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  1. Happy Birthday!! (=

  2. Can't wait for Movie 16!!!!!! :D

  3. Happy Birthday!


  5. vawli

    Happy Birthday!

  6. And conan jumps over the moon!!! 8D lolz

  7. Sorry for the late reply!! Had lots of tests to do!!! DX And i'm honoured to except that compliment :P How have u been lately??

  8. It was supposed to be a compliment. If it isn't apparent it is because I suck at talking or explaining my views. Society does not think I am normal, the only thing that would consider me normal is people who think outside this society. I changed my avatar, I put Ferb as my forum avatar.

  9. I feel like running away to some far off land to escape studying XD

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    2. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      On the street, DG. On the streets.

    3. Inspector Gin
    4. Rose


      ;) or get island schooled lolz!
  10. O.o if thats a complement then i thank u from the bottom of my heart XD and no i'm not messing with u! :P lolz, i don't think that at all!! i think ur perfectly normal...and funnyXD and pherb is awsome so yh i liked it ^.^

  11. I am in no way homosexual. I always wanted to play house with them or whatever. But I was always told not to, scolded about it being gay. I had to interactions with women, now I am ashamed to be a man who can't even talk to women without saying something incorrectly or wrong. Are you messing with me? Do you really like my avatar?

  12. I'm sure you DO make guys nervous, with your beauty and all. I suppose there is no law, but I have been called gay so many times that I actually feel like those people that want to change their gender if I have one. It's like; guys play with action figures, girls play with dolls. When I was little, I wanted to play with the girls. Not boys, by the way. I hope you know I am in no way in ...

  13. lolz! XD I get that alot around my school about being nervous around girlz! and yh i knw wht u mean! i guess all they think is that everything is gay...even though thats comepletly the WRONG word to use! sheesh! ppl these days! i think its absolutely normal for a guy to have a pic of a girl as their avatar! there's no law that says no right? ;) (i love ur avatar ...

  14. No wait, actually, what they said is the most gay. Than me having a picture of a girl as a profile picture, sheesh, I don't know how to talk to women, they make me nervous. I can't even collect my thoughts. Sorry.

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