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  1. This opening is actually good. Usually I don't like the Summer theme songs they put every August, but this one was better than the previous Summer songs.
  2. Definitely 184. This case was great. When I first saw it I didn't know it was an anime original because it was so good.
  3. Anyone wants a 2 days all-access crunchyroll pass PM me your email or your crunchyroll user name if you have one.

  4. I'm too lazy to take a pic of all my manga collection. So here is the list of the manga i have
  5. I would rank it 3rd. I've been watching the series since i was 8 so 10 years have passed and i'm still watching it.
  6. It's a great anime and the upcoming s-rank trial arc is really awesome. Also what a shocking ending to the latest chapter in the manga !!
  7. The current arc is OK. Not a great one nor a very bad arc. I loved the flashback about otohime and the only fight i'm looking forward to is zoro's fight. Also thumbs up for the new we are version.
  8. One Piece is my favorite anime/manga. It has everything from action to comedy plot development and characters past. Also to anyone who is up to date with the anime
  9. Well he could have just got off the chair so they wouldn't be able to see him or if i remember correctly Vermouth was saying stuff like why would you kill him just because of a mic and she was shocked when Gin said their next target is Kogoro and Vermouth is the boss's favorite so she could be the only one who knows the identity of their boss.
  10. Well since Gin said that he got the boss's approval. That means if Kogoro is the boss he knew about them coming to snipe him so even if Conan didn't show up he still knows and he must have had a way to avoid getting shot.
  11. Even though the story of movie 13 was related to the BO, it's not part of the main story. So there is no crucial evidence that the BO members know the identity of their boss. That's why i said if kogoro is the boss of the BO he would appear to be a very intelligent person as he was able to fool everyone including the BO members.
  12. I still think that the boss is Mouri Kogoro. I mean think about it if he was reveled to be the boss he would look so intelligent. To be able to fool everyone around him, Ran, Shinichi, the FBI and even his own men (gin and the others).
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