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    Unresolved plots in Detective Conan!

    Who do you guys think the "unknown child" in Masumi Sera's phone is? I actually think it's Vermouth, and she purposefully took the APTX 4869 for some reason. Same color hair AND same color eyes.
  2. Angus124

    Worst Movie

    Movie 11 was the most boring to me and had the least interesting topic to me. IDK why but tropical island mysteries are a nay for me. Movie 9 is my second least favorite (just not for me, too little action and uninteresting theme, while Movie 10 is my third least favorite (The mystery case was really uninteresting to me). I actually found Movie 14 to be one of my favorites, dunno why everyone hates it. Found it pretty action packed and plain awesome.
  3. Angus124

    Favorite movie?

    13 - The Raven Chaser 18 - Dimensional Sniper
  4. Angus124

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    I think it must be someone old due to the organization's formal name being named after the leader. Since the Black Organization has been around for more than 50 years, I'd expect it would be someone old. Then again, the organization might be named after the last name only, thus letting a family line assume leadership. For some reason, I get a nagging feeling that Inspector Megure's the leader of the Black Organization XD.