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  1. Hi. You're probably more keenly aware of this than I, but these forums are getting spammed by a bunch of users (who have names like axdsrhss—they're usernames comprised of just random jumbles of letters)—specifically, the "General" thread. Seems like every couple minutes, there's a deluge of posts by a bunch of users who joined this Tuesday. Their posts are just a stream of Korean(?) text. Any idea what's going on? (EDIT: Apologies if making a status in your direct feed wasn't proper protocol—I just didn't see the PM button until I'd already posted this status)



    At least 16 and 1/2 pages worth of topics in the general threads are now comprised of this deluge of posts from these users.


    EDIT #2:

    It's been 4 hours since I made this status—now there are 65 and 1/2 pages of these posts.


    EDIT #3:

    The issue appears to have been resolved. Again, apologies if making a status in your direct feed wasn't proper protocol.