mangas (and why)!

    1. Detective Conan- I love the cases and love stories... 2. Hana Kimi- I love the story and characters here they are too verry funny. 3. Nodame Cantabile- Nodame is too funny here. 4. Gokusen- I love how Yangkumi changed the personalities of her students and also I love her principles here. 5. I don't have 5th favorite manga serie...
  16. Tommorow will be Saturday, no class... I have a plan, I shall go to the market tommorow with my father and secretly buy DC CDs...

    1. TheBlackTac


      Why don't you tell him? :)

  17. Toni-kun

    Who is best for Conan/Shinichi???

    Oh, I remember I made a thread like like this when I was a newbie...
  18. Toni-kun

    What is this sub-forum for?

    I have an suggestion... because we can't delete our own post... there were times that I accidentally doubled my posts I can't delete it, I should have to message to the staffs just to delete it... so can you put any icons or something bla... bla... bla... so that we can delete our own post (I mean the post posted by myself)...
  19. Please go to Off-topic/ English Language Thread... I accidentally doubled my post again I just want you to delete it...

  20. Toni-kun

    English Language Thread

    It depends if it is a "noun" or "verb". if the word is a noun you have to put "S" in Plural form... ex: bird-birds... dog- dogs... if it is a verb you have to put "S" in singular form... ex: he eats an apple they eat a breakfast
  21. Toni-kun

    Who Do You Want To Meet in Real Life?

    Aoyama Gosho... LOL! hahahahaha.........
  22. Toni-kun

    Famous lines of Shinichi Kudou/Conan Edogawa

    I really really like this line...
  23. Long Live ShinRan fans!!!

  24. Toni-kun

    Explain your username

    One Truth... after I found out that the meaning of the name Shinichi is One Truth
  25. Toni-kun

    Spoken Languages

    You can't speak Tagalog fluently? I can help you... but since I have to teach you I will (try to)use Formal speaking