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    Post your top 5 Animes (and why)!

    Otaku, you say? Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - I am a big fan of mystery genre and this particular work is a gem. Perfect plot, characters, BGMs (in visual novels)... Couple of years ago I have spent whole week in Shirakawa-go, real life Hinamizawa. The signature valley-view is really beautiful, especially in the autumn. (If the anime version of Umineko did justice to its visual novel source, it would share the top place.) Bakemonogatari and sequels - one of the best series of recent years Steins;Gate - mind-twisting, addictive. Sadly, during my walks in Akihabara, I didn't find the IBM Read or Die - OK, travelling Japan, how could I miss staying in Jimbocho? Cross Game - I have discovered this series quite recently, but I just love the characters. Well, is there something missing? Perhaps not, because I am yet to see a single episode of DC, so no place in the chart yet. Manga is just perfect for me as of now, though I should be worried about overdosing risks (300+ chapters in last 2 weeks).
  2. dorrag

    Purpose of that computer program by Itakura?

    Apoptosis is (according to Wikipedia) a process of programmed cell death. Maybe Itakura discovered some algorithm applicable to the biochemical area (for example something related to Conway's Game of Life - maybe observing those changing tiny pixels requires good sight), or developed some means for DNA programming. In any case, my theory is that Itakura's program (controller) + APTX (carrier medium) are intended for controlling cellular processes. Probably the current APTX (as used on Shinichi) used suboptimal/defective control program and therefore behaves unpredictably.
  3. dorrag

    What is the message the author is trying to convey

    How about "Alcohol kills"?
  4. dorrag

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    One more observation that I am not sure whether it was discussed before. Eri is not divorced, still has feelings for Mouri, some level of nostalgy would be expected... Then, looking at Mouri's name - Kogoro - I find its kanji structure interesting. It consists of 3 characters: Small, Five, Son(s). Could there be some link to Nanatsu no Ko? (Although there is a difference of two children. And yes, I shouldn't know about the song while still reading Vol.41, but since the time I have read Umineko, I find spoilers irresistible ^_~)
  5. dorrag

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    I am a recent newcomer to DC - originally to fill up time until BBC Sherock. Manga only, I should add. And I have one question: there is quite interesting dialogue taking place at the end of V41C02 (A Strange Gunshot), which I don't know whether it is attributable to multiple translations (Jpn-Viet-En) or if it is author's intention: So far I haven't seen this exchange mentioned. Does anybody feel it could have any significance? And if the official BO name isn't something like BrewEri or DistillEri, I will be just a little bit dissapointed :-)