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    Discussion Thread about Rum

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    DC Question and Answer Thread

    As she said herself, things happened, like her father's death, so it probably is related to that, the middle brother and her changed their names from the father's name to the mother's name.
  3. Uchiha Shadow

    Shuukichi Haneda Discussion Thread

    Well, I suppose it has to do with whatever case was solved when they first met, remember Ran had a flashback of a young Sera saying "You're a wizard!" and Sera looked at Conan every time she mentioned the world wizard, Sonoko said that Sera was like a magician because of how she solved the case, so it might be the same for Shinichi.
  4. Uchiha Shadow

    Shuukichi Haneda Discussion Thread

    This is what I was saying for the past few months except it's more detailed, but as for the last line, I don't know, if she wouldn't want to drag Shuukichi into danger then why drag Masumi into danger?
  5. Uchiha Shadow

    Shuukichi Haneda Discussion Thread

    There are also other hints, like the Shogi case's ending with both Akai and the MG being happy about his victory, also the fact that he was sure that Conan solved the case despite meeting him before, not even characters that have seen Conan solve many cases have confidence that Conan solved the case already, it was already hinted that he is the middle brother at that time. But lets say Gosho will find a way to explain all those things, that would be out of the blue with nothing hinting at it, it would be totally against Gosho's style, if Shuukichi was a red herring like the other ones that Gosho typically does, then there must be at least a few hints of the other possibilities, and I doubt Gosho thinks this mystery is important enough to introduce another character that shares the same characteristics and says the same quote as Shuukichi, that would drag out the already dragged out mystery very much. Right now to me it sounds like the red herring that Gosho is doing is making us believe that Shuukichi isn't the middle brother.
  6. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    I agree, i'm saying that for now the only one confirmed to know about her condition is Masumi.
  7. Uchiha Shadow

    What do you think is the best ending to DC?

    I'm not too sure something like that will happen, Gosho did say that Ran will eventually find out Conan is Shinichi, and there has been a large amount of hints/build up to the final suspicion arc.
  8. Uchiha Shadow

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 928-930 Ramen revisited

    Can I agree with you more? Lol, I think the exact same thing you said, I think that the message he sent to Sera was most likely the former, while it's not really convincing, I believe that because Sera's expression was very relieved, almost as if she didn't want him to say he knows he is Shinichi, because if he said he knew he is Shinichi, as you said, Sera would ask him another question, and she wouldn't bother answer whether or not she met the wizard, I personally think it is like this: Both Sera and Shuukichi know Conan is Shinichi, however, Sera doesn't know that Shuukichi knows, and Shuukichi either doesn't know that she knows as well, or suspects that she knows and wanted to confirm it when he asked her if she met the wizard, anyway, I think however, that the reason why MG and Sera came to Japan wasn't to talk to Conan, it was to talk to Haibara, think about it, the only one who knows how to make the antidote is Haibara, and that is why Sera was interested in meeting her before the Mystery Train case, however, after she met her, she didn't talk about her again at all, which I believe is because she realized that Haibara wouldn't talk by herself, because she finds Sera suspicious, so she probably wanted to talk to Conan first to make him understand the situation, and then that would make Haibara understand the situation. But I have no proof for that, it's just pure speculation. But it will all make sense if Sera is Haibara's cousin. I think that Sera might've heard about Conan when she arrived in Japan, he's known from the Kid cases, so she might've made the connection. But there are still a lot of things missing.
  9. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    Yes i agree, especially about the the third point, for some reason, both Akai and Sera don't seem to be surprised that Conan is Shinichi and that Haibara is Shiho, and if you want to go even further, if Shuukichi knew that Conan was Shinichi then he also wasn't surprised at that, but for now at least it seems only Masumi knows about the mother's condition.
  10. Uchiha Shadow

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 928-930 Ramen revisited

    1) There is also another possibility which is the one I believe, Shuukichi knows that Conan is Shinichi, after all he was confident enough in him to assume that he solved the case in his introduction case, since he has a very good memory, it's likely that he could remember Shinichi's young face, however, I think that would require him to know that it is possible for someone to de-age, or that he already knew beforehand that Conan is Shinichi, probably from Shuichi like you said, but then again Sera knew that Conan is Shinichi before meeting him and already knew that his name was Conan, so it's not far-fetched to assume Shuukichi knows because of a similar reason. 2) I agree. 3) I believe the reason why Conan doesn't care about the middle brother is because for him, it's someone who he is unlikely to meet, from our perspective we can suspect any character who is introduced, but from Conan's perspective he shouldn't suspect anyone. I also agree that Conan and Akai don't talk about their personal life, I don't even think Conan is 100% sure that Sera is Akai's sister, he always wanted to ask her that but was interrupted.
  11. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    Well, of course she wouldn't call her mom because that would pretty much confirm it, but the way they interact is hinting that at least she is older than Sera, as for how she consumed the APTX4869, that is still one thing we don't know, however, there are a few small hints that she is the sister of Elena Miyano, so that might be how she got it, it might not be from the BO, as for the MI6, I have a feeling Gosho wants to introduce them, why have Rei mention them if they weren't going to be part of the plot later on? And England is becoming more and more important, so I'm pretty sure this is what Gosho wants.
  12. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    This sums up what I'm thinking.
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    10 Years Later

    10 years later, I really hope I'm out of my country at least.
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    What Manga Are You Currently Reading?

    Lone Wolf and Cub.
  15. Uchiha Shadow

    What do you really want right now?

    All Berserk volumes.
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    When will Detective Conan end?

    Last year he returned, did 9 amazing chapters, then went to another hiatus, he only did 57 chapters in the last 6 years.
  17. Uchiha Shadow

    When will Detective Conan end?

    Off topic: What is Hunter x Hunter doing there? How could anyone not want it to end.
  18. Uchiha Shadow

    When will Detective Conan end?

    Oh yeah, it was 495, still, it doesn't really have to be so specific, but I really doubt it is referring to the anime, there is no way they could've calculated how long it would be at that point.
  19. Uchiha Shadow

    When will Detective Conan end?

    The Clash Of Red And Black as a series did begin on episode 491, but it was only until episode 494 where the clash between the FBI and the BO really began, before it was just normal cases with Eisuke, so maybe that's what they meant.
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    Describe the Person Below You [Forum Game]

    Probably. Is older than 22.
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    KILL the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    I drop the Nintendo 64 on your head from high above while you are walking on the street, you die. A Samsung charger.
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    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    COD: MW3.
  23. Uchiha Shadow

    What was the recent Anime you watched?

    Monster, I think that'll be the last anime I watch for a while, I'm sticking to manga now, it's honestly better.
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    Quote Factory

    "The only thing all humans are equal in is death" - Johan Liebert. "People can become anything" - Franz Bonaparta. "Normally, as people love and are loved, they feel happiness. When I am hated by people, that is when I feel happiness. And then I want to tear apart and inflict unimaginable harm to the things I love. But is that really all that strange, I wonder?" - Pariston Hill. "You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest, because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want" - Ging Freecss. "A prayer comes from the heart!" - Isaac Netero. "Ant king, Meruem, you understand nothing........ Of humanity's infinity potential of malice!!" - Isaac Netero.