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  1. By the way, sorry for late reply.

  2. Yep. I changed it a few months ago and, yes. I am still into Naruto.

    I'm doing great. Thanks. How about you? ^-^

  3. Hello. It looks like Edogawa-kun changed his name to TheBlackTac. How have you been? Are you still into Naruto?

  4. Hi Gin-kun. How's life? It looks like you haven't been active for quite a while. Are you still reading Naruto?

  5. Your welcome :).

    I am fine, thank you :D. I think the manga is coming to an, too. I am on the last chapter now :D.

  6. I really wish both Naruto and Sasuke won't die and they will stay alive in the end. Sasuke will find his true self after doing a life-and-death battle with Naruto and become a good boy, hopefully. I don't think Kishimoto will really develop some sort of love pairings between them, and if he does so in the end, I prefer to see Naruto with Hinata instead of Sakura. And I don't wish Kishimoto will make Sasuke-Sakura pairing when the story ends. Sasuke is not for every girl in Naruto
  7. Hi Gin-kun. I'm doing good, thanks. Just getting quite bit busy lately so I don't come here so often :D

    How have you been?

    Yeah, sure. I still follow the latest update of Naruto. The manga is about to reach its end, isn't? It's getting interesting chapter by chapter. How about you? :)

  8. Hi Tna Uchiha.

    How are you? Are you still into Naruto?

  9. I'm not sure.... I'm from Indonesia though...

  10. Thank you! To you too as well. :) It's been a long time. I'm good, nothing changes except my username. :P I feel like changing it but I'll change it back to "xXEdogawa-KunXx" after 2 months. :)

    It was great! I had fun with my family, and also DCW. :P

  11. Is this Shuichi Akai-kun from the same country as I am? :P

  12. Thanks! *ew, sorry for a very long reply lol*

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