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Found 2 results

  1. SO I decided to rewrite my DCxGTA crossover fanfic with some new plots. This is the summary, the fanfic will follow. Note: - The Black Organization are the good guys in this crossover fanfic (only for one of the main characters, they're bad guys for the other characters.) - This story begins after the GTA V plot (I decided to pick Revenge ending in GTA IV and killed Playboy X in The Holland Play, but he cheated death xD) - There's several fictional cities and island in this fanfic. - This fanfic's conversation has several languages. Translation are included. - The plots are very complex and unique. Current Main characters (more will be added): - Hidemi Hondou, a CIA agent - Radek Aramov aka Krov, a Strelets OG Current supporting characters: - Erru Natake, a FBI agent (she and her parents belong to Elli aka Rukia Kurosaki, not mine) - Henryk Małecki, a Polish gunrunner. - Anna Fannie, a FBI agent who investigates drug smuggling ring scandal. - Rody 'Adohalv' Acterian, a Cardian Height high rank. - Plotmir Gorbunov, An 87th (aka Krasnaya Metka) OGs. Chapters (WIP) (Names will be changed, except for the completed chapters): - 1. Lord of War - 2. Red-haired Angel - 3. The Purple Harbinger
  2. Episodes from Hepburn chapter I: Dopewars, Gungame and Pizzerias Hello guys, this is the first Alt-PoV of my main fanfic, Episodes of Hepburn. This Alt-PoV will explain about a pizza maker worked with a syndicate and a story about the 87th Street. As for the plot, this plot will be began after the re-kidnapping of the children and defectors by Vandals of Liberty City (Based on DCW IRL Ver 2). (Beachgate Park, Beika) Jonathan Japes looked outside from his van. He wore a brown jacket and a grey t-shirt underneath. He was listening to Still Fly by The Devil Wears Prada on the 106.66 The Trash. He looked at his brother, Grevin who prepping an AK-74. His crew, Brian was inserting armor-piercing rounds into a magazine of a M933 carbine. He, his brother and Brian was a part of a gang named Seven Ties. One of his crew spotted a commotion outside the van, “What’s the hell is going on?” He saw two dealers have a scuffle with a guy with silver hair, a redhead girl and a brunette woman. Brian looked outside, “Hey, that’s Emeryk” He said in referencing to the dealer with green plaid shirt. He was confronting a brunette woman with a red hooded jacket. Just then a white Mazda RX-7 pulled up. Grevin shouted, “What the fuck? The FBI was here?!” "Alright, which of you bastards wanna die first?" Bourbon appeared from the newest arriving car, pulling a pistol. "Are you early, or was I late?" He asked and Erru replied, "It doesn't matter, bet I can get more of 'em than you." "You're on." The two joined Hidemi and Gin in the Mexican Standoff against the dealers. Emeryk’s friend hissed, “You’ll mess with the wrong gang! The Seven Ties will crush you all” Japes scowled, “Oh, hell. We have to help them out.” He and his crew got out from the van after they wore their military-grade vest. One of the dealers saw the van and he hollered, “Japes! You’re here! Now teach these rival syndicate a lesson to not mess with us!” Japes picked an AKS-74 from the van and he hands it to Grevin as he took an AK-74. Brian got out from the car and Japes tossed him another AKS-74. One of his goon opened fire with an AS Val, managing to hit two FBI agents in the neck and another in the torso. Hidemi and Gin took cover as Japes and Grevin sprayed their weapon wildly. Their bullets shattered the windows of a car nearby and hit a FBI agent in the brainstem. The agent feel, he was dead before he hitting the asphalt. Hidemi went into her Lamborghini Gallardo as the gangsters reloading their gun and she popped the trunk. She picked a LR-300 as her weapon and she hands Gin an UMP-9. Hidemi screamed at Erru, “Natake! Pick a weapon here! Your .38 won’t penetrate their military-grade vest.” Emeryk and his friend ran into Jasper, bullet whizzing past his head. Grevin hands him his AK-74 as he firing a Kedr PP-91. Brian asked Emeryk, “What happen there? Who’s these people who firing at us?” Emeryk scowled, “I don’t fucking know, man. They also arrested my crew too.” His friend fired a P99 and grazed Bourbon twice in the chest. Grevin replied, “Don’t worry. We’ve jammed the signal so these rival syndicate can’t call for backup.” Hidemi hands Erru her LR-300 as herself picked a MP7, fitted with an ACOG scope. She saw an Acura RSX pulled up near her Gallardo. Her cousin, Alec got out of the car, he hold a M733 carbine. He hollered, “Yo, cousin! What the fuck is going on?” Hidemi ignored him as she opened fire at Emeryk. A couple of rounds from Brian’s AKS-74 hit Hidemi in the abdomen. Alec scowled, “That’s my cousin, asshole! You’ve just shot her!” He let Brian have a burst of rounds to the chest and collarbone. As he feel, Hidemi finished him off with four shots to the head. Brian’s face was gone. All that remained was a red fleshy mess. Hidemi could see the cartilage that had been Brian's nose and bits of broken teeth sticking to the flesh and tissue. Japes felt Hidemi and Gin approached him. What’s most worse, he was in an Alleviant Heights territory. He waved a signal to his crew. He and his crew started to flee. Grevin and Emeryk provided them cover fire. They spotted an Ambulance and Japes dragged the doctor from the ambulance. He got in the front seat. Emeryk ran into their newly acquired ambulance and he got in the driver’s seat. Grevin and his crew with AS Val entered the back of the ambulance. They also moved their arsenal from their original van. Hidemi and Gin approached the captured ambulance but they took cover as the Seven Ties with AS Val fired on them. Erru aimed Hidemi’s LR-300 at the gangster with AS Val and fired. She hit him near the chest. Grevin returned fire with his PP-91. He hit her in the abdomen. She was not wounded as her vest protected her. Grevin took his crew’s AS Val and fired at Erru again. He finally hit her in the thigh and two rounds penetrated her vest. Erru hissed as she looked to her wounds, “They finally shot me…” Japes told Grevin, “Grevin, take care of them…” Grevin stepped out from the back of the ambulance, he now held a RPG-27. He aimed the disposable RPG at their original getaway car. Bourbon screamed, “RPG! RPG!” Grevin fired the RPG-26. BOOM! The van exploded, knocking Hidemi and Gin to the ground. Alec scowled, “Ow shit! These fools just like the 87th Street busters!” Several automatic gunshots still rang out as Grevin dispose the RPG-27. He started to run back into the ambulance and the dealers with P99 close the ambulance’s back door. Hidemi and Gin weakly got up to their feet as the ambulance leave the scene. Alec aimed his M733 on the car but Hidemi interrupted, “Enough. They’re escaped…” Alec asked them, “Who’s these guys, cousin? I thought they was from the Eastern European who kidnapping Eisuke for the second time.” Hidemi replied with a hiss, “Niko wasn’t involved on this but this group named Seven Ties just attacked us. Maybe the dealers have relation on them.” Bourbon snickered, “Well, that’s not the case. I know these guy, a syndicate that consisting between street gangs, pizzerias and Russian Bratvas. Seven 7 Mafia, Lazarev Bratva and the other was affiliated with this syndicate. They dealing drugs in the eastern part of Hepburn, they also do engage in a gunrunning ring with the Valther’s crew. Hey, you two are alright? I thought that guy fired the RPG to kill you both” Hidemi smiled, “I’m fine. That guy possibly want to destroy their original getaway. Still, you already know about the Seven Ties?” “Well the Seven Ties has some bad reputation with some of their rival. Take a look at their nemesis, The G. Mob and Mafioso with Bling” Alec shot Hidemi a funny look, “Hey, Hondou-sama. You didn’t feel dizzy after a couple of 5.45 rounds hit your body?” Hidemi looked at her wounds. She wore a red hooded jacket which her wounds were not appear even she was bled. Hidemi looked at her cousin and smiled, “No, because the rounds didn’t hit any vital organs, you can assure Erru and I will fine, dawg. Okay, we need to told Kinzie and MTX about this” (Corway Isle, East Hepburn) Japes parked the ambulance under a railway bridge. He saw two men approached his car. One wore a black shirt and gray pants. He carried a Glock 18. The other wore a LS hat and a hooded sweater. The sweater said KMFDM. They both were the members of the Seven Ties. The one with the LS hat carried a .44 Desert Eagle. “Hey, what happen with some of your crew?” The Seven Ties with Glock 18 asked. Grevin scowled, “Shit is rough. Some motherfuckers just crashed our today’s sale of the snow. The rival syndicate just crashed up the deal.” The Seven ties with .44 Desert Eagle looked at the van, “Hey, where’s Brian and the other?” Emeryk scowled, “Bad news is Levar and Brian was dead by these fools in black. Also some of the dealers was arrested too. The good news is we escaped from them.” The Seven Ties with .44 Desert Eagle shrugged, “Who are they? I thought these fools aren’t crazy enough to pull this out. I hope the boss will find this answer” Japes told them, “Well tell Gregorio to make a truce with the Mafioso with Bling. We need to pay attention on this rival syndicate.”
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