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  1. Otaku, you say? Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - I am a big fan of mystery genre and this particular work is a gem. Perfect plot, characters, BGMs (in visual novels)... Couple of years ago I have spent whole week in Shirakawa-go, real life Hinamizawa. The signature valley-view is really beautiful, especially in the autumn. (If the anime version of Umineko did justice to its visual novel source, it would share the top place.) Bakemonogatari and sequels - one of the best series of recent years Steins;Gate - mind-twisting, addictive. Sadly, during my walks in Akihabara, I didn't find the IBM Read or Die - OK, travelling Japan, how could I miss staying in Jimbocho? Cross Game - I have discovered this series quite recently, but I just love the characters. Well, is there something missing? Perhaps not, because I am yet to see a single episode of DC, so no place in the chart yet. Manga is just perfect for me as of now, though I should be worried about overdosing risks (300+ chapters in last 2 weeks).
  2. Apoptosis is (according to Wikipedia) a process of programmed cell death. Maybe Itakura discovered some algorithm applicable to the biochemical area (for example something related to Conway's Game of Life - maybe observing those changing tiny pixels requires good sight), or developed some means for DNA programming. In any case, my theory is that Itakura's program (controller) + APTX (carrier medium) are intended for controlling cellular processes. Probably the current APTX (as used on Shinichi) used suboptimal/defective control program and therefore behaves unpredictably.
  3. One more observation that I am not sure whether it was discussed before. Eri is not divorced, still has feelings for Mouri, some level of nostalgy would be expected... Then, looking at Mouri's name - Kogoro - I find its kanji structure interesting. It consists of 3 characters: Small, Five, Son(s). Could there be some link to Nanatsu no Ko? (Although there is a difference of two children. And yes, I shouldn't know about the song while still reading Vol.41, but since the time I have read Umineko, I find spoilers irresistible ^_~)
  4. I am a recent newcomer to DC - originally to fill up time until BBC Sherock. Manga only, I should add. And I have one question: there is quite interesting dialogue taking place at the end of V41C02 (A Strange Gunshot), which I don't know whether it is attributable to multiple translations (Jpn-Viet-En) or if it is author's intention: So far I haven't seen this exchange mentioned. Does anybody feel it could have any significance? And if the official BO name isn't something like BrewEri or DistillEri, I will be just a little bit dissapointed :-)
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