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  1. I just finished watching the match between Chelsea and Arsenal which Arsenal won 1-0. I think Chalobah once again played well for the home team but unfortunately he ended up on the losing side. I am really following Chalobah this season because few weeks ago I had a chance of talking to him via theresidency.io which gives a chance for football fans to interact with football players.
  2. Mine is "Back to December" from her Album "Speak Now"
  3. I was dreaming Liverpool singing Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for five years on the last days of January Transfer Window
  4. Just finished waching a long match between Wawrinka and Djokovic which Wawrinka has won in 5 sets.
  5. My favorite romantic movie of all time is "When Harry Met Sally"
  6. Looking forward for Movie 18 in April. I hope there isn't any delay.
  7. Pink Panther and Ninja Turtles.
  8. I bought a Premier League Club and signed Ronaldo and Messi
  9. If I have to pick one then it would be Movie 14.
  10. I have been reading lots of great articles about traveling to Thailand in recent days and I am planning to spend my next vacations in Bangkok, hopefully it will be a great experience. So far my favorite holiday destination is Zimbabwe, where I had a great time when I went there with my family couple of years ago.
  11. My name is Steve Austin and I have just become a part of this wonderful community. Looking forward to have a great time here with all the lovely members to this wonderful forum.
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