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  1. And I came back from the dead again for the nth time. Anyone still active? How are you guys?
  2. Look who shows up, and will leave again.
  3. So I started this 10-day vegan diet from this naturopathic doctor that my mother happened to know, with my mom hoping that it might do something with this mass lesion inside my lung, or at least strengthen it in preparation for the upcoming biopsy for final diagnosis. It's my 3rd day today, and I started feeling weird few hours ago. First, my vision started to become a little bit fuzzy, then I started to have a minor headache. When I was eating my lunch at 2 PM, my headache worsened and I started to become nauseous. Since I was not allowed (according to my mom) to drink any medicine (including my multivitamins!), I just slept it off for about 2 hours. Fortunately, my vision cleared and my headache was almost gone (I'm still feeling a very very little headache as I'm writing this). Since that messed up the schedule of my diet, I've decided to not tell her about it tonight for now because she'll get mad when she finds out that my schedule got messed up (I was supposed to be asleep by 11 PM, but due to headache, if I won't adjust it, I'll be sleeping at around 1 AM). However, when it happens again tomorrow, that's the time I'll tell her. Not sure if it was caused by almost sudden total shift to 100% vegan since I'm not a vegetarian. What, can't you host a podcast and listen to it at the same time? Well, since my company was (and is still) such a complete dick, I wasn't able to pay my contribution to the social security since my status was self-employed thanks to that cheap company. If my status was employed, I and my company could have shared in paying my monthly contributions and tell them that I won't be able to work due to an illness so they can give me compensation. Otherwise, I would pay the whole amount per month, but I can't yet. It was kinda traumatic since it was my first company and first job, yet the don't exactly care about their employees, unless they're vital in keeping the company running and the money coming into the company. Good news is that my mother would be the one to pay for my monthly dues while I'm not yet working. Good thing I only shoulder few monthly expenses (internet access (about $20-22/month), cable TV (about $10-12/month), and my VUL insurance (about $52-54/month). She also told me to never touch my savings coz she'll take care of whatever I need for now.
  4. Is there a way to change my wiki username? I just realized that it's unnecessarily long and, if you happen to know my language, it's somewhat annoying and immature because when I joined here in 2009, I just graduated from high school so I'm still a bit immature-ish at that time. Now that I'm 23, I facepalm whenever I see my wiki username. I don't wanna facepalm whenever I visit the wiki, especially now that I'm about to continue the transcript of the podcasts.
  5. I hate you both. Thanks! I hope I can stick around here more so I can stalk everyone. And being jobless sucks coz I don't have money so I hope I get better soon.
  6. Monsi


    Hello and welcome to DCW. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. Hey, guys! I'm sort of making a comeback since I have a lot of free time because I left my job due to health reasons, and something triggered me to visit DCW. Anyways, good to see that the community is still alive, although not what it used to be where there's a lot of people posting each day, to the extent that the forum was invaded by spam bots. Too bad I didn't come here when Mohorovicic left. He's one of those crazy people that kept this forum alive, so I'm kinda sad that I wasn't able to talk to him for the last time and say goodbye. As some of you might not be aware yet, I was a typesetter for Souka, the group that continued where DCTP left off manga-wise. What happened was our raw provider and translator went MIA, our remaining translator left because her interest in Conan has faded. Honestly, my interest in Conan has also faded, but I still wanted to continue releasing the chapters, if only I knew Japanese. In short, I'm sorta kinda the only member left, and I just need a translator to be able to continue. But so far, my efforts to look for one have been futile. This may sound crazy, but I kinda sorta wanna revive the DCW Podcast. I'll host it, but there should be a co-host. It's probably one way to make people active again and lure new people coz we have cookies! What do you guys think? HOWEVER, I WILL KICK THE NIPPLES OF ANYONE THAT WILL OPPOSE THIS IDEA. UNDERSTAND?
  8. I guess I should be glad that I still know my password. So yeah welcome back to me. Anyone that I know still alive? :P I dunno but I'm thinking of doing the next DCW podcast lol.

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      @Balthazar: Nah, it's not. Coz I have internetz lol :P

      @Kid: Thanks!

      @Henry: Hello there. Nice to meet you. :)

      @Rye: Hello Rye. Weh di nga? Na-miss niyo ko?

    3. Kid the Phantom Thief
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      DCW podcasts were the best. Great to see that you're planning to take that mantle!

  9. No problem. ^^ Anyways, the new chapter's now out. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's up to you guys to find it since I won't post the link to that. :V
  10. We'll translate it since we doubt some other group besides a group that also scanlates DC would pick it up. And yes, I'm currently a staff member and a typesetter at Souka Scans.
  11. Nope, MK isn't new. Actually, MK was published first before Detective Conan (MK - 1987; DC - 1994). However, DC became more famous than MK so Gosho devoted more of his time in writing DC. MK is still ongoing, but the release of new chapters is "very" irregular. Well...last time I checked, yes. I'm just around everyone, stalking and waiting to take over all of your lives :V
  12. So I was just looking at DCTP's spoilers page, and I happened to see this message from Fujiwara: EDIT: Here's DCTP's article about it with more details: http://www.dctp.ws/2014/09/13/new-magic-kaito-chapters-in-october-conan-manga-goes-on-hiatus/
  13. Yeah, I realized that after posting this. I'm just waiting for this to be deleted or moved or locked.
  14. Link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/07/28/japanese-government-to-start-anti-animemanga-piracy-operation-next-month Looks like our happy days are about to be over.
  15. The rank titles are great, especially those who are banned here. However, I just hope that members wouldn't abuse posting here just to be able to reach whatever rank they want. Anyways, thanks.
  16. *rises from Loyola Memorial Park* Anyone still alive? :V
  17. Oh my god...it's been a year already since the last podcast? O_O

  18. It's a problem with the site, and only Maurice can resolve that.
  19. *resurrects self from death* :V

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      *abandons the forum once again* :x

    4. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      *destroys Kettle* welcome back, Monsi yo. Whatcha up to homie?

  20. Sorry, pero wala na pong Pinoy dito. :3
  21. That news is totally false, unless Gosho, SS, and YTV/NTV says that it'll end soon. I'm quite disappointed to know that this fake news came from my country.
  22. Hey everyone. Just wanna share my thoughts for those who are also willing to donate, but somehow shy of the amount that they will donate since it's just a small amount: It's been almost 4 years since I joined this site. DCW is the first ever DC forum that I've became a member of. I was able to make some friends here and we've had fun hanging out here (dunno if those friends of mine still remember me. :V). It was also because of this site that I discovered Detective Conan Translation Project (DCTP), the group that continued subbing DC in great quality (Yep, that's how outdated I was on the DC fandom during those times. :V). After that, I've also decided to join DCTP forums, and had more friends. Because of those awesome events, although I'm not that active here anymore due to my job (I started working this January) , I'm eternally grateful to DCW for making the Detective Conan-side of my life awesome. To show my gratitude, I've recently donated US$ 3.00 to DCW. Yes, it's just a small amount for those people who lives outside America, but every single dollar is significant to them. So, I know that for the amount that I donated, it'll help Maurice a lot to pay the fees for keeping this site running. So, if I were you, I'd donate to this site, even if it's only $1. Imagine this: If a lot of people would donate $1 each per month, the total amount from those donations could be enough to pay for a dedicated server.
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