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  1. Hi,NymphadoraTheTemplar Glad to see a new Detective conan fan! Its a great anime so far. I agree there are too many characrters that i love. There all funny, mysterious and really cool. But my faviroute has always been Akai, not sure why, but i really like him as a character in the anime!
  2. yeh true i kind of get a vibe she is good not sure why.
  3. my favorite is Mai Kuraki Dynamite #
  4. is vermouth good or bad not really sure.
  5. I think he has no clue about it really!
  6. Hi, yes i really like Vermouth and feel like she is somewhat good, and really like the Kudos but i also like sonoko because she is really nice to Ran.
  7. no idea really! i guess some of the options are not possible because if people like james black and akai (who already know about shinichi and Sherry) were the leaders of the black organisation than dont you think they would have gone after sherry again and sent Gin after her once more. dont u guys think?
  8. Throughout the entire series Ran's birthday has not been mentioned. Why?
  9. Does any body have any ideas on what the new movie is about? Seems like there is a clash between Bourbon and Conan, and also new characters from the Black Organization to be introduced as well. https://www.christianpost.com/news/detective-conan-zeros-executioner-anime-film-latest-news-conan-and-amuro-clash-in-newly-released-teaser-video-209940/
  10. Translation: Member of black organization: This drink is amazing! What is the name of this drink/alcohol. Gin: Rum, with lemon juice XYZ which means the end!
  11. Hi, i have been a Conan and Sherlock Holmes fan since i was 10. I love it soo much, the mystery, and the action! My fav characters in order are: Shinichi Kudo/ Conan Ran Mouri Akai Shuichi heiji Sherry/ Ai Haibara Vermouth Sonoko Kazuha Chianti (so funny) Genta (because he always eats-i love food) Gin What about u guys which characters are ur fav?
  12. Whoever wants to buy CONAN MERCH HERE IS THE LINK: http://www.amiami.com/ Awesome merch in stock! i wish i could buy it all!
  13. To all the fans of sherlock holmes, use it for your background on PC's or laptops.
  14. Hi, i read about this topic as-well after watching an old episode and i saw a connection between them.
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