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  1. Ro.


    YES. the first person from DC fandom who reads Homestuck that I know.
  2. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Not that bad, but quite ugly compared to illustrations from light novel. :<
  3. Well, we all know that Shinichi will end up with Ran (it's so obvious), but.. Conan and Ayumi are so cute together. I know, she's a kid, he is not, he has other girls and there's like big red transparent "NOPE, STOP DREAMING", I know. But.. We all can have our otps, right?
  4. Heh, old usernames are cool. xD I came up with mine when I was 12 or 13, for example. Although I'm using shortened version if it now.
  5. Ro.


    B.: With Nicolas Cage. xD I'm not a huge fan of Cage, oh god, no, but they are so funny. Exspecially when they're not sopposed to be. xD God, i have a specific sense of humor. ^^" L.:There are only few episodes about it. :< well, thanks xD it would be even longer, i just can't remember the password. >.<"" But most of this list are Conan and Ranma's specials, ova, ect, so it might be a little confusing. @.@
  6. Ro.


    I thought about it, one of my friends keeps telling me to do this, but it's so terribly long... Not as long as Conan, but stil. I just don't have energy yet.
  7. Wow, you're tough. ^^ hope you'll like it. c: I don't think I've read it. But I think I will. I really like Christie stories. Some of them I've read, but mostly I watch adaptations. I like these about Miss Marple.
  8. Ro.


    Oh, I see, i haven't noticed it before. I don't know then. :< Someone smarter should help you i think. Beside books, comics, cartoons, sleeping, movies, manga, anime, Internet and other-no-life-stuff, I also like learning foreign languages (doesn't mean I'm good at it ), like English, Russian, Latin... The last one mostly in form of tables of conjugations etc, not as spoken language. I'm planning to study some medicine related subject. ^^""" But I don't know if manage it..
  9. Ro.


    Oh, hello, nice to see you here. xD Um, what exactly do you mean? P.S.:I have no idea. Maybe you should just edit in on your computer and then upload it again?
  10. Well, most comics i read on paper are Polish or quite unpopular. ;c I'm currently reading "Maus" by Art Spiegelman. It's about Holocaust. It reminds me about manga Cat Shit One, they both are about war and show different nations as animals. And they both moving. Sorry, i have that strange habit of recommending everything to everyone. (but if you're not bored with it yet, i can recomend - if you like fantasy and criminal novels - "Guards! Guards!" by Pratchett. It's the first book about city watch from Discworld series, not the best, but good anyway. Check it out. I just feel that you might like it. ^^ )
  11. Yeah, I also read a lot. ^^ I've read all that you mentioned, and I like them too. Do you know Discworld by Terry Pratchett? I just love books about City Watch. Most of the comics i read are webcomics. for example Homestuck, Buni, KOPS (this one's in Polish).
  12. Hi! It's been over a week since somebody replied to this topic but I love the image you made. ^^ You should share with us some more. :3 Btw, I learn Russian for two years now. What part of Russia are you from?
  13. Hi, nice to meet you! What books you usually read? And do you like any other anime or manga beside DC?
  14. Ro.

    Last Poster Wins

    I like sleeping, but I don't like wasting time by it. ^^"
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