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  1. ???? Really??? Everybody!!!??? What we can do when we were in sleep paralysis???? You did??? How??? I've heard about this, but I don't believe in this Honestly, I want to try once. But I feel scared. OMG. Would we slept in paralysis and never woke up???
  2. Hi Quaterofseabass, I watched Doctor Who, and liked it, too. Nice to meet u
  3. How old are you? Like an 80-year-old man
  4. well, well, it would be a hotly debated topic with my teacher if she hears I said so I hate this Kjeldahl, I agree with u
  5. Happy birthday to u, skyechan ;)

  6. Haha... your overview quite impressed, Kjeldahl :))

  7. nanaya, welcome to DCW I love the culture of Japan, and wanna go there one time
  8. Shinxran9111, me too. I don't know exactly how many times I've read the Detective Conan.... Yes, not watched, I prefer reading comic to watching movie....
  9. Hi Why don't u tell more about yourself?
  10. "a lot of people here hate Conan....." WT? Really??? KJ, welcome. "27:4" So awesome !!! why do u put ":(" ???
  11. Welcome to DCW. Have fun time here
  12. Hi~ :) Where are u from?

  13. Just my thinking Though, I agree with you to some extent
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