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  1. I am not so sure, but i dont remember any evidence that Akai had met Shiho in the past before. and quoted this from wiki: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Shiho_Miyano#Shuichi_Akai Shuichi Akai and Shiho are likely to have known each other via Akemi Miyano, whom Akai was dating. Shiho knew Akai under his alias "Dai Moroboshi", but it is not known if she was aware of his status as a spy and allegiance to the FBI. As Haibara, she is still afraid of and senses the "Black Organization aura" from Akai. Akai recognizes Haibara as Shiho, saying he is not willing to face her yet, likely over guilt related to the incidents culminating in Akemi's death. Just LIKELY or assumption made.
  2. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Some info if you don't know already: Click on other members' display name - in my case, Cindy-Chen. Then scroll under "Friends" and type in the box called "Comments". If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

  3. "Akai's first hint to who Conan might be came came when Conan lended him the keys to Shinichi's house which he then searched" Disagree. Akai knew it all along, wouldn't you be curious? Who is this kid? What connections does this kid have with the BO? How does this kid knows about the BO? How does this kid has so many information about Gin, Vodka & Kir even the boss? Why is this kid trying so hard to fight with the BO, even considering risking his life? Why is this kid trying so hard to help the FBI? If Akai doesn't know or wasn't sure who Conan really is, I would say that he is really STUPID. He knew it all along from the very beginning and most likely with a very certain & confident answer without having the trouble and excuse to re-confirm his identity. Also, If Subaru is Akai, What is the point for Conan trying to hide his true identity from Akai? Plus having the trouble to ask Ran to tell a lie to Akai that Shinichi is just a normal high school student.
  4. Probably the older guy like Jirokichi Suzuki or Kiyonaga Matsumoto or even Agasa!!! hahaha
  5. Heyy!!!! Welcome to DCW ^_^

  6. In the recent episode, Subaru Okiya was confirmed to know Conan's identity when he caught Conan pretending to be Shinichi over the phone.[7] Based on some of the questions he asked Ran, he may have deduced Conan was Shinichi much earlier,[8] but had lacked absolute proof up until the phone incident. Quoted form http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/List_of_characters_who_know_Conan%27s_identity This proves that Subaru is not Akai, and he is still uncertain about Conan identity until he peeps Conan using the voice changing bow tie and confirmed his identity. While Akai already knows Conan identify long ago during the early black organization incident, although is not been revealed. He's been investigating Conan & Haibara during the early episode, the battle against Vermouth. In fact, the FBI wasn't stupid enough not to know Conan identity like Jodie & James. Also if he(Akai) is confirmed to know Haibara true identify, so is pretty easy for him to figure out Conan identity as well. Akai is not stupid, make no sense if he was still uncertain about Conan identity. Another theory is that Akai already knows that Conan has a voice changing machine, so there is no point for him (Subaru) to peep on Conan using Sinichi voice. In the ending of Rena Mizunashi Hospitalize episode, When Akai questioned Jodie about on handling Rena disappearance, and Jodie replied that Conan will take care of that. Conan use his bow tie to act as Rena Mizunashi to get a holiday form the production company to avoid suspicion that something has happened to Rena. Conclusion, Subaru is not Akai!!
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