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  1. Technically - yes, of course, because people who do the job don't have any right. Practically, it's much more fair than what FUNimation and other people like them doing. In my country, for example, there's no official releases of any Conan media (you can't find a single badge, or poster here, there's almost no fansub and people don't even know about the series), so I should import. But there's a law that allows the right owners to ask government and block websites by IPs in the net. So, I can't access DCTP website and the whole wordpress without using a proxy, just because it's not allowed. So, basically, even though there's no official media in my country and I can't buy Conan stuff without paying extra for delivery from the other countries (and praying that postal service won't break it, since postal service here is a complete mess), there was an ask from FUNimation to block a lot of websites with Conan to my country. Why? Just because they have rights. Should I pay respect for such a people? Or should I pay respect for people, who do a much better translation and letting me watch it for free, even though copyrights owners is on them? For me it's obvious. So, if fansubbing is a piracy, so be it. It's a fair piracy and I'm supporting it (just my personal opinion, I respect rules here and not posting any links, etc). Because my policy is - if you can't let people buy the same thing, then do not interfere. And since none of the official translators usually do their job as they should (FUNimation and their ruined version of Conan aside, there's a lot of manga published in my country, for example, and I'm buying almost everything since I'm a bookworm, but in the end I'm reading scanlations, because official translations suck way too hard), fansub is like a heaven on earth for me. Since we talking about Conan here, I think it's obvious that all of us buying Conan media when they can (even though for people like me it's like 100+$ for a single disc in the end), but in the end, even if you'll buy the disc, you'll need a translation and even if you'll get one as a separate file, it's pain in the neck to add subtitles to your DVD, or blu-ray. So, I'll keep using fansubs and I honestly don't care about copyright owners. The most important things are not copyrights. It's your pride as a fan. As a fan you MUST support your favorite media with all you can. Everything else is just a details. So, technically, I'm a pirate, because I have like 6Tb of various Conan fansub on my external HDDs. But practically I'm not, because I'm supporting Conan even though it wasn't officially released in my country. Same with the other manga / anime. The problem is - copyright owners will never ever understand it. FUNimation, for example, think that if they released a ruined translation of some early episodes in States, they have rights to fight people like DCTP, who worked hard to let us understand the fresh series. And technically yes, they have rights and they have papers to prove it. But practically - screw FUNimation. That's my opinion. But all that aside, for those, who don't like to have a hard time while trying to add English subtitles to their blu-rays, there's a 1080p RAW by Kamigami-Raws available now and you can find resynced subtitles from M-L for that version in my TUMBLR blog. Quick resync, just for the time before M-L will do a proper HQ release.
  2. Kamigami-Raws released 720p BD rip RAW. Quality is far from ideal, but it's wa-a-a-ay better than old 480p DVD rip. Download links are not allowed, so, look for it in your regular places. Also, I've resynced M-L's English subtitles for Kamigami-Raws's release, so, it's possible to watch the movie in 720p now (I'm sure M-L will make a proper 720p release soon, but for now it's better than nothing). Not sure if it's allowed here to post download links for subtitle files, so, check out my TUMBLR blog if you need English subtitles by The Moonlighters, resynced for Kamigami-Raws 720p release in IDX/SUB format. I think that any real fan should support the original media as much as possible. But let's not forget that there's a lot of countries in which there's no official releases and there's no even official English release of this movie, so, English fansub is the only way to watch it. Original media in this case is for collection purposes only and to support CONAN with money. Fansub and piracy is a totally different things. But yeah, supporting the original media is must!
  3. Chekhov MacGuffin, can't argue with that, touché! The funniest thing - as much as I dislike "middle brother as a girl" theory, Moonlight Sonata arc is one of my all-time favorites and I really love Asai-san as a character. Yep, and even Gin's hair looks the same with Shiho's in manga: If the color is the same with Shiho's then Masumi's comment about the past and Ai-san's photo on her laptop may look pretty interesting.
  4. @75aichan: About Amuro - I just tried to say that there was no need for him to be in the Organization to meet Miyano family. They was able to move freely, meet friends and join various events. Agasa-hakase met them, why young Amuro can't? And there was a young Akemi-san with them, so, popular theory about Amuro being in love with Akemi-san too fits in all this. So, how, where and when he met Miyano family is a big question.
  5. @75aichan: You mean, like they tried to get to Akai-san's family, found her/him and forced her/him to take APTX? Makes sense. The more earlier period is not an option, of course, since if that mysterious girl was in organization, then there was no chance for Akai-san to sneak inside as a Rye for many reason. Risks, etc. But if they tried to get to Akai-san's family after Camel-kun ruined the whole thing as a part of a big hunt for Akai-san, then it makes sense. A lot of sense, actually, since the hunt for Akai-san was in America and Masumi-san with this girl (yet again, I'll call her "girl", since she called like this in the manga and I dislike the boy theory) should be there too. I like your idea! As for the drug, it's all about the last days of Miyano family. I mean, since we don't know on which stage of development they decided to quit (IF they decided to quit, we don't know even that), we can't tell how much info about the development was in the Organization. Miyano family may hide a lot of stuff and / or destroy a lot of data. Original drug may be very close to the final goal. It's pretty much possible. As for Amuro, he's 29. If Shiho is 18, let's remove 13 years to make her 5 and we'll get 16 years old Amuro. Shinichi was super popular detective in his 17. Can't see a problem for Amuro to meet them back then. Moreover, 20 years ago Akemi was around 5. And Miyano family was able to move somehow freely. Amuro was 9 at that time already, so, yet again, a lot of possibilities. But if he was that person who was mentioned by Date-san and if Date-san was killed because of him, then he should be connected to the Organization for a long time already. But still, it's totally not necessary for him to grow up in the Organization. It makes sense, though. Even police thing, since Organization like to have their agents everywhere and he may be trained for such a things from very beginning. It's very possible. But still, it's 50/50.
  6. @User 4869: I'm not trying to convince you, but just to share my thoughts about it: his behaviour to Haibara is all right. Ano Kata was described as a deep thinker, the one who can ruin the plan by overthinking it. It's Gin's obsession "to find and kill ASAP". And we know how Organization works. Some members can keep some secrets. For example, the whole APTX thing wasn't shared with Gin, so, they're still not looking for young kids. Yep, it was on Vermouth's part, but I really wonder if Ano Kata is aware of it. I mean, if he's that smart, how can he not to know? And if he know, he may play his own game and let Haibara be for a moment to have his eye on her. Actually, to take her to witness protection program will be the best for him in this case. He may have his own plans for her. That's how it looks to me
  7. @75aichan: I like your idea very much. But then, there's two questions - where did she get APTX4869 and why did she used it? Well, she may get some from Haibara, but why did she used it? That's what bothering me. @User 4869: As for Amuro, I still think that he's a good guy, who entered the Organization for his own reasons. Since Aoyama-sensei like Gundam symbolism and Amuro wasn't a bad guy there, it's pretty much possible for him to be yet another mole in organization. Especially after his connection with Date Wataru-san was revealed (I so-o-o want to know what's inside Takagi-kun's notebook). If that's true, though, I can't see why did he tried to reveal Akai-san's true identity to the Organization. Aside of my assumption that Akai / Sera family play their own game and he know it. But all this aside, yes, Amuro is a nice proof that Aoyama-sensei can use such a tricks, I agree completely. As for Blush Mermaid case, I remember it very well, of course. But it's a different thing. She just entered a restroom, because she looks like a boy. She never tried to tell the others that she's a boy. Like she used it, because her appearance was useful, but she never did it as a part of a long act. Using a moment and playing a long role is a different things. As for James Black, of course it's just a possibility. Any theory is just a theory in the end. But I like this theory, because there's a lot of things to support it. Kudō Yūsaku theory, for example, is popular like hell, because it'll be fun, but when you trying to collect proofs, there's hardly any (at leas anything big), since he's a rare guest in the series. I like to build theories on facts, not just pointing on characters and saying "This one have a lot of possibilities and reasons to be Ano Kata". Yūsaku-san can be Ano Kata, because he have a solid base as a smart and rich person, but since there's no proper proofs, I dislike this theory with many others. James is suspicious. Very suspicious. And fits with both symbolism and real facts (not all of them, of course, because if there were a person that fits completely, then question "Who is Ano Kata?" won't be a question at all). But yep, it's just my theory and it'll be a foolish thing to say that there's no other options. Of course, there is. When another theory appears, I like to analize it to the death, even if it's against my theories, but for the moment, James Black is my favorite candidate for Ano Kata because of the reasons above.
  8. Can't agree with that. Since we have Amuro as example. I still think that he's not that bad, but still. Moreover, Aoyama-sensei like symbolism (Holmes, Gundam, etc, etc, etc) and symbolically James fits great. I can't say that he fits ideally and never did, since there's a lot of things against such a theory and you already named some, but among the others he looks like the best candidate for me. Because, unlike many other theories, this one have a lot of proofs. Both in facts and in symbolism. That's actually why I like it so much. I can't even name another person with so many things against him / her. Especially during Clash of Red and Black. After James was on one side and Gin on another when Soshiki was about to prevent any possible contacts between Akai-san and Hidemi-san, it's just way too much. Even if he aren't the biggest bad guy out there, I still can't stop thinking that he's related to the Organization. So, you like "Little kid as Ano Kata" theory? It's popular, but I never liked it, even though with your details it sounds really great and romantic. But my favorite one is some sort of super-smart villain. James Moriarty style. Criminal mastermind, pure evil that is always hiding in the shadows. I'd like it to be more Holmes-like. LIke it was with Kaito Lupin and Inspector Holmes in Nonchalant Lupin. I always liked this side of Aoyama-sensei's works and I think something like that will fit Conan very well. Well, that's yet another reason for me to like James Black theory, because the parallel with James Moriarty. The problem is - Masumi never tried to pretend being a boy. Since very beginning she tried to say that she's a girl, while new character told Masumi to tell Conan that she's her little sister. Can't see any reasons for Aoyama-sensei to go that deep into such a things. It's not "shounen ai" manga. Aoyama-sensei introduced a lot of ways to hide your identity in the series. And just starting to wear girls' dress to hide your identity is just... wrong. Especially since if there's a bad guys after her (him), they sure won't look on dress, but on face. Therefore - no reason for such a strange behavior at all. But I actually thought about it very much and I even thought about Masumi being a boy after Blush Mermaid case, but still, it'll be way too much for Conan, especially after "pantsu shot" part in manga. Therefore, I really dislike both "boy as girl" versions. In theory, of course, it's more than possible, but it'll be way too much for Conan manga IMO. And it'll be strange for Aoyama-sensei to use the same trick twice for the members of the same family. You know, because it won't be interesting. It's like a bad taste to do the same thing twice, especially in mystery story and it sure doesn't looks like Aoyama-sensei's style. At least for me. Just my thoughts though, I don't have any real clues from the series to put against this theory and therefore it's pretty possible. I just dislike this one. And she (he? ~_^) was in bed on photo. My personal thoughts (since we don't have enough clues anyway) is that it's experiment-related. As I wrote before, the drug she (I'll call her "she", since I dislike boy version, OK?) used may not be Shiho's development, but her own, developed outside of Kuro no Soshiki. And in this case, cough may be a result of this. A new side effect, or something like that. Since she was in bed on photo, it may be even worse before. But even if all this isn't correct, the sickness looks like a big thing to me. I really think that it is important to the story. But what is really bothers me about "shrunken mother" theory is why did she used drug? I mean, Shiho-san used it to escape, Conan used it against his will, but why to used it by your own free will? Just to test it? Then aren't risks is way too high? Unlike Chekhov's entry about the alibi, this one can't be considered as a proof, since we don't know a single thing about the nature of Ai-san's "sixth sense". We don't even know if it's drug-related, or just a strong sense of evil intents. But in both cases there may be an easy explanation for her not to feel him. If it's drug related, then it's obvious, if not, then James Moriarty-like person can just hide his evil intents. Simple like that. Okiya-san can hide his "black thing" too and Ai-san didn't noticed Numabuchi Kiichiro too, who was a member of Soshiki. So, I can't see this even as indirect proof. Whatever the nature of that "smell", people can hide it. Especially if we talking about Ano Kata. If Okiya-san can, why Ano Kata can't? My own poor translation. May contain hell of a lot of mistakes, since my Japanese suck. Just shared it, while there's no better translation. Still better then include Japanese RAWs in English post. It's like "I never seen such a stuff", it's not about Conan. Just tried to put it in better way. Which doesn't mean that she can't be shrunken. Moreover, it may be an indirect proof that the drug she used is different from Ai-san's development and therefore a separate development. It is a side effect anyway. Not a main goal. And therefore in different version of the drug there may be a different side effects, or experiment just half-failed, or whatever. So, no reason to abandon a theory about shrunken person.
  9. PetePete, There's a Vermouth with her endless youth, so I can't see how that's a problem ^^;;
  10. File 875-878 Spoilers: After File 878, or after the last page of it to be precise, it became obvious that our mysterious little lady aren’t regular Junior High girl. Well, it was obvious since very beginning, but now it’s officially confirmed. OK, so who is she? The most popular theory for the moment is that she is Masumi-san’s mother shrunken by the APTX4869 (or similar) drug. Me and a lot of other fans came to this conclusion right after File 876. But there was not enough facts back than. Now there’s much more. So, let’s look at them. • In Files 775-777 Masumi got and deleted photo of Haibara Ai. • In File 875 it was shown that mysterious girl have the same eyes with Masumi and Shūichi. • In File 876, when Sonoko asked Masumi about if her mother still in America, Masumi answered «Yeah…» like she was supposed to tell a lie, while wasn’t ready for such a question. • In File 876 Masumi said she have no other relatives aside of mother and two brothers, one of which is «dead». • In File 877 Conan described mysterious girl as a Junior High student. • In File 878 mysterious girl coughed, while she was in bed on photo. • In File 878 mysterious girl showed that she have a knowledge about electronics and told that she saw some wireless listening devices before. • In File 878 Masumi asked mysterious girl if she like Conan or not, while blushing. • In File 878 mysterious girl told Masumi to tell Conan that she’s her little sister to hide the truth about her. What can we get from that? We can get that theory about mysterious girl being Masumi-san’s mother is probably true. Masumi knew that Conan is Shinichi from very beginning and she was sure, while even Ran, who was his closest friend, aren’t sure. Masumi knew that it’s too dangerous to keep Ai's photo on her PC. Masumi wasn’t sure when she told Sonoko that her mother still in America. Girl coughed, while, as we know, APTX4869 antidote works when person have cold (maybe it’s somehow related to the shrinking part too). Girl looks too smart for a regular Junior High student. While it’s pretty obvious that Masumi like Shinichi since a long ago and she always blushing near Conan, question about if mysterious girl liked Conan, or not may be like a question to mother about if she like daughter’s fiancé, or not. And, the most important, mysterious girl decided to pretend to be a sister, therefore, she isn’t. So, she’s not a sister, while she have the same eyes with Masumi and Shūichi. The most logical conclusion – she is their mother. But it’s only the beginning. Because it’s time to build some fresh theories! Since there’s a big question – how in the world information about Silver Bullet project leaked from Kuro no Soshiki (The Black Organization). And the most interesting theory for me is that APTX4869 itself aren’t leaked, but was made by Masumi-san’s mother. Mysterious girl looks smart enough to be a scientist. And if we imagine that she’s a scientist who works on Silver Bullet project outside of Kuro no Soshiki, we can get a very interesting picture of events. Because if Akai / Sera family got the information about Silver Bullet project for a long time already, then this family may be part of something really big. Bigger than FBI. Why? Let me explain. If Akai / Sera family was deep in the Silver Bullet thing, then Akai-san’s work for FBI may be a part of their plan. What plan? To get closer to James Black, who’s my favorite candidate to be Ano Kata (That Person), mysterious boss of Black Organization. About James Black being Ano Kata, please, read this entry in my blog. The whole thing may be planned by the family from very beginning. If James is Ano Kata, or at least very important member of Organization, then family can make Akai-san enter FBI to be closer to him. But where did the family learned about Silver Bullet project? Another bold assumption – from Miyano family. If Masumi-san’s mother (let’s call her like this for now, OK?) is a scientist, she may know Miyano family for a long time and we don’t know much about Miyano family’s death. Pisco said about accident, but there was no details. If Miyano family was about to leave the organization and shared information about Silver Bullet with friends, then everything makes sense. Or even more – Miyano family knew that they’ll be killed, shared information about Silver Bullet project with their trusted friends and asked to help them to get their daughters out from Organization. Akai-san’s contact with Akemi-san may be not just to enter Organization, but to get both sisters out eventually. Remember, he was often around both Akemi and Shiho as Rye. It fits surprisely well. To make it short, we may have a family that plays with both FBI and Kuro no Soshiki. Family, deeply involved with Silver Bullet drug and probably connected with Miyano family.
  11. 僕等がいた (Bokura ga Ita). I like a lot of them (like Marmalade Boy for example), but this one is my absolutely favorite for the moment.
  12. File 877 spoilers So, she's not that young. Conan said «Junior High student». But still, it doesn't help much. Since questions is still the same. But since she aren't looks like a first-grader, it makes «shrunken mother» theory looks more and more accurate.
  13. Just finished my new AMV I called it «Sail Away» and it’s based on seventeenth movie in Meitantei CONAN series: Private Eye in the Distant Sea, which is one of my favorite movies. There’s a lot of interesting things in this movie, but I wanted to make this AMV all about Conan-kun and Ran-san. I tried to make it like some sort of conversation without words between them and, at the same time, like a proper story. Also, I wanted to make it as dramatic and touching as possible. Still, I’ve included a happy ending and I think it was a right thing to do. Even though I wanted it to be dark and depressive, without a ray of light it won’t be a proper Meitantei CONAN AMV. So, here we are. A story about Ran-san, Shinichi-kun and their loving hearts. Watch it on DailyMotion. If you need download links, check out my TUMBLR blog.
  14. Then it'll be better to wait for a HQ BD rip. Current 480p RAWs is ugly. But hey! For many of us it's all about how fast you can get it. Especially since re-watching value of this movie is high I watched it for like 5 times already and still can't get enough of it. Especiall of the second part, the one that starts AROUND 1:17 "As for updates on what's going on with movie 17, here's the deal. Our translator is currently extremely busy with university work and doesn't have a lot of time to spare for Conan. We would really appreciate if somebody would be willing to help us translate the movie at a more reasonable pace — it's currently about 30% translated." ~ M-L's official website.
  15. Chekhov MacGuffin, It's Aoyama-sensei we talking about ^^;; Therefore the word «definitely» aren't accurate. I mean, back then everyone was absolutely sure that Jodie-san is Vermouth ~_^ Can't argue much about Subaru-san being Akai-san, it's 99% to be true, but still, it's not 100%, becuase Aoyama-sensei is a master of surprises ~_^
  16. Hubuki released their fansub for the first part of the movie. Check out Hubuki's blog. Only DailyMotion, no download, but still, if anyone haven't watched the movie yet, you can start now ~_^ You can expect second part in the next week.
  17. Hubuki finished about 50% of translation, so, it's not so long now. But I think that most of the fans already watched it without any subs Amazing movie. One of my favorites now. it's all about an action, but that's the right way for the movies.
  18. Movie 6 for me. Too many Sci-Fi. People who dislike Movie 11 will be punished by almighty Sonoko-sama
  19. Aoyama-sensei adopting some little elements from non-canon stuff. But to make all of them canon will be a bad idea. A lot of non-canon things is idiotic (Remember those Conan's cameos in Magic Kaito Specials? Those are completely against the timeline) and a lot of them doesn't fit for many reasons. For example, Ai-san's calls... From Hakase's house... To her sister's phone. It's completely against the character and story (Ai-san didn't even wanted to involve Takagi-keiji, while in the movie she's almost telling Soshiki "Hey! I'm calling from Hakase! Come and get me!"). Same goes to Gin missed a silver knife clue. Gin... missed... It's way too hard to believe in that. But there IS a nice ideas in non-canon stuff. Occhan's story in The Fourteenth Target was brilliant and deserves to be canon IMO. But all in all, Aoyama-sensei have his own ideas about which way to take and he don't need to think about the other writers. It'll only make things harder. That's why I prefer movies to stay away from the main story. Raven Chaser was a wrong move IMO, even though I like Irish character very much.
  20. Still can't understand all the fuss about this two. Yes, Gin obsessed with Shiho. But so what? Gin is also obsessed with Akai-san. Does that mean that Gin had an affair with Akai-san in the past (yaoi fans, don't you dare to go in there!)? Gin just dislike to lose. "None can beat Gin and survive", that's his personality. His job in Organization is to control things and to prevent such a leaks like with Shiho-san and Akai-san. He failed twice. Now he obsessed with both. Just because "none escapes from Gin". But of cource people prefer "lovers" theory, becuase it's more "spicy". But honestly...
  21. I honestly don't understand the reason to think about when it'll end. And I especially don't understand people, who want to see an ending soon. In my opinion it means that such a people don't really like Conan. Becuase as for me, the ending is the saddest thing in any mystery. When you finished another mystery novel, that's it, it's finished, there's nothing else about it. No more tricks, no more suspense, nothing. Such a long story is part of Conan's charm. None in the right mind should start to read / watch it because of the ending. The process, that's what really important. When you collecting clues, trying to get deeper into the mystery, that's the fun. Not just a couple of "epic" revelations and "everybody died", or "and they lived happily ever after" in the end. I can see why people want to see an ending of some action series, because most of them is only about epic fight in the end, but since we have a mystery here, it's better for it to go forever. I really want Aoyama-sensei to continue as long as he can draw. I don't want Conan to end.
  22. As for the main case: First of all - the whole eating contest looks ridiculous by the first look. But obviously, it isn't. Those three was supposed to eat, which means that they was unable to finish fast enough and there was a contest, so, none was able to stop, or leave. In other words, the whole trick looks time consuming. We can't see well enough inside of the room and that's make it hard to understand the trick. But the fact that victim is in bathrobe bothering me. Culprit also was about to go to the bath... Maybe there's something in there. But I really wonder about two things - why body is close to the door, even though victim was strangle (body is too close to the door, it's like someone is really standed there to not let victim move, if there was none and it was some sort of trick with a string, why she didn't move from the door?) and why there's no string itself. Is there a trick with a door? There's a spy-holes on the doors, so it may be like there was a noose around it. Like a noose made from fishing like. The other part of fishing line may be on the other side of the door. He was able to make it before, since she was his assistent. So it was like "Knock-Knock"->"Who's there?"->"..."->"Looking into spy-hole"->"Strangled". But murderer should be able to sneak to her door in this case and I can't see how he was able to do it. And if he was in the room and leaved throught the balcony, then why body is close to the door? It doesn't help murderer to make aliby in any way. Door was impossible to open? It makes window more obvious. So, I really want to see the insides of the room. About Sera's family and that cute little new character: It's a mess. It's a complete mess. I expected some sort of revelation in Red Woman Case, but it made things even worse. Much, much, much worse. I honestly don't know what to think about Masumi-san now. She have a hell of a family there. Middle brother is interesting topic by itself (I like Chūkichi version), but now there's another mystery - father and rich friend of a family. My first thought - Date Wataru-san as Sera-san’s father and Amuro Tōru as a rich friend (remember File 808: The Late Grave Visit?). But it can’t be, since when Date-san died, he wasn’t married and his girlfriend commited suicide. Second thought - Kuroba Tōichi-san as a father and Kudō Yūsaku-san as a friend (they was somehow close in a way (? / !) and if Tōichi-san was able to contact Yūsaku-san about Pandora Gem before his death, it makes sense). Third thought - Morimura-keishi (Let it Be Case, Files 667-673) as a father (he wasn’t married too, but he was engaged and was about to marry next month when he died on the line of duty) and Matsumoto-keishi as a rich friend. Last version is the most interesting, since the whole travel to America makes sense this way. Remember, that Let it Be killer was caught only many years later, so family may be under some sort of protection after Morimura-keishi died. And when killer was caught, Sera returned to Japan. What doesn't fit is that there's too many kids in a family. Morimura-keishi was able to start being a father right before his deth, but none can be pregnant with a three kids with different age. So, it doesn't fit too. And here comes that cute little baby on the photo. With the same eyes. And Sera said that aside of mother and brothers, there's no other people in her family. And this girl have the same eyes... How is it even possible? If it wasn't a girl, there can be a very bold assumption that Akai-san used APTX4869 to escape fire in his Chevrolet and now hiding in Sera's room. Girl's hair looks exactly like his, even though she's blonde. In this case, Subaru-san may be a middle brother and even dangerous middle brother. Yet again, Subaru-san being Akai-san version is very solid and it's hard to believe that there's more in it. Too many proofs of various sorts for Subaru being Akai. So, who's the girl then??? She doesn't looks like a regular girl. First of all, as we've seen in this File, Sera have reasons to hide her, but still, showed her to Conan for a reason. She looks related to Silver Bullet project no matter how you look at it. I can't connect her to it in any way. Same goes to Sera-san's family. All we know for sure is that one of the brothers is Akai-san and he's almost cerainly the same person with Subaru-san. But who was the father, who's the middle brother and where in the world did they found that girl is a big mystery. Moreover, it's hard to build solid assumption, there's not enough facts. We can add Akai-san's worst enemy - Amuro, we can add Date-san's notebook (it's pretty obvious that there's something important in it and Takagi-kun just didn't noticed), but all this only makes thing even more complicated. Interesting assumption - the one who Sera-san searched in the first place wasn't Akai-san, but this girl. Not possible again though, since she was very agitated when she saw Scar Akai. Then it means that girl was with her from very beginning? Then why did she said that the only family she have is her brothers and mother? Bold assumption - the girls is actually her mother, who's somehow related to Silver Bullet project. Because I still can't see the other reason for this girl to be such an important. I mean, if she's just a little gitl, there's no problem at all. Like "Hello, Conan-kun, meet my little syster Whatever-her-name!" and that's it. But no, she's hiding her in bathroom and showed her photo to Conan as some sort of hint. And it looks like that girl is somehow interested in case / Conan and friends (frame with opened door). Absolutely crazy assumption: the girl is Sera-san's mother and an important figure in Black Organization, while middle brother is Amuro (well, he's blond too)))). Sera just don't understand things, while Akai-san is some sort of black sheep in the family. But that's a complete madness, I know, just thinking aloud. Another interesting assumption is that girl is some sort of huge success of Silver Bullet project. And that's why family, or just Sera-san hiding her. But then, how? Who? When? When Akai-san leaved Black Organization, there was no chance for him to escape with someone. Camel-san just made his true identity obvious and Akai-san was unable to return. So, if the girl was in Organization, even as a guinea pig, then how she escaped? And if someone work on Silver Bullet project outside of Organization, then who? Theory about survived Miyano family is a madness, because none tried to get Shiho-san from Organization aside of passed Akemi-san. Then, Sera-san's father, or mother was a scientists too? Maybe that's how Akai-san learned about the Organization in a first place? Then, version about Sera-san's mother looks interesting. I think I should stop now, this post is long enough already, but the truth is - case in a new chapter doesn't looks too complicated, but new character and Masumi-san's family becomes more and more mysterious with every chapter.
  23. The Black Demon, hairstyles is all right IMO, the problem is "F" on Kenta's cap, instead of "G" for "Guts", skin color and baseball uniform, but it's way too much for a coincidence ~_^ P.S. Maybe they changed things a little because they wanted to avoid direct connection. Copyrights, maybe... ^^;; Like they had no rights to include them, but wanted to. Just a guess ^^
  24. Anyone else noticed this cute little cameo in Episode 707? (^v^) Click for a bigger picture.
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