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    Pokemon Showdown

    Can you give me some names of legendary Pokemon?
  2. What is your Favorite Animated Series?
  3. My favorite genre is probably progressive metal... Mostly darker stuff. Used to be into a lot of thrash/"heavy" metal but then just kind of got bored of it after years of listening. Absolute favorite bands: 1. Katatonia 2. Opeth 3. Agalloch 4. Devin Townsend 5. Strapping Young Lad
  4. Chicken tender sandwich with fries,...
  5. What is your Favorite Holiday destinations? Mine favorite is Switzerland it’s such a beautiful place to go,...
  6. Battleground is probably one of the best. Blackhawk down was very good. Some other older but very good films are A Bridge Too Far, Dirty Dozen, U571.
  7. What are your top ten animated films of all time?
  8. What are your Favorite Rap Songs?
  9. what is your favorite funny movie? Mine favorite is Midnight Run,.......
  10. what is your favorite song by Taylor swift? Mine favorite is Forever and always,.........
  11. What is your Favorite Xbox games?
  12. I'd say my top ten bands are: UnderOath August Burns Red The Wonder Years New Found Glory Foxy Shazam Haste The Day letlive. A Lot Like Birds Norma Jean Pierce the Veil
  13. What is your Favorite Romantic Movie? Mine is the moulin rouge and the notebook. Shares your ideas
  14. Well, according to me there is lot of cartoons that seems to be that much best but I like the "The Bookworm" cartoons that much. I also want to say that everyone’s shock, including the raven’s, characters from various horror books come to life.
  15. What is Best Computer Games? I want to play racing games please suggest me best games.
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