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  1. PetePete

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    Yes, neither him or his parents are Ano Kata
  2. PetePete

    Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

    Seeing how movies aren't canon, we know the answer to most important characters fate in movies.
  3. that thought leads to the second page as she wonders if Shinichi has been inlove with her for a long time, thats what that line by Ran means.
  4. PetePete

    what is Ai's interest in Higo of the Big Osaka?

    Hm... i like this question and your response to it. I hope thats what it is, or she could just have a crush on him and they randomly end up together in the end of the series. o.o
  5. PetePete

    Unresolved plots in Detective Conan!

    I think Conan said sorry to Jodie because of the Shuu incident, every time she brings him up he says to himself that he's sorry
  6. PetePete

    Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

    It usually reveals info that wont be brought up in the manga/anime to justify if its true or not, or if brought up the movie will justify it further.
  7. PetePete

    Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

    Movies usually reveal more information about characters, not the manga plot to be honest.
  8. PetePete

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    Chek does bring up a good point, and with the whole Eri being the boss situation isn't really valid to me, has any of the other detective boy besides Conan meet Eri or introduced themselves to her? Ai and Eri HAS appeared near each other in anime episodes but those were TV only episodes, they also appeared in movies near each other. Being that tv only episodes and movies aren't canon you can say that this thought is invalid.
  9. PetePete

    Movie 17 Discussion Thread

    Ehh, it is a movie though.
  10. PetePete

    World of Naruto

    Love Naruto, and their movies, are their movies canon? I thought it wasn't but the way the 6th movie came out I'm not too sure.
  11. PetePete

    Movie 17 Discussion Thread

    I had to reread this, you thought it was better then 6??? O.o 6 was more entertaining then 17 lol, and yeah no character revealed any new information about themselves except for how Kogoro uses cards and how Heiji names Ai
  12. PetePete

    Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

    Yeah that didn't reveal anything, hopefully there will be more suspense then the movie 17 >.>
  13. PetePete

    The Secret Behind Vermouth's Youth!

    I'm guessing to hide her true identity, like what's her real name? Lol
  14. PetePete

    Shuukichi Haneda Discussion Thread

    Shiu is Okiya. Also Shinichi new where he was staying, remember when they met him when his apartment burned down? Do you guys remember hoe frantic and crazily Conan was asking the arson officer all those questions? That's too obvious a hunt for us to overlook
  15. PetePete

    What will happen to Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai?

    I'm on the same boat with you.