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  1. Thank you Black Demon for merging my art threads.

  2. Thank you Santa.

    1. Kirsch


      You're welcome ^^

  3. If this is possible , request them for merging my threads.
  4. Once the thread topic is created, we have to our more threads to the same topic?
  5. Some of my drawings which I drew when I was 7.Hope you like them. Feel free to comment. 1)Conan and Genta 2)Mitsuhiko and Ayumi
  6. Making projects of Winter holidays. Tired of it :angry2:

    1. Kirsch


      Procrastinate until the end!

    2. Moon Kid

      Moon Kid

      I want to lurk around the forums, not around my projects.

    3. phantomlady1101


      @Moon Kid: Me too >.<!!! :D

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