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  1. Out of curiosity, what was the biggest hint that Araide was suspicious? When he tried to defend Conan in the bus hijack(which is something Vermouth would for sure)? About Rumi, is there any way at all that she is affiliated with the MI6, or is it too early? I think there were some hints that MI6 may appear some day. Also about the three characters shown in 1005, Rumi represents the "feminine RUM," Kuroda represents the "old RUM," so Kansuke's friend represents the "manly RUM" then? He doesn't exactly strike me as very "manly" in appearance. Also in some of the moments when RUM's three silhouettes were shown, the manly RUM was muscular and big, by no means like this guy. Personally I think it's none of these three, but if I really had to pick one, I would actually pick Rumi. Yes, she is way too much like a red herring, but there are a couple of things. First, she is shown to be very very intelligent and strong. I believe in her first appearance she was shown to be better than Conan, she basically did to Conan what Conan does to Kogoro, which is a pretty big deal. She is probably at or close to Yuusaku's level, which, I might be wrong, but has never been the case for any other character in DC. Secondly, she is not what you would expect a BO member to be. You would expect a BO member to just capture Haibara and Conan, but she seems someone who is instead very curious about Conan, who she knows is Shinichi, and wants to learn more about him and the shrinkage. In other words she is not extremely loyal, or at least doesn't solely work for the organisation's sake, kinda like Vermouth. This is something I would expect RUM to be like, or at least not be surprised if RUM was like this. Another problem is of course RUM should be a guy going by the naming pattern. This might have an explanation, maybe she is someone who can change appearances(but not to the level of Vermouth, or even Yukiko). So when she was codenamed, she was either pretending to be a man, or BO just mistook her for a man. This would explain two of RUM's three appearances. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I think it's her, I think it's extremely unlikely it's her, but I think so for the other two as well. As DCUA mentioned, at this rate I think it might be another hidden in plain sight kinda thing like Araide. But I REALLY hope it's not someone we haven't met yet... this arc has been going for a while now
  2. So apparently Rumi has access to the APTX list, what could this mean? She is probably either some sort of a spy that infiltrated BO, or a member of it herself, in which case she is even more likely to be RUM maybe. She still seems too much like a red herring though.
  3. Has been a while! Quite an interesting case so far, but more importantly congratulations to to Gosho, other people involved with DC and all fans on reaching 1000 files! One thing I notice is that a many important characters are appearing... Heiji, Sera, Yukiko, Yuusaku, and of course Shinichi himself. If this pattern continues, we might actually get BO involved as well, which will be great. The tone set in file 1003 really makes it seem that the case will end in one, or at most two more files, but his appearance on TV I think is a really big deal. So far he has appeared as Shinichi many times but I think it's his first time that he was actually caught on TV. Obviously there's no way Gosho included him with Heiji in that picture for no reason. And if BO really finds this, I doubt the they can just say that it was Okita, BO can't be fooled that easily(I hope not at least). Also this hide and seek with Sera and Mary has been going for a while now, if Gosho doesn't plan on actually making progress on that, I don't see why he will bring up Sera giving hints that she knows who Shinichi is so many times... the audience already knows that she is aware of the shrinkage, so I really think she will actually confront him as Conan finally. Besides no way she won't, last time luckily the timing worked out and he managed to hide out, but if Sera wants she can easily confront him this time. I don't know if she will but I think we need some progress with this Mary deal. I think the information that there was a substance prior to APTX 4869 which when consumed shrinks someone, which even someone of Gin's level probably doesn't know about might be something of interest to Conan... but more particularly to Haibara. I have been wondering for a while now, but it feels like Haibara certainly knows more about BO than she has shared with Conan, it will be great if Conan finally learns about the substance that shrunk Mary and asks Haibara about it. Gosho really has many ways of going with this case... the Sera/Mary line, the BO line, or maybe both. If it's the BO line I hope we get to learn more about RUM, he might be involved in it directly even.
  4. Don't know how many years it'll take me to catch up with the manga now... Btw this word butsumetsu sounds really familiar, I have a feeling it is from a DC episode I can't remember, does anyone else remember which one it is?
  5. I just came back here after a while and I feel so last about what's going on Maybe tomorrow I will spend some time reading the chapters. Sorry asking it here but could someone please help me understand what's going on? I was away since the nue case, did I miss a lot of plot? Thanks a lot if someone can help! ^^
  6. Heliotropic now that you mention it I completely forgot about the movie previews that are given at the end of each movie! Can you please tell me what it was? Or is there a video on the internet of it yet? Edit: And if it's something to do with maple leaves I hope it's a case in Canada lol... I will get to meet Conan xD
  7. Just back after a week, and the site is looking great! Keep up the great work guys! :)

  8. I just came back after a week or so and wow this site looks different, and great! About the case, does anyone know if spoilers for file 961 is out yet? Or maybe 960 scans? Thanks!
  9. It's back again :/ Seems like it's a new permanent feature of this site then
  10. Yes their usage of sha instead of cha makes little sense, but I suppose they use it because in French cha is pronounced as English sha. Also Sharuru is very counter-intuitive, but it comes by taking Cha-r-le like that, the r and le both convert to ru because they don't have "L" sounds in Japanese, however Charles should be Cha-ru-zu or Sha-ru-zu, so technically I suppose the Sha-ru-ru is incorrect because it means Charle and not Charles, but I'm certain that's not any hint and simply a mistake, as you know they missed something as big as spelling Sherrinford Holmes as Sherring Ford so this surely can't be a hint or anything. Btw was last week a break? Haven't heard of 960 yet(reminds me of chess 960 ). Edit: It seems there indeed was another break, I didn't expect two breaks to come one after another, I hope there won't be more for the rest of the case
  11. It's seems to have gone now. Btw something related to this matter, a few months ago if I simply searched on google something like "detective conan file xxx discussion" and say the link for the certain file's discussion topic of this site shows up, if I clicked on it I would be redirected to a weird website with like a pornographic image, the I would have to click back to get to the google search results page and then when I clicked the link again it would be fine. After that I simply started searching "detective conan episodes" and then I would click on the link to this site's anime list(which never had any problem for me) and then click on forums to come here. Fortunately I was not hit by any virus or anything from that.
  12. Is the movie still airing or is it over? What's the box office as of now btw?
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