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  1. then go to katakana then grammar then kanji.

  3. After 5ish or 6 months of training. The fruit of my work: http://img2.imagetwist.com/i/00413/5hlexu8m65z9.PNG
  4. Might as well say this here. I have started Translation on this. THIS WILL BE A PARTIAL TRANSLATION. WHICH MEANS ILL ONLY TRANSLATE: Some Story Choices Names and Places Maybe some more. Im not too sure right now and i might just hand it off to someone as well. Also ima need some Translators as well as myself. Anyone interested then Pm me. Completed: Dumped - 100% Decrypted Scripts - 100% In progress Script 1+2/438 ScreenShot of first Scene: Translator - Cheesus Thanks to cocomonk22 for help P.S. Need to make a table to dump text.
  5. i got that Translation as well ^ Title: Japanese (Something) dandelion
  6. Dubs get! Glad to see Kaoko knows dem Kanji!
  7. Get CarpetCrawler to be the voice of Agasa and ill watch it.
  8. Ill upload that Book later. Heres some Books that have helped MOST RECOMMENDED: http://www.mediafire.com/?fue8iilfh1rc9sl This book is probably my most favourite without a doubt. Memorized TONS OF KANJI FROM THIS AND I REMEMBER IT ALL. Another Kanji book: http://www.mediafire.com/?4jumi22momn Not too good but meh HIRAGANA BOOKS: http://www.mediafire.com/?c41hakak1scb8gj http://www.mediafire.com/?9y38b1fs4b3rvs9 http://www.mediafire.com/?0peu99ll862g9dm
  9. Well what i have to do next is more Kanji and learn words in Hiragana form. Ive memorized Grammar simply from reading a Japanese gramamr PDF i downloaded online. Taught me a lot. If people want it than ill put it up.
  10. Beginner to Moderate. I would say around JLPT 4 Know Hiragana Katakana More than 50 Kanji I can translate a manga with the use of a dictionary substantionally but still. Need to take the JLPT test soon just to make sure.
  11. Cheesus

    HI DCW!!

    Welcome. Don't go spam like crazy. :V
  12. best Program yet: http://ankisrs.net/ Download Kanji Books and everything. Study better
  13. next time post it in the ideas section. I am neutral.
  14. Would it be possible to teach conversational Japanese??? =D ^ Not until you have a clear understanding of Grammar, Writing Systems and a wide vocab of Japanese.
  15. im pretty sure everyone knows about this... :V
  16. I only go there for the Grammar. ^ I learned dem Hiragana and Katakana from: 1)Here 2)Wikipedia 3)A memorization web applet
  17. You start at Hiragana Edo. And then move to Katakana and then into Kanji Also Japanese Grammar: Before talking about particles let's get into word order. In general, standard word order for Japanese when using an action verb is: [sUBJECT]+TIME+PLACE/IMPLEMENT+INDIRECT OBJECT+OBJECT+ACTION VERB ""Ashita, gakkou de sensei ni purezento wo agemasu." ("[i'm] going to give a present to [my] teacher tomorrow.")" For an existence verb it is: [sUBJECT]+TIME+LOCATION+EXISTENCE VERB ""Takahashi wa, ima honsha ni iru." ("Takahasi is in the main office right now.")" For a motion verb it is: [sUBJECT]+TIME+ORIGIN+ROUTE+DESTINATION+MOTION VERB ""Ashita, paatii ni iku." ("I'm going to a party tomorrow.")"
  18. What i do: Girl fixes my sweater. I fix hers. Thats what i do.
  19. You should focus on Hiragana right now Natale. Visit kaoko's blog i think and she has hiragana books (children stories). Then work on Katakana. Then do Kanji and learn Grammer.
  20. Were not even done Hiragana :/ Im learning lots of Kanji. Got tons memorized so \o/ REMEMBERING THE KANJI IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE BEST KANJI BOOKS! And uh i suggest you register on lang-8.com And Add me as a friend. My name is Cheesus there.
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