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  1. Two Truths + A Lie [Forum Game]

    #1? I don't know why, I feel that the lie is 1. #1) My PC password is 1412. #2) My PC color is gray. #3) Some of my keyboard not working.
  2. Is it Possible...? [Forum Game]

    Of the 7 billion people, there will be someone interested in your ideas. Is it possible for DCW forum to be active... again?
  3. Game Character!

    Gomez from Fez.
  4. Describe Yourself in One Word

  5. Count Backwards from One Million :)

  6. 4 Letter Challenge!

  7. The Mystery Code

    I make this code, It may be a bit difficult. This code from some Detective Conan episodes, But a slightly different way. Waiting for the solution... -Hints??-
  8. 4 Letter Challenge!

  9. What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor. I felt sick after playing that.
  10. Describe the Person Above You [Forum Game]

  11. Are you Alice?

    Why we searching for Alice?
  12. Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for talking too much.
  13. Questions [Forum Game]

    You ask me?
  14. Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    You can't throws Pac-Man to fight alien invasion above you!! Throws paper
  15. Codes and Riddles

    It's actually not words, it's like a sign. I don't know if you could understand it. ...skip it
  16. Count Backwards from One Million :)

  17. 4 Letter Challenge!

  18. Count to One Million [Forum Game]

  19. Count to One Million [Forum Game]

    It should be 12,172 now.. why? because: One page have 25 posts, and total pages are 487; but the last page (this) not completed, it have just 4 +1(my) posts. So: (25×487)-(25-5)= 12,155 ...!! ---------- But let's just keep counting 12,152
  20. Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned without reason.
  21. Word Association [Forum Game]

    Origin (digital distribution software)
  22. Count Backwards from One Million :)

  23. Count to One Million [Forum Game]

  24. The Opposites Game

    I will start with the word, then the next person will write what is opposite to that word, then writes another word. EX etc... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~♠ My word is Empty