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  1. The first win in 2020, or maybe the last win!
  2. How could that be! Alice's one person I'm wearing Alice Blue Hat but I'm not Alice. Maybe she's just a fictional character who appeared in Disney Movies and she looks terrible! Oh we're looking for another Alice. Umm I have a better idea to find her or him...! Who says s/he's Alice, will get what s/he wants for the next Christmas!!!
  3. Banned because that's what the title says, unless you are a robot.
  4. #1? I don't know why, I feel that the lie is 1. #1) My PC password is 1412. #2) My PC color is gray. #3) Some of my keyboard not working.
  5. Of the 7 billion people, there will be someone interested in your ideas. Is it possible for DCW forum to be active... again?
  6. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor. I felt sick after playing that.
  7. Why we searching for Alice?
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