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  1. I just finished watching the Movie. maybe I missed it... Who wrote the Crimson Love Letter?? for whom is it? Is it a real love letter by Momiji to Heiji. Is it a hidden poem meaning in one of the Karuta card. Does this involve the bomber & his dead wife?
  2. After watching Zero the Enforcer in the Cinema yesterday, I have to conclude that 'The Darkest Nightmare' still the most entertaining movie among the 22 installment so far. We have a symphathetic protagonist in Curacao, There's the extended battle of Tooru Amuro & Shuichi Akai & Helicopter attack of the Black organization in the Theme Park. Somebody who'll disagree, I like to hear your rebuttal & which movie do you enjoyed best..
  3. shotgunben

    BO Smell

    Why was Haibara unaware ( though BO's scent ) of Vermouth who posed as a pregnant wife of the suspect in episode 734 'Jodie's Memories & Cherry Blossom Trap'... In Episode 230-31 'Mysterious Passenger' She has keen sense of smell to know a BO member was inside the Bus (?)
  4. I don't Ran's drawing she has a horn like a devil. I like Ai blonde hair. While Kazuha is simple with interchanging hair ribbon colors. I just messed up the pairings to rattle some die hards ;- )
  5. Ai when she becomes adult Shiho should hook up with Hattori Heiji. While Kahuza will fall in love with Shinichi. Ran is better off becoming a nun !
  6. Haibara will return to normal adult Shiho in the last episode. She will remain Shinichi's close friend( As Conan will return to his normal self as well). She will not die or get killed. She'll remain uninvolved romantically, but she'll have a happy life when all the BO is dissolved. :-)
  7. To the Conan Experts, I would like to ask. Kaito Kid disguised as Shinichiin Movie 'Magician of the Silver Sky' But police officer tried to pull Shnichi's face, but no mask was removed, Shinichi's remained firm. How did Kaito kid done this disguise?
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