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  1. There's a new one for 933. I think it says something like: "It finally came... Hattori (Onimaru)-kun has now the devil sword!" Devil sword surely means the zombie blade we've seen in the files.
  2. If police is going to arrive next file, I hope we're getting to see Kuroda in person after 3 cases. Like we haven't seen him much after Gosho introduced him, I think it was around January.
  3. I don't know if this qualifies for your article, but maybe the biggest plothole over the whole series is the timeline. It has been made clear that it hasn't been one year yet since Shinichi was shrunken, but there have already been a few winters and things like this: Valentine Murder Case: 14th February Serial bomber case (the one Matsuda couldn't solve): 6th January White Day murder case: 14th March All of this, in this order, just can't happen in one year. There have also been many summer holidays. I'm sure more of these examples could be found with cases like: The 20 years old murderous intent (I think the date has been mentioned in this case, but I'd have to read it or watch it) Eri's birthday case (10th October, if I'm not mistaken) Butsumetsu case (I think the date was also mentioned in this one) Metropolitan love story 9 (According to the newspaper dates, I think they were around the middle weeks of November). Jodie's Hanami case (Sakuras bloom around the end of March and beginning of April in the middle region of Japan. They bloom in the beginnings of March in Okinawa and nearing the last days of April in Hokkaido) Ebisu Bridge drug trading case (I'm not really sure if it mentions the current date, but I think it said January. I'd have to check it) Sorry for not ordering them chronologically. Besides, all cases with winter like the kamaitachi and the unmashablen snowman should take place during winter, which is near the end of December and first months of the year in Japan. I hope this applies for the oversights article.
  4. I'm not saying he's RUM, I just thought he fits his characteristics and it could be possible. And it wouldn't be really troublesome if he had a romance with Yumi, like people from an evil organization can fall in love anyway. In case someone considers falling asleep in a train something that a BO agent wouldn't do, it could be that it happened before he entered the BO and was still a normal person who would fall asleep unwillingly. Besides, just like Jimmy Kudo said, Akai smiled at Bourbon during the thirteen red shirts arc, so why wouldn't he smile at Shuukichi? Maybe he suspects him to be RUM, or maybe he just met him during their school days. The fact that Akai smiles at someone doesn't mean it's his brother, right? People don't only smile at relatives. And just to mention, Conan smiles at criminals while doing his reasoning most of the time. Even if BO agents couldn't be "celebrities" (which they can, and the best examples and Vermouth and Kir, as it was mentioned some posts above), Shuukichi isn't really a celebrity. Yumi doesn't even know he plays shogi even though she went out with him long enough to become his girlfriend. Conan didn't even recognise him when they met, and Sakurako didn't know who he was either. He's just well-known in the world of Shogi and also to some other people who might have seen him in the news. The fact is that RUM has already appeared and we know it's not Kansuke or Kuroda. Nobody has been shown to have a prosthetic eye, but it doesn't mean nobody has one. Someone among the characters we already know is the BO's second member, and to be honest no-one seems suspicious enough, so we can say Gosho is introducing a BO agent as a good guy as he has always done (except for those who are shown to be BO from the outset, like Gin, Vodka or Tequila). Araide wasn't suspicious, and we saw a BO agent about to act in a school play and teaching high school students. Then why won't another agent fall asleep in a train? We saw a BO agent as a reporter on TV, we saw Bourbon playing tennis with Ran and Sonoko. Why wouldn't another agent fall in love with Yumi? They don't all have to be creepy people. Most of the times the suspicious ones are just innocent and vice versa. I just think Shuukichi may be Rum, though we would need much more proof to state it accurrately (we would need more proof about any character to make them RUM suspects). We'll see if he's or not RUM as Gosho starts giving more hints about both.
  5. I was thinking about something that could be added to the episodes infoboxes, in those that consist of two parts or more. Like sometimes different episodes of the same arc use different ending songs (I'm not sure if it has happened with openings as well). In the infobox, when you write the closing song you can put just one link- I tried writing more than one and it wasn't possible without making it look really ugly. The one episode in which I know it happens is Conan and Heiji's Deduction Magic, which uses June Bride as the ending for the first episode and Sekai Tomete for the other two. I'm kind of sure there might be more. Would it be possible to modify the episode infobox or write more than one link for the closing song? Personally I think the page should mention both songs and not just the one which appeared in the first episode of the arc.
  6. The opening has been quite well-accepted, so in my opinion it will last more or less until the anime version of the Ran GIRL and Shinichi BOY arc. Starting from 790, we might have to wait like around 15 episodes to get to the First Contact arc. Moreover, I'd like to see what images they will change (in case they do) for the Kamaitachi and/or Kawanakajima episodes.
  7. Now that I think about it, it might be possible that Shuukichi could be RUM and in fact, not the middle Akai brother. He looks kind of feminine (at least to me), he might be considered well-built (I know he's not as "big" as Kuroda, but Kansuke is kind of the same complexion as Shuukichi, I think, and Conan considered him well-built), and he might be mistaken for someone old due to the old-fashioned clothes he wears. I know it seems pretty obvious he's the middle brother, but we know we can't trust Gosho's obvious hints. Like Jodie being Vermouth, Okiya being Bourbon, Eisuke being from the BO, making it seem impossible that Eisuke and Rena are brothers, and so on. I'm not saying I'm sure Shuukichi is RUM, I just think it might be possible. The more he's hinted to be the middle bro, the more he's unlikely to be it.
  8. I'm still hoping to see Sango Yokomizo in a case soon. It's been like three years without him if I'm not mistaken, since the case of Bourbon in the tennis court.
  9. I wonder what's Gosho's point for having Kogoro poisoned and lying in a bed. I'm sure something important will happen to him. Maybe it's just related to this zombie case or maybe related to the plot (I hope Gosho puts at least a bit of plot in this case).
  10. I know that my guess doesn't have much proof, but as I said, Date just was mentioned in one case and we only know he was Amuro's friend, so it's too early to make assumptions as we have practically no hints to say certainly how they two met. It's just my guess. Thanks Serinox for reminding me that! However it's a bit strange that the killer decided to write the word EYE on a wall because she was killing for revenge or using optical illusions. I mean, why would the killer need to write that word when Kazuha visited the house with her friends? I'm not saying it wasn't related to the case, just that it's kind of weird. Like when Subaru was the red (akai) guy, and now we know that it might have been a hint from Gosho. Perhaps this time was one as well. And about this happening REALLY early, I know about it. I mentioned it in my post when I said "She was introduced a long time ago, even before the Mystery Train". It's hard to believe Rum appeared so early, but we can't be sure Gosho hadn't thought about Rum when this case was released. I mean, how much time happened between the introduction on the tapes left for Shiho from Elena and Silver Bullet's first mention? In the anime, around 400 episodes, so I guess it was like 600 chapters in the manga. Between Sakurako's introduction and Rum's first mention, 3 years more or less passed. Sure, it's not very probable, but it's not impossible. By the way, we know from Gosho that Yamato and Kuroda, so far the only two Rum suspects, aren't Rum. Which other recurring or seemingly important characters have appeared before file 906? (I mean, the ones that have a possibility of being Rum, the more or less recent ones. Of course I'm not going to consider all the manga up to file 906 and old characters like Eisuke or Azusa) Shogi player Chikara Katsumata, the unknown child, bartender Yuzuki Fukui, Shuukichi Haneda, Hikaru Hinohara, Date, Sakurako, Minerva, Apollo and Naeko Miike. These are the ones that appeared in the 15 volumes before Rum's first mention, if I'm not mistaken. Some of them aren't recurring characters but they got a keyhole so I wrote their names just in case. We could also consider Matsumoto, a popular bet, also taking into account the fact that he has been replaced by Kuroda, so something important might happen with Matsumoto now. If Rum has already appeared, I think he/she has appeared at least twice. I don't think the unknown child is Rum, and I also doubt Shuukichi could be Rum as he's been hinted to be the Akai middle brother. However, Sakurako being Rum is just my guess, I won't try to convince anybody that I'm right. It's just my prediction. I just saw Sakurako appearing for the third time in that blog case and I thought "If Gosho makes her appear for the third time now, she may be an important character". The most important character I could think of in that moment was Rum.
  11. Oh, I didn't remember that question in the interview. Sorry for that! I also forgot that detail about Akemi (I watch the series with Spanish subs and sometimes some things are omitted by some fansubs or not clear, so thanks for clearing that up). I'll try to answer those a bit more. About Amuro and Date, I said they had surely met in the Japanese Secret Police because of some reasons: Gosho denied Date was Scotch so we could assume he had no connection no BO (we can't be hundred percent sure, but that's what I think). Then he could have met him in the Japanese Police. Takagi said that Date was the best policeman in the Tokyo Headquarters so we can assume he had been in an organization that would make him train a lot and become smarter and more athletic, as well as other qualities. He might have been in the Japanese Police, which would make sense as their agents should be "better" than agents from the Metropolitan Police. The only organizations or groups we know Amuro has been in are the BO and the Secret Police, so in case they didn't meet in the BO they may have met in the JSP (this is not very probable, but it's a chance) Of course there aren't many hints about Amuro and Date as he only appeared once, so we can't make certain assumptions, only guesses with a bit of proof. About Rum, I can't be very certain but: I can't proove that Sakurako is Rum indeed but it's (at least to me) obvious that she's an important character, and the two most important characters related to the current arc are Rum and Scotch. Scotch is dead so maybe she could be Rum. Why do I say she's an important character? She has commented on Conan's intelligence and split personality. Minor characters' thoughts on Conan's intelligence aren't so emphasized. We can consider this is something important because Conan remembered this in a later case (maybe Gosho trying to tell us this is an important hint). Sakurako has appeared more than once. More precisely, three times so far. If Gosho makes a character appear three times, we can assume this character is not just a minor recurring person. Of course, some characters have appeared many times and they're not relevant to the plot (Naomichi Mugikura, Ryuusuke Higo, and more). This is just an assumption and not a theory that we could back up with proof. Kuroda and Yamato aren't Rum (the only two suspects so far) and one of the recents reccuring characters introduced was Sakurako. Maybe she's meant to play an important role in the future (I don't think the unknown child or Shuukichi could be Rum). We know Rum has a prosthetic eye. Sakurako doesn't seem to have one, but... in the case she was introduced, Kazuha saw the message "EYE", which she thought was a dying message. If I remember correctly, the S and the Crazy Diamonds were explained, but Conan and Heiji didn't say what this message meant. Maybe it's a reference to Rum? If this was explained during the case, please correct me. However, in case it was explained, this could be a hint as the rest of the people from this case didn't appear again, just Sakurako. My theory has a bit pros and many cons, being one of them that we can't prove anything, but the Rum arc has just started and we could get more hints. These are the weakest points of Sakurako being Rum: She was introduced a long time ago, even before the Mystery Train. However, this could be just Gosho trying to trick us. The three descriptions don't fit with her, only one: she's feminine. Anyway, we can't trust Gosho when it comes to descriptions like these and we can find proof of it in the Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story... 3, I think. The one with the thief of green, blue and black clothes; 1,80 m and 1,70 m; a man and a woman. So far we haven't noticed any of her eye is a prosthesis. We should look carefully at the manga charts to see if her eyes are pointing at the same direction all the time.
  12. I'll try to answer all: Items and things • What is in the P.S. of Akemi's last text message to Akai? Presumably she asked him to take care of Shiho as it is known that they were very close and Akai said that "he made a promise with her" and the promise concerns Shiho, however it's not 100% proven that the one he made a promise with is Akemi. • What (besides drug data) is on the bloody disk that Haibara lied about losing at the Haido City Hotel? I think it's some really important information about BO like their goals, some important agents and maybe some important facts about the boss. • What was the program about that Itakura couldn't complete for the sake of humanity? There's something that is trying to be achieved by technology (according to what my Biology teacher said once) and it's something related to immortality. It's saving all the information in our brain and nerve cells to put these in another person's body. This way, someone's ideas and memories could last forever and it will be something like being immortal. • What is the goal of the APTX 4869 project? Many people say that it was to de-age or to achieve immortality, but there's something strange about it: the fact that Gin said it was a venom. He used it to try to kill Shinichi, so he wouldn't have done that if it were that, as he obviously didn't want Shinichi to be immortal. I think Haibara said it was a nostrum to raise the dead so it could be more about resurrecting corpses. If the answer was that, it would be interesting to know what effects it would have on alive people. • What kind of drug is Silver Bullet? Is Silver Bullet a different/early name for the project called APTX 4869? I think it's something different, but after time it gradually changed and ended up in what we know as APTX4869 today. It could be raising the dead, deaging or achieving immortality. • Night Baron Virus - the Org used it once and it was in another case. What does it signify and is their more plot relevance to it? It's not really clear what it's about but there are some suspicious things about it. As a Greek man (don't remember his name) said, "don't put a gun in stage if you don't have the intention to shoot". If Gosho dedicated one whole case to the Night Baron virus and it later appears, it's clear that there are more relevant things about it. Besides, we can all agree about the fact that Conan noticed Kaneshirou wasn't really blind but this detail was never revealed at the case resolution, it was just hinted as he was seen running with his secretary (possibly Vermouth). Anyway, these things are not enough to say that he's the BO boss as we need more proof. Another interesting fact is that Gin and Vodka make a cameo in Conan's thoughts in this case so it's possibly something important. In the early chapters, something relating the BO occured when they were mentioned or remembered by Conan. • What happened to the handkerchief that Vermouth as Sharon gave Ran in the New York case? It must be somewhere in Shinichi's house. Maybe it's not something much important, but it contain some precious information like fingerprints, DNA, or whatever other things you can find in a handkerchief. I'm also intrigued by the fact that Rose Hewitt almost died but it wasn't revealed who prepaired the trick to make that knight disguise fall. • What else is on the four tapes left for Haibara by her parents? Why were certain portions blank? Don't really know what could be in the tapes so I'm going to skip this one. • Why were the BO at the mermaid island and are any of the names in the guestbook besides Sherry's, Gin's alias, and Vodka's alias important? (Some discussion is in the main boss thread) It's strongly presumed the BO tries to give immortality to its members so it could be they wanted to see if the arrows really worked. Plot people • Vermouth's aging issue, her connection to the Miyanos, and APTX4869 I have an idea in mind and it is that Sharon and Chris are actually two different people. Her ideas and memories could have been passed on to her daughter with a programme like the one I said Itakura was supposed to develop a few questions above. Of course, their fingerprints were the same but we know we can't trust Gosho when it comes to fingerprints (example: Akai and Kusuda). My guess is that Chris killed Sharon, or Sharon killed herself to have her brain in Chris' body. Why do I think this? Because of the way Sharon spoke about her daughter in the New York case. If they were the same people, she wouldn't have had to invent such things like disguising as her dead father and other things. Another idea is that she deages with some drugs from the BO and can't stop deaging or has become addict to these drugs. If she can't stop deaging but wants to, it would explain why she says depressing things, as she wants to be a mortal but is forced to keep deaging. It's clear that leading a life like hers can't be happy, when no angel has ever smiled upon her besides Ran. Perhaps she's the BO guinea pig. This can explain why she hates the Miyanos, as they were the ones who developed those drugs. • What is the reason for the antipathy between Sherry and Vermouth? Why does Vermouth hate the Miyanos? The Sherry-Vermouth rivalry can just be because both were Gin's couple. Anyway, Sherry dislikes Gin so probably it's not that as she wouldn't mind him having a relationship with Vermouth. I've already said why I think Vermouth hates the Miyanos right above. • Why is Vermouth the boss's favorite when she is somewhat treacherous? Perhaps because she's his/her guinea pig for the BO drugs. • What secret does Amuro know about the boss and Vermouth's relationship that he is using to blackmail her? (File 898) I don't know what it could be so I'll skip this as well. • "Silver bullets": What is Vermouth plotting by collecting people with the capability to destroy the Organization? I don't think she's collecting silver bullets, just casually finding them. However, she might hate the BO because she doesn't want to be immortal. • What is Vermouth's precise reason for hiding Shinichi and Shiho's deaging from the rest of the Organization? I think it's because Shinichi saved her once. • Where was Vermouth telephoning Itakura from that had a cat or something that sounds like one? Instead of an actual cat crying it could be a human whimpering because of pain or something like that, in case the BO was testing drugs on someone. • Why did Vermouth as Sharon and Itakura have a bad relationship? (Volume 78.) Perhaps Itakura didn't want the programme to exist, or it could be just because they have different personalities. • Jodie’s father - how did he find out about Vermouth and what did he find that forced Vermouth to take direct action, kill him, and burn his house down with all the evidence inside? I don't think we should pay too much attention to what did he knew, but maybe it was some important murders she committed or vital information about BO. • The husband of Vermouth as Sharon Vineyard - who is he? There are no hints about this so I'll also skip this one as I don't think it is very important. • Elena and Atsushi Miyano: their lives, their supposed death by accident that they seemed to know about in advance, their connection with Agasa In my opinion, the boss decided to get rid of them as they weren't necessary anymore as he/she did with Akemi. Shiho might be far more intelligent so if Atsushi and Elena weren't needed any longer getting rid of them wouldn't mean a big loss. It could also be that they were trying to reveal information about BO. Their connection with Agasa isn't very important, he could have just met him as they were both professors. • What secret thing did Miyano Atsushi want to tell Dejima Souhei, but was unable to, when he came to visit with his wife and Akemi 20 years ago? I'm not sure, maybe something about their research. • Shiho and Akemi: why their different fates within the org? One became a high ranked member, the other lived a more normal life. I think it was because Shiho was far smarter. • Why does the boss fear Akai is a silver bullet? He's really intelligent and always pursues justice. • Gin and Akai: how did the personal rivalry start when they probably hadn't met each other much if at all before Akai was ejected from the Org? It could be just because of their personalities. • If Jodie Starling went into the witness protection program, does that mean Jodie Starling is not her real name? If so what is it? Wasn't Jodie Starling her real name and Jodie Saintemillion the one from the witness protection program= • Amuro's past with Date They surely met in the Japanese Secret Police. • Amuro's past in the Organization and childhood connection to Elena Miyano Don't know pretty much what it could be so I'll skip this question. • Bourbon's promise with Vermouth (File 800 or so) Also skip this one. • How or why did the Secret Police agent known as Scotch die, and how was Akai Shuuichi related to his death? Perhaps Akai tried to save him when he was about to be killed and failed to do so. • Who was the mysterious man who staked out Akai's meeting with Gin that Camel ruined? Idk. • What is the connection between Gin and Sherry? Sherry hates him and Gin is abnormally attached to her. • What was Conan going to ask Ai after the showdown with Gin? "Hey… Could it be that when you were in the BO…". (Volume 24.) Maybe something about the drugs, but idk so this one will be skipped as well. • Shiho's foreshadowed meeting with Akai I don't remember when this happened. • What was Conan going to ask Haibara about at the end of Reunion with the Black Organization? (File 242) Isn't this question the same as two questions before? • Okiya's/Akai's promise with a certain woman. (Probably Akemi) To take care of Shiho. People • Agasa's mysterious friends/connections - to the Miyanos and to unknown parties. He's a professor so he might have met important people and science discussions or something similar. • Magic Kaito's Organization related to the Black Organization? How much of Magic Kaito's Pandora story will carry over to DC? I don't think they're related. If it were the case, DC and MK would have to finish at the same time as both will surely end with the fall of their organizations. It wouldn't be interesting to see the BO fall in MK if it has already happened in DC. • Toichi, Vermouth, and Yukiko - how did that master-apprenticeship start? I don't think this is something important to know. • Kogoro's absent past and relatives. What was he doing (besides romancing Eri), why did he decide to join the police in the first place when he seemed like a delinquent at school, why did he leave the force, who and where are Kogoro's family, and why do they never appear? I had never thought about this, but maybe some of the Mouris will appear in the future. Kogoro isn't a bad person and he seemed like a delinquent, I doubt he was really one. It's no big deal if he became a policeman. • Calvados: was he important for anything other than making Chianti and Korn angry at Vermouth? I think more about him will be revealed in the future. A BO member must have something interesting, I don't think he just appeared to commit suicide because it wouldn't be a shock to readers/viewers as he just a new character. • James Black: Does he have more relevance or a past? I think so. • Shizuka and Heizo Hattori: what are they doing, how are they connected to the story and why don't they come back? Connected to the story? They're just the parents of an important character, I don't there's much importance about them. • What is the relationship to the plot, if any, of minor recurring characters such as Okino Yoko, Sanada Kazumi, Azusa Enemoto, Akagi Hide, Osamu Kenzaki, etc...? Maybe some of them are relevant to the plot, maybe some of them are just minor characters. I think Yoko will be really important, as there was one episode in which crows appeared after she was being watched by Kogoro in TV. General issues (please see relevant threads) • Boss's identity This has already been discussed too much. • Purpose of the Org and their research: Biochem, computer agenda? Immortality and resurrecting dead people. • What's the Org's connection with America? Why did the FBI and CIA get involved in the first place? It's probably due to the fact Vermouth is American. What is the real name of the Black Organization ?Nobody knows that, it's something related to the boss' name. Only Gosho can answer this. The true significance of the Black Organization. Is the BO international ?Probably it is. Besides Vermouth, Kir, Rye, Sherry and some known Japanese operatives, where do the rest of the BO come from ?It's presumed that there are hundreds of BO agents from many parts of the world, so they are just people who want to raise the dead or be immortal. The true age of all the BO members (including The Boss).Maybe some of them are really young, maybe some are hundreds of years old. How many code-named operatives does The Boss have ? Is there any unknown executive member other than Gin, Vermouth and Pisco ? How highly ranked are Sherry and Bourbon ? Is Vermouth The Boss' only favorite ?Dozens. Surely, there must be much more. Gosho said that all codenamed agents are at the same rank. Yes, I think Vermouth is the only favourite. Where exactly is the Black Org. Headquarter/main hide-out/The Boss's living place ? Is it located somewhere in Tottori after all, or another location ?If it's a character that has already appeared, maybe the boss living place is just their house. Gosho said Tottori is unrelated to BO so maybe they're in some of the other cities like Tokyo (if I'm not mistaken, no BO members appeared in Osaka, Nagano or Gunma. The exact time of when the BO was established. And who are the original members ?Half a century. I think the first members were the boss and Vermouth. Has there been any boss-changes during all these years ? Or is Anokata the only Boss from the beginning ?I think there's only been one boss. Has The Boss ever changed his living place/hide-out ?Maybe, maybe not. For exactly how long has he/she used "Nanatsu no ko" to encode his/her phone number ? (I.e for how long has he/she used the number #969#6261, which may have Tottori's area code ?)Half a century? Why does the boss use Nanatsu no ko? Is it a reference to something or some kind of inside joke?Maybe to the crows they ressemble with their clothes as the song is about crows. Perhaps there are some seven children that are relevant to the plot and we don't know yet. Where exactly do the other BO members (except Vermouth) spend their time when they're not having any mission ? Do they "return to The Boss's side" or do they have their own hide-outs ?They must have their own houses. What do they eat and where do they sleep everyday ? Why are they usually shown hanging out at shipping yards for various reasons ?They must have their own houses as I said before. The shipping yards are quite places and there's no many people there so it could be to speak aloud without worrying. Besides Vermouth, are the other operatives even allowed to meet The Boss face to face ? Do they even know his/her identity ?We don't know yet. Do The Boss and the rest of the Org. know about Vermouth's non-aging condition; or they just simply think that Sharon & Chris are 2 different operatives ?If the FBI knows, surely the rest of the BO knows she deages, but maybe they don't know exactly why as it could be an issue between her and the boss. Do they have missions anywhere other than Tokyo ? (Notice the robbery syndicate in Tottori).Surely they do. The Boss's, and all of the operatives' past or childhood in general, and how they ended up in the BO.It might be explained in the future. Aside from the APTX-project and Itakura's program, does the BO have any other project/interest ?Surely they do. What, after all, makes Gin so suspiciously loyal ?He might be a friend of the boss, or really interested in the project. Does The Boss trigger Haibara's "BO sense" ?We don't know but I'm sure it will be interesting in the future. Anyway, I think Haibara knows who the boss is. What exactly is the purpose behind this whole "crow symbolism" thing ? Does The Boss really like crows that much ?There must be something behind it, but I can't imagine what it is. Specific "current" issues • Ran wondering about when Shinichi touched and got fingerprints on Heiji's omamori and the effect on the plot. (Volume 66: Files 8-10 (693-695)) She's suspected Conan many times, this is just another one. • Sera Masumi's identity and reason for coming to Japan (Partially resolved Masumi is Akai's sister) Akai's sister and meeting the wizard. • Sera's past connection to Shinichi. (general thread) She surely met him when he solved a mystery in his childhood, so she thought he was a wizard. If she wanted to meet him again in Japan, it might be something concerning her father or mother, or brothers. • Why does Sera think she is a bad kid while watching Ran treat Conan's injury? Idk • The identity of Masumi's "Wizard" (general thread) Shinichi. • The identity of the Akai family middle brother Haneda Shuukichi. • The identity of the small child from the hotel Sera's mother or aunt. • Who is Rum? Sakurako Yonehara • Who the 2 mothers that Aoyama has said are sisters in an interview? He denied Conan and Sera were cousins so probably Yukiko and Sharon, or Sharon and Mrs. Sera, or Mrs. Sera and the unknown child, or Sharon and the unknown child.
  13. Only cried once, during the last episode of the Desperate Revival when Ran tells Conan she's fed up and doesn't want to hear more excuses. I almost cried during the end of Vermouth arc when Ran jumped to protect Haibara and reminded her of Akemi.
  14. Hello people! I'm a new user called AznableAmuro in the Detective Conan World wiki. I'm from Argentina and have watched (and read) Detective Conan up to date and Mirai Nikki. I hope I can be really active and meet some cool people here. So if there's anything you want to tell me, leave a message here!
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