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  1. Naru

    Naru's Art Thread

    It actually is darker on paper, and I won't make Conan's hair any darker - I liked how Gosho didn't color all the hair, I think it looks better this way.
  2. Naru

    Kenzi's Art Thread

    I love it, and it's especially interesting to watch you draw it, especially the coloring. Great job!
  3. Naru

    Naru's Art Thread

    Colored it Thanks for the praise!
  4. Naru

    Naru's Art Thread

    I'll be posting here my Conan fan art, since I liked the anime so much it even motivated me to draw again. So, the first one: I was going to draw only Conan at first XD Sketched with pencil, then lineart with a regular pen. It took me a lot of time because something was always distracting me and I spent more time thinking about who to draw next ^^ I might color this later. I want to draw others too later.
  5. 1) Movie 18: The Sniper from Another Dimension 2) Movie 8: Magician of the Silver Sky 3) Movie 15: Quarter of Silence
  6. Skipped college and watched Detective Conan
  7. Kaito Akai Shinichi Heiji Amuro In this order for me XD
  8. That cliche spy plot was the only thing I didn't like in the movie. But overall I enjoyed it.
  9. #8 you know you're a detective conan fan when you actually play the nanatsu no ko melody with your phone keyboard. (I do and I like to annoy people with it)
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