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  1. If Ai cannot be paired up with any existing character, then I guess her best hope would be for the producers to create a new character out of the blue as her love interest (as they did with the love interests of Chiba & Agasa).
  2. With respect to Ran, it has been hinted (in OVA 9) that she has a lot of patience in waiting for the real Shinichi to return. Although she may initially feel shocked by the truth, if her love for Shinichi is still adequate, she will understand his predicament. With respect to Kogoro, my hope is that he withdraws from public life for a time and enters rehab, so that he can kick his drinking and/or smoking habit and thus make Eri more willing to reconcile with him. With respect to the other DBs, it has been hinted by someone on another forum that at least one of the DBs is very mature and would thus be able to understand Conan & Ai's predicaments.
  3. Also, I don't know if Ayumi is aware of this, but I think that if she were to openly declare her love for Conan to him, she risks alienating herself from him (the same would probably happen to Ai if she were to do as such).
  4. In other words, you're saying that Vermouth was most likely unaware of the events Ai described to Conan & Dr. Agasa during episode 129?
  5. Regarding Vermouth's discovery that Conan = Shinichi: Did Vermouth suspect that Shinichi survived APTX-4869 long before the Pisco arc, or was it during that event (or its aftermath) that she started suspecting as such?
  6. Here's something I've been thinking about: One of the last things Pisco said (right before Gin killed him) was: "I have a general idea of [sherry's] whereabouts." However, he did not have the opportunity to elaborate on that statement. What if Pisco had been allowed to continue that conversation along those lines? Given that Pisco saw Conan and stated that Conan was the one directing the police presence at the hotel, does this mean that Pisco had the potential to figure out Conan's true identity, if he hadn't already done so without explicitly expressing it?
  7. Although I'm not sure if the organization Kaito Kid is after is the same organization Shinichi/Conan is after, but...
  8. During the Desperate Revival arc, Shinichi was in his original form while "Conan" was Ai In disguise. Although not canon, there was at least one occasion in the movies where Conan was in his small form while "Shinichi" was Kaito Kid in disguise.
  9. NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! If you think this is true, then how do you explain Tooru Amuro (who self-disclosed as Bourbon) and Subaru Okiya appearing together at the same place & same time on multiple occasions? Or Subaru and Scar Akai appearing together?
  10. Sorry to disappoint you, but I believe the producers are deliberately reserving the antidote for cases where there is absolutely no alternative (e.g. the London arc, the Log Cabin arc). From the story's POV, repeatedly taking the antidote will reduce its effectiveness - do it long enough and its effectiveness will be reduced to absolutely zero. Furthermore, whenever Conan reverts to Shinichi for any amount of time, he risks being "found out" by the BO during that time. However, I would consider introducing a story line where Conan starts his expanding motion in front of the other Detective Boys and see if he can succeed in running away from them before he completes expanding.
  11. There are several major problems with this pairing. First, I still don't think Ai fully trusts Subaru. Her decision to run away from Subaru on the Bell Train, coupled with her remarks about him in the aftermath, indicate that she still has a reasonable degree of suspicion as to what kind of person he is. Second, assuming that Subaru is indeed Akai, I think it would not make emotional sense for someone to pursue a love relationship with the younger sister of your actual girlfriend whom you failed to protect from death...
  12. I've been wondering something about Amuro/Bourbon: is his loyalty to the BO closer to that of Vermouth or that of Pisco? In other words, in the event he finds out that some of the BO's important targets survived APTX-4869, would he keep this info to himself (like Vermouth did) or would he spread it to other BO members (like Pisco attempted to do)?
  13. Given that Amuro has ostensibly done little or nothing to harm Conan, Ran, Kogoro, and most of their associates, and assuming that Amuro/Bourbon's promise with Vermouth does indeed involve not harming Conan and company, I strongly suspect two things: -Bourbon may have a "soft spot" within him just like Vermouth. If he had the personality of Gin and/or Pisco, I can only imagine what he would have done by now - uncover secret identities, kill people targeted by the BO, you name it, the possibilities are virtually endless. -If Bourbon has not been told of it already by Vermouth, then he has the potential to find out who Conan (and possibly also Ai) really is. If I were Bourbon, I would first question Vermouth on why I am being told not to harm specific people, and if I'm not satisfied with Vermouth's responses, then I would go out and investigate them myself. However, in the event Bourbon does find out the true identities of Conan and/or Ai, I wonder what he would do with this info - would he simply keep it to himself and do nothing, will he take action against Conan and co. himself, or will he tell others in the organization and spur them into action?
  14. Wait a minute...isn't Izu part of Shizuoka prefecture, thereby falling under Sango's jurisdiction instead of Jugo's? --- On a side note, I believe Ai's reaction at the beginning of this chapter is proof that she would still prefer to submit herself to the BO if confronted by them, rather than try to evade them further. I can only imagine how she will react the next time she encounters BO members - if Conan once again devises a plan to save her, could she actually do something retaliatory against him?
  15. TML


    Assuming that Vermouth's promise with Bourbon involves protecting Conan, does that imply that Vermouth somehow told Bourbon who Conan really is?
  16. For more information, please see this page.
  17. Is it true that the producers no longer want to document the details of Shinichi and/or Shiho re-shrinking into their child forms? If I recall correctly, the details of Shiho's first re-shrinkage into Ai (during the Pisco incident) were well-documented, as were the details of Shinichi's first four re-shrinkages into Conan (during Heiji's first appearance, the Desperate Revival arc, and twice during the Shiragami arc). However, during subsequent events (i.e. the London arc and the Cabin Trap case), I can't find the detailed processes of how they re-shrank. Is this becoming a trend?
  18. My guess is that Vermouth will preserve the status quo only if Sherry is in the company of one or more of her allies (which explains why she did not take action upon realizing that Ai was sleeping on Dr. Agasa's back). Otherwise, if Sherry were alone with Vermouth with no one else around, all bets are off.
  19. Let me get something straight here: if Vermouth were alone with Sherry and Sherry's allies weren't around, Vermouth would not hesitate to pull the trigger on Sherry, is that right? In other words, is it only when Sherry is in the presence of one or more of her allies that Vermouth would preserve the status quo?
  20. Super Chek mod power abuse: Yes, it was Bourbon at the bank.
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