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  1. Writing my Fanfic and seeking MOD for Men of War

  2. Hidemi Hondou Behind the Drapes Schottler Medical Center, Broker Chapter 2 of my story... Enjoy Kei, Eisuke, Jodie, Conan, Makarov, James waiting at Hidemi’s room as the doctor check her health. “What are you man?” asked Kei about Hidemi’s condition. “She was wounded by hollow round from that gun, I worried she lost a lot of blood and some round close to her heart leaving a 60/40 change of her survival” “Anyway, what she have blood type same with you?” said Jodie “AB type,” responded Eisuke. Ethan later rushed into the room, saying “I know who the identity of Martin it is!” Everyone turned at him and Conan said, “Who’s the name is?” “His name was Marki Dimayev. I don’t know this is his real name, but he is born in Los Santos. However at his 18 birth, he moved to Russia with his brother. They live in Vladivostok and he now lives in Tudor.” “Did he neutral?” asked Kei, “Kei-kun, he is a boss of Ballas, a gang from Los Santos which he is a arms smuggler, he well-known about military after the breakup of Soviet, like drive-bys, warfare and military grade weapon are sold into many gang, paramilitary, organization and mafia.” “Dad, I will transfuse my blood to her, she’s have transplant her bone marrow when I was kid. This payback for Hidemi…” Ethan is praise of Eisuke heart and saying “It’s good son… We didn’t need to worry… You have to take a rest now…” Around One Week Later… Eisuke survived the blood transfusion and Hidemi survive the surgery. They both will make a full recovery. This is good news for FBI. Eisuke leave the hospital first and Hidemi now leave the Hospital accompanied by Kei Kusanagi. She have a different appear, she now wearing blue track jacket and black pants. Kei own a red Monte Carlo SS which parked near the hospital. In the trunk of his car are a MG36 for if they are attacked by the Peg. Kei now holding an MP10 instead his G36C. “What are we doing?” asked Hidemi “To have some fun…” They are driving to Firefly Island for having some fun. They are emerging from their car and Kei and Hidemi coincidentally met Luke Frank, Hidemi's fan. "Hidemi? It's me, Luke..." said Luke "Hey Luke, what are you doing here?" asked Hidemi. "Just hanging arround... Hey, who is he?" asked Luke in curious. "Well, this is Kei Kusanagi, my friend..." "Anyway did you want to have fun?" said Luke "I think so..." Kei smiled. It had been a few hours since Kei met up with Luke and Hidemi. It was getting close to afternoon. "How often does something like this happen?" said Luke. "Looks like once a year." Hidemi responded."Heh. Umm...maybe so." Luke seemed a little laughing. Mizuho smiled. "Don't worry, Luke. It's a while until next time." Luke looked like she was going to say something before Hidemi pointed ahead. "What's that?" Luke and Kei looked ahead to see a large cluster of people standing around a DJ and Rap festival. Remix music and applauding could be heard. The three approached and peeked over the backs of the other onlookers. In the middle of the podium was a man rapping. “Hey yo, when I come through up in the place, You don't want me to call with a gun in your face...”succession with such fluidity that it made the crowd scream. Luke started moving to the music and whooping at the DJ. Ichigo started smiling as she saw the DJ flip and roll on the disc jockey. Kei just watched and smiled. "That's pretty cool." “That shit sucks! Damn!” Luke interjected. Kei fell bewildered and try to tell the reason “Why you think its sucks? Its original song I think” Luke began to stare “Original song? It was my rhyme. Those motherfuckers sing it. They assholes stole my rhyme book!” Kei calmed him “You need new rhyme; I believe you can pass this." As Luke was about to say something, he was knocked flat as he bumped into OG Loc and CJ who was coming around the corner. Luke fall to the ground and screamed, “You trying to kill me, motherfucker?” Kei and Hidemi leaned down to him. "Oh no! Are you all right, Luke?" Luke just sneered. “I ain't kidding! It’s real shit!" Luke stood up and boiled with anger “You fucking phonies! Sum' bitch!” Kei and Hidemi angered. Loc snarled “Little bitch, I should just smack dogshit out your ass, break your face right here, motherfucker!” Luke then felt himself like an idiot. “Man, that fake-ass LOC!" Loc just getting ticked! “Motherfucker, I'll bust your ass..." Luke looked up and glared at him. “I ain't losin' this fool!” Loc shouted. Luke smirked, “Your songs can be a real pain in the ass!" Jeffrey is very angry now. "Man, you can't prove nothing!" Luke began pushing Jeffrey. “You ain't no artist! You's a buster! You's a fake!" CJ pushed him back “They'll fuck ya up so bad”! Both Kei and Hidemi watched in horror as OG Loc, CJ and Luke quarrel. Jeffrey then pullout his Mac 9, "Yo, I'm gonna kill that loud mouthed motherfucker!" Meanwhile Luke pulls out his Uzi and screamed. ”Loc, you a drunk ass busta!!” Kei began to withdrew his MP10 and aim it at Jeffrey and Luke. “Drop your gun or I shoot you all” Kei demanded. Jeffrey frightened. “Oh, no no no, I didn't mean it like that!" then he yell to CJ. “CJ, help me out here!” Loc see Pegorino mafia in a jetty boat. “Motherfuckers clocked us!” Loc screamed as CJ trying to chase the boat. CJ and Loc steal a boat “Chase the boat bitch! I gonna gave lesson to these fuckers” Luke seeing commotion trying to persuade Kei to chase CJ and Loc “Kei, these fucking psycho stealer escaping I want pop them!” However Kei rejected his plan “No! Let they go” Luke sighed “But, my reputation….” Hidemi responded “Kei is right. We can’t pursue them if you keep do this we will get killed by his gang” Suddenly a car pulled up and Dayz gets out from his car. Luke then snarled “Fucking Dumbass!” He running to Dayz’s car then opened the trunk and acquired RSASS anti-material gun. He attached TR ammo to gun’s clip. Hidemi and Kei were angry at Luke. He take aim at the boat, trying to make a kill. However, no matter how hard he fires the gun, Kei and Hidemi's frown expressions did not change. “That's goddamn asshole gone!” ”Instead we getting killed” Kei said in angry tone. Luke then insult him. “Fuck you! If you didn’t interfere, I will screw that faggot and laid them in track wait until his bodies smeared into Northwood!” Kei’s rage turned to sorrow and he gave himself over to it. He looked at his friends as he stood in. “Luke….. I'm sorry” However Luke rejected Kei’s apologize and blame him. “I'm idiot with YOU! You turned me in the back! Why you do it?” Kei tried to defend himself “I didn’t do it!” But because Kei’s forgiveness make he didn’t feel better. “YOU SNITCH! Why you believed to those motherfuckers? YOU SOLD ME OUT! You dumb bastard!” Luke then pulled out his M9 and aim it to Kei, Dayz and Hidemi. “I’m gonna finish you both off!” Just then, Courtney 'Phosper' Jack gets out from his car and trying running into the trio. However, Kei warned him “Phosper! Stay away” Luke then turned back and screamed, “Oh shit!” He hollered. “Ya gonna pay this motherfucker!” Luke shoots his M9 to Stracher and he was hit two times in hand. Knowing his best friend was fallen, Kei trying to run into Phosper. He groaned but said, "I'm all right, it was just a graze." Dayz helped Kei rush Luke to the ground and wrestle the gun from him. Dayz hit Luke with a wood and Kei kicked him down to the ground. "We ain’t trusted, you! Fucking cunt!" Kei stumbled, still high off of the laced blunt. Kei looked to see Phosper looking out of the road outside "Get away from the..." Kei tried to warn him but several shots rang out and glass flew everywhere. Phosper was hit several times in the abdomen. Even he wears trauma plate. He fell to the road, rounds still sprayed. My friend, Luke Frank is turned to enemy after I reject his plan to chase Loc and Carl. Radiuses are psychopath which trying to dominate the Liberty City. Kei Kusanagi One hour after the coup d‘etat… Kei took Luke's gun and fired at Luke who ran out through the pier. The rounds missed and Luke was soon in the side of the beach and he jumped over a Ford Mustang GT. Then Kei heard a screech of tire as he reached the other side. He looked to the car as it was sped up. Two Radiuses burst through firing G3. One wore a black football jersey, black jeans and a bandanna to match the jersey over the bottom of his face, also wearing shades and had his hair in corn rows. The other wore a white jacket and a black hat. They fired at Kei who jumped behind Dayz's car and returned fire with his own M4. Hidemi then hit the one with the hat at head and acquire their weapon and begun support Kei and Dayz. Rounds still sprayed. Dayz yelled “Kei! Call Hunterz we need backup!” “Okay, I call it now” Kei responded while a black BMW E5 7 Series pulled up and it was Armando Torres, Makarov and Jodie. Armando had a G36 while Jodie fired P90 to Radiuses. One of the Rad gets out from a Pontiac Transam. He had AK47 with dual magazine and blind fire at Kei. Makarov fired his M4 to a Rad’s near a white Stagea. Just then, A Sentinel is coming and four Hunterz come to assist Kei and Dayz. One of them was Serbian. He wears olive hoody under blue T-shirt, black jeans and eyeglasses whom Kei identified as Yura Klevick was firing a Zastava M21 to the Radiuses. Finally Kei got off the phone and said, “We need to hold these motherfuckers!” then Klevick yelled “Kei! Open my car’s trunk and use it to split their head” Kei nodded and open the car’s trunk and frowned “Holy shit! Where you got that?” “I dunno just toast these psychos” Klevick said as he spraying bullet to the incoming Radiuses. Kei then aimed the MK46. Mod and shot the one at chest in a smoking BMW M3. A Hunterz member with dread locks, fired a RK-95 and killed two Radiuses before they could get out of their car. Another, wearing a Dribblers vest and a pair of cyan jeans, fired their dual Uzi hitting a thug in the chest rapidly squeezing the trigger “You fuck with Luke, we’ll fuck you!” Yelled the one with black jacket. The one with the M16A3 yelled, “It’s time to payback, fool!” More Hunterz homies swarmed to help in the gunfight. Kei came running firing his MK46. He hit Radiuses with a headshot. Kei yelled to Dayz, "The Backup will be here in five minutes! We gotta hold these suckas back until they get here." Kei emptied the MK46 even as a round tore into his side, another grazing him in the leg. He shredded three Radiuses. Kei frowned because the gun stuck, “Фуцк тхис Клевицк срање! Пиштољ се заглавила!" (Fuck this shit Klevick! The gun is stuck!) Klevick joined the Hunterz members as they had a shootout with the Radiuses in the street, taking cover behind cars. "И иа рећи праву! Зато смо га мрзе!" (I tell ya right! That’s why we hate it!) Dayz saw a Hunter gang member who he recognized as one of Kei's crew, known simply as Lockman, who wore a blue jacket, and an blue rag, fired his Uzi at a carload of Radiuses as they rolled up, firing upon some of the HH thugs. He hit the two goons in the front seat and could see them shake as the rounds went through the windshield of the Admiral and hit them in the chest. The two thugs in the back seat got out and were firing MP5's of their own. A stream of rounds from them hit Lockman in the abdomen but he managed to get behind cover before they could get him again. He fired from around the side of a Oracle he had ducked behind. He hit one of the Radiuses that had shot him. "Messing with Radiuses is making ya DEAD! Hunterz going down asshole!" Yelled one of the gang members as they also fired blindly from cover. This time, hitting a Hunter member wearing a blue jacket, shades and corn rows. The gang member sprawled on the pier, as his blood was spilled in the sun. Lockman got out from the cover and sprayed at the Radiuses who had ducked back down. He advanced toward him, still firing. Kei disposed the MK46 to took the PP90M1 off of the dead gang member. Lockman shattered the window of a brown El Camino. He cried out in pain as he caught a few more slugs. Meanwhile Kei spotted a Radiuses firing at a due of Hunter members who had been taking the fight to them hard and scattered them down with an ACR. Kei fired the PP90M1 and hit the gang member in the back as he reloaded. The gang member hit the side of a parked purple M3 as he was shot from behind his blood being stained on the car both from him hitting it and from the splatter of the exit wound. He spotted three Radiuses hopping over the wall to 2-stories apartment. “I’m gonna take care of that prick… You take care of the rest” Klevick yelled as he and Lockman chased after them, bullets, whizzing past his head. He fired as they went in through the back and got the last Radiuses through the door in the back of the legs. He fired and hit the gang member in the back, seven rounds finishing him off. He fired at another who was trying to blindly fire from just outside the apartment. Several rounds hit the back a window and bounced off the sink. Klevick fired hitting the man in his exposed arm. He stumbled out from cover and he fired again, nailing the thug with twelve rounds in the chest and near the head. “Klevick!" It was Phosper. Klevick withdrew his TMP as he didn't have any more ammo for the M21. He spotted the last gang member with a big Magnum to Phosper’s head. "What now? I got your friend, punk." He trying to fire the gun to Phosper’s chest but before this can done, he fall instantly after get 6 slug in chest from Klevick. “Phosper, are you alright?” asked Klevick as he help him stand up. “I’m fine, brother!” Phosper hear a voice from a radio. “Klevick, my friend. You never should have come here”. It was Luke hides concealed C4 in that apartment and Phosper hear the beep. “What the hell he’s talking about?! Shit! Get out! NOW!” Phosper pushes Klevick out of the 'window' where he falls onto scaffolding then falls to the ground, dazed; however, Phosper is partially crushed by debris, reopening his stab wound, causing him to bleed profusely. Klevick and Lockman desperately rush Phosper to nearby pier while Klevick spray his TMP to last of the Radiuses. Phosper gasped “Klevick… Lockman….” “Hang on Phosper! Just rest…” Lockman turned to Klevick and yelled. “Call an ambulance” he turned back and said “C’mon, Stay with me, Comrades!” Phosper coughed and groaned. “Lockman, you need to know… Luke…knows…Klevick…” Phosper then died due heavy trauma and loss of blood. “Rest in peace, Comrades… You shall not be forgotten…” Kei, Jodie and Makarov approaching Phosper’s corpse and gave condolences to Lockman. “Comrades, sorry for the loss…” said Kei in grief. More Hunterz and cop are covering the area. Hidemi and Dayz running to Phosper’s dead body. Lockman is taking Phosper’s journal and he said in sorrow, “Forgive me, brother…”. Hidemi heard her cousin and walked over to him. Kei asked Klevick in suspicious, “Listen, I just ask you, what happen in Portland in ten years ago?” Klevick muttered, “This about the ambushed deal at Portland…” I was a gangster in Portland, not a taker of innocent lives. But in his eyes, this marked me as the enemy. — Yura Klevick Ten years ago… Portland Turned… Klevick driving his Chevrolet Express with his friend, Luke and they are approaching Callahan Point. The deal set at Callahan Bridge, which is still construction. They are arrived with another van, which are trading arms for coke. A black El Camino and two trucks are enter the scene and an Rifa gang named Pablo with his crew are approaching Klevick, Luke and the others. “ So where’s the coke?” asked Luke. “These whites are in the trucks. How about the arms?” said Pablo. Luke opens the back of his van and took an AK47 for Pablo to see. He handed it and held in at his hand. “So it is deal?” said Luke. “Yeah, I think so. Bring the coke!” yelled Pablo. A Rifa soldier took a pack of cocaine and Luke handed it. He cut the pack and test if this are cocaine. As they want to trade, a bloody shootout ensues. Southside Hoods, Mainly armed with AK, Uzi and M16A2, shield the deal with gunfire. Pablo took the bag of cocaine only to be killed by Southside. His crews are returning fire, easily eliminated by Southside. Klevick shouted “Shit! They are seeking revenge at Rifa! Scram!” Luke entering his Van and drove out from that area, Klevick and his homie stole a boat and escape from the ambush. “Shit, why these Nines hate us?” asked Klevick to his crew. “These are bad-blood since ’92 and the war was started at 1996.” Said the homie. “What’ the cause of the war?” said Klevick, “Nah, I don’t know what the cause but some pricks Southside killing Rad’s second Lieutenant, Aragon.” 13 January 2001… Francis International Airport Klevick is held back by Jimmy ‘Scarface’ and Gerry Rochester a parking garage under the airport. Luke walks toward him, shouted “You fucking backstabbing motherfucker! You have betrayed me!” Klevick shouted in anger, “Nah, some LCPD are framed you!” “Sorry, motherfucker…” Luke smirked as he pulls out his P228 and shoot Klevick in the abdomen. He fall to the floor. Luke and his crew are proceed to open fire at Southside. Later, Klevick crawls, bleeding, to the elevator. In his earpiece, he can hear the sounds of Luke and his soldier getting ready in the other elevator. The sounds of gunfire and screaming are heard. Due to his wounds, Klevick passes out from blood loss, and falls to the floor. Present Day… “I open my eyes, I see a medic signals for help and pulls an oxygen mask. I still hated him...” said Klevick in sorrow. “Alright, Klevick. You've bought yourself some time... ...for now” Hidemi calmed him. “I gotta call everyone about this shit!” Kei yelled as he picks up his phone and calling his friend about this... TO BE CONTINUED Please Review
  3. Possibly, as the initials of the name (BLack Organization) My version. This organization was run by... Black Ops (BO)
  4. A/N: This is my first fanfic! This fanfic about Conan x Please Teacher x GTA x Modern Warfare sereis Enjoy... Broker, 18 June 2008 Vickel and Martin parked their maroon Pontiac Transam SD445 near Schottler Medical Center, Broker. As they sat, listening to the sound of the radio, Vickel held an Uzi. Martin held a G18 machine pistol. On the dashboard was a stockless version of AK47 Romanian with tracer rounds and an M16 SPR 25. It was of course fully loaded but just in case the deal went sour he knew they'd have it. Vickel asked Martin “Since when we bring that ‘military’ sniper?” Martin said, “These FIB was fucked our deal last time! Now I bring my SPR 25 to whip them!” “So, where’s the buyer?” asked Vickel as he listening to the radio. Martin pointed to a red Corvette C6 roared into the parking lot, he looked to be Eastern Cartel Lieutenant. Wearing green jacket and black jeans and have sunglasses. “Yo, man! Wassup?” Martin said as he leave the AK and SPR in the car and sticking the G18 into waistband of his jeans. Vickel hide his Uzi in his jacket and walking to him. “Ya got the stuff?” asked the Lieutenant. “I got the stuff, yeah…” Martin said as Vickel opened the trunk of his car and took out a H&K PSG-1. The Lieutenant took it and held it in his hands. “So, you and I get down to the deal?” said Martin. As the EC’s Lieutenant speaks, a shot is heard. The Lieutenant was picked off from that shot. Vickel shouted, “Oh, shit! FIB!” as a FBI fired MP5 to Martin’s car as Vickel took the PSG back and fire it into Akai, which he head shot the buyer as Kei, Jodie, Hidemi, Makarov and FBI ambush Martin and Vickel. Vickel and Martin return to their car, as he withdrew his G18, struck it out of car’s window firing half the clip to Kei and Hidemi as they took cover and he return fire with his G36. Unfortunately, Hidemi was wounded by Martin’s G18 which she falls unconsciousness. Akai aim his AWM as Vickel ran back to Martin’s Transam. “Shit, they are know this place!” shouted Martin as he trying to slam the car key to ignition. As they want to escape, Vickel was tranquilized asleep as Martin tried to wake him up only to be surrounded by Kei, Makarov, Jodie, Eisuke and Ethan. “Federal motherfuckers!” Martin snarled as he refuses to surrender. It makes Kei, Makarov, Jodie, Eisuke and Ethan angered. As Martin aim his G18 to him, Eisuke knocks him and he passed out. After the shooting, many bystanders approaching the crime scene, however FIB and LCPD prevent them and they are doing investigation about the arms deal. Vickel and Martin are moved into court for the trial. From the crime scene, Hidemi was hospitalized near at Schottler Medical Center, near the crime scene. “I don’t understand, why Hidemi collapse even she wear her Flak jacket?” asked Eisuke. Ethan responded, “They are aiming the weak spot, I don’t think why a gangster have that gun?” Makarov shouted to his comrades “You should take a look for this…” Jodie watched in suspicious as she, Kei found ten block of C4 from the Lieutenant’s C6 and two kilo of Heroin from the back of the car. They also found an manifest which explain a stack train filled with smuggled weapon are arrive in West Coast (San Andreas) and will be shipped to Miami (Vice City), Liberty City and Japan however James, Kei and Jodie cannot explain who the weapon smuggler. Conan yelled, “Hey, I got something” Jodie, James and Kei running to Conan and he gave Jodie a document from Martin’s Transam. Jodie commented about that document. “They are sending that weapon into worldwide… From what Conan see, Vickel was from Ukraine and Martin are a gangster from San Andreas” However, they are something which make Conan interested about that gang. If he are in this city, where are he coming from? “It seems Vickel are weapon smuggler, but how he can get that armament without traced?” said Kei. “They are using disguise and fake passport, who knows?” Conan responded “You are seven year old boy however you are very smart about crime… So you are detective?” Kei asked Conan. Eisuke pats Kei‘s back and said “He’s a great detective, he can solve many cases in Japan!" However his felling turned sorrow "I hope she is alright...” Lance 'Ryder' Wilson Ganton, heart of Grove .St 22 June 2008, 10:10PM Carl 'CJ' Johnson, which talking with his homie look Ryder's Picador arrived, brought something suspicious. He asked Ryder after he stepped out from his vehicle. "Ryder! What are you brought? And where the hell are you doing?" however he shut him up. "I got something, i don't know what are these!" "Well then, just crack it up..." said CJ. As his homie are cracking the crate they found a pack of armaments which can make his gang re-took their teritory which now occupied by some new gangs... "Hey, where the hell you git this" asked CJ still suspicious. "I don't know... I got it from Ocean Docks..." Shit, how the hell he can storm that again? Which this still unanswerable on CJ's mind. The End!
  5. Hi all! I'm new to this forum. My name is Ari and I'm from Indonesia. I'm a anime fan and avid gamer since 2008. I have read many Manga from my publisher (and the Special edition too!) I type Detective Conan x Please Teacher! crossover and many others My favorite DC characters is Hidemi Hondou, Jodie Starling and Inspector Megure I hope I can be of use here on DCW! EDIT: PANDAS?! Ramirez! Feed them with using your bamboo farm!
  6. PC: OpenTTD, MW2, Modern Warfare, Men of War, GTA: SA and CSDM so far... EDIT: My first post on DCW.
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