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  1. Keep it pressed to your face until you suffocate. Ink.
  2. The forum games have been revived, eh XD

  3. And you didn't reply to ours too </3 T-TOMM: History exam tomorrow. My classmate has decided to go mothering me about my bad habits.
  4. The DCW family is expanding! *is still oniichanless* T-T *saves Rye-chan*
  5. Yeah! *takes cookies from Rye-chan*Have another one of mine.
  6. A skeleton. That can't be alive. :V You're buried unconscious and wake up in your grave.
  7. Dear Anonymous, My "suspicions" have been confirmed. <3333333 This is kinda fun. -me.
  8. Let them convince my mother. D:Fact: I always braid my hair or tie it in a bun because if not people (classmates) start playing with it like it's a pet.
  9. "Welcome to the cookie side. Are you surprised we lied about drugs?" Yes I am. You're welcome!
  10. Oh yay, midterms don't start after tomorrow. You're accused of murder of someone very dear to you.
  11. Eh! I don't know who to trust in this anymore! >_< *bakes her own cookies* *gives out to everyone*
  12. @Zubi-chan: Figuratively or do they really have manga in there? I want a cookie!
  13. *has never seen one* What are they like?
  14. I'll go to my aunt's house where she'll adopt me. I'll have two niichans then. <3 You're stuck alone in your house.
  15. I imagine real maid caf├ęs look like they've stepped out of an anime without realizing it.
  16. Banned for having a nickname you're not sure of the pronounciation of.
  17. Thanks. XD Then we can get Misa to explode with them. She'll explode at the sight of them anyway.
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