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  1. happy birthday! Have fun

  2. Actually During the Reunion With the Black Corps episodes, 176-178, we see Gin get hit by the tranc' dart then we see the dart/needle just break into tiny fragments. Maybe the original idea was to have it shatter after impact but it could be that doesn't do this 100% of the time. This could be the reason why the one time Conan hits Ran back pocket and remains intact.
  3. Yeah, that was a supreme epic fail on their part.
  4. My user name is from Chekhov's gun and Macguffin. I was originally supposed to be "Chekhov's MacGuffin" but when I first signed up, they didn't allow apostrophes so I used Chekhov MacGuffin instead.

  5. I ban you for having an avie that reminds me of Hakuba.
  6. Japanese all the way. I was so ticked off when they changed TWO-MIX into Two-Times. They left it alone in the American release of the manga but then changed it in the American release of the anime. Dang-it, it's bad enough when they change the names of the fictional characters and then they go and change the names of real people; they changed the names of Minami and Shiina! How messed up is that?! Btw this is a was on the back of volume 30 of the American release of the Detective Conan manga. No I did not make that typo; that is actually on the back of volume 30 and can be found on the Viz website. I saw volume 30 at a bookstore with this on the back and was absolutely flabbergasted. I mean geez, they mess up Akai with Akagi in another issue and they do this. The sad thing about the Akai/Akagi thing is that the name was shown as 'Akai' before the mess up with Akagi so that even someone who wasn't at all familiar with the original version would know there was a screw-up with the name.
  7. ummmm yeah http://www.edogawaconan.com/ and it has nothing to do with my browser I tried opening it with IE and google chrome and it did work :'( also my internet connection is very high!

  8. Amen to that. It's actually kinda scary when you think about it, though. :shock:
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