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    Apoptoxin 4869

    I think the second point is valid, to a certain extent, because IQ is only a partial measure of mental faculties of a person. In fact, it is highly probable that APTX 4869 shrinks people who have higher neural activity, and kills those who don't. Shinichi is a detective with exceptional skills of deduction and acute observation. Haibara is a scientist, hence her thinking capability is a bit higher. It was also mentioned that she was a prodigy and started working for the Black Organization at the age of 13. Hence, Shinichi and Haibara shrank. Others didn't, and died.
  2. This reminds me of the THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. If the supernatural theory is correct, the investigation ends here. but it's not, as we all are aware of. So, Conan and Heiji will surely solve the mystery of the count dracula/vampire.
  3. Thank you for the birthday greeting! :) I'm sorry for the late reply...

  4. You're Indian too..

  5. Hello, nice to see another Indian :)

  6. happy birthday! Have fun

  7. Mostly, books,comics and mangas are better than their animation and live-action counterparts

    1. aasish


      But DC is the best in all

    2. nis-aihara


      agreed. and i do luv other anime but DC's the best!

    3. nis-aihara


      agreed. and i do luv other anime but DC's the best!

  8. Chapter 797 confirms that Amuro Tooru knows Sera Masumi. He is surely involved in the Black Organisation-FBI game
  9. There are two assumptions... Firstly, Akai is really scar-Akai... Secondly, Akai is Okiya... No data yet..... "It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment." Sherlock Holmes
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