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  1. well she sent rena to see kogoro about a stalker i doubt the boss would sent a member to a renowned detective beside she could just send gin to track that stalker instead
  2. yay for yamano= not rum kinii chi so cute hahaha mary? hmm ok i guess rum appeared already ;good i though that rum is someone known du to boss being so too (not mean main character or so but someone we will be like ,what him/her)
  3. i still have question about them infact why they all hate vermouth? why korn is so antisocial? i like how korn is like i hate everyone
  4. sorry if i sounded rude i,m still uneasy with english its also why i don't make big text (i'm bad at text even in french so well ) we,ll see what will happen when it will happen the bashing wasn't directed to you santa but i read it rudely when the person said i wasn,t reading dc the way he/she said we,re not in gosho shoes so we can just wait between the many pauses and DBs cases lol
  5. what i meant is sharon play as chris too since the real deal is now a kid in other words the chris we saw/see is sharon disguised as christ (we never saw the true adult chris) its what i meant dammit i know the christ is sharon like everyone jsut that she play her since chris cannot show anymore as for santa i guess vermouth became vermouth after quitting anokata poste( before mange begin) so in the story she always been vermouth from tome 1 to now as for rum and skotch its just random though don't take this seriously and why she play chris like you said playing double life is hard so she 'killed' sharon yep chris never appeared before only sharon did all anokate new for akai and played her card to make him flee (if we can say)by force (camel story) instead of killing him so i think AI is sera older sister (she look to much like the kid than elena/atsuchi i know i don't have evidence its just what i came up with i don,t need being bashing on like that i do read DC its what i though this since goasho said that skotch accident is not linked to the bo and also no one knew skotch name neither vermouth (as said skotch is random so not serious )
  6. well sharon was anokata first for whatever project they have and for whatever reason both got caught in something that shrunked both of them and stopped the aging process after having her kid (also think shiho is sera's older sister and christ gave her to her sister/aunt elena cause of reasons skotch might be sharon's husband and rum is chris husband aka papakai (akai/masumi father) yep
  7. what block chris from being masumi's mother?? sharon is sharon end of it and chris is the kid both christ and sharon got caught in what shrunken them and stopped aging or something just my theory
  8. for sharon and chris you got it and for rum it might be papakai aka chris husband or whoever was sharon husband that not really died and lied about him but i don't have much theories about rum just maybe thinking chris as anokata would keep her parent or hudband close and good ranked chris is both the girl and boss as for akai i think if my theory was real chris new he was infiltrating the bo and made the old man trick to unveil and force him to quit for is sake (as far as a remember gin wanted him dead and not recall anything else and anyone else outside bourbon wwanting his death) gosho said anokata apeared somehow already and christ name is mentioned early and often ai will be shocked (if true since this come from a book) well she'll be for sure this will give a use to masumi/kid and co in the serie (personally the middle bro thing isn't interresting enough nor usefull)
  9. vermouth is only sharon and use her youth miracle thingy she did to portrait as chris since since chris is now a kid (mystery girl) and this girl (chris not vermouth)is sera/akai mom i also think rum is either christ husband (papakai or papasera) or vermouth 'death husband (chris father) keeping her parent as favorite and high ranked is plausible mostly the BO think vermouth is chris too
  10. what if anoka was sharon and now is chris but as chris is a id now , and stopped aging she cannot show herself anymore and sharon took her place until she cure herself mysterious girl is anokata=chris vineyard also christ name is mentioned often in the past and AI might be shocked a bit christ is also sera mom and elena sister or sharon is elena older sister
  11. maybe she's the real chris vineyard and sharon is just sharon taking her played since she's a kid now
  12. my theory is that she's AI real mother and helena just adopted her or took care of her so the girl can stay hidden as anokata as for masumi i once though she might be rum but well so far she doesn't look like having eye issue (although she look like a boy but is a girl wich migh make people think she's a feminie man and that he's manly or whatever first first rum hint was )
  13. not really ,remember how gin wasn't affected by that sleeping thing! if kogoro is the boss ,he can also resisted it as well but sonoko not
  14. my guess is that the journalist made something to the lighbulb when slapping it and used a nife on kogoro and heiji then herself ,she yelled to hide the noise from throwing the knife or something just a guess
  15. gosho said that kid won't appear in a bo case anymore so i doubt toichi being suspect fit then
  16. i wasn,t remembering what gin said so ty for the clarification beside if was an exemple too not aiming particuarly at james beside on detail ,i read manga in french too from 1 to let's say 62 atm) and i somehow remember gin saying j,ai recu des ordres d'en haut ) something in these words but not exact since i forgot and meant i got orders for above or higher up whater term fit better wich made me think it was maybe rum at some point shahooda: if what i think (my previous post)is true then gosho is a genius for tricking us all this time
  17. ehhh! what's up doc agasa?

  18. i think we might have been tricked somewhere about anokata ,some theories against some people being the boss due to the fack gin received orders in the same time that person was in no position to do so by the fact that MAYBE like gin say he got order from higher up (whatever he say it)come from rum and not anokata since rum is higher than gin in the bo rank for exemple from checkov theory ,she say that james couldn't be the boss due to orders gin received while he was driving with jodie and conan being so if these orders came from rum instead well james's alibi doesn,t stay as solid
  19. its why rum been delayed as i saw but just cause of similar name i think
  20. gosho planned a Rum long ago but did not make it due to a Lum character apparently
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