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    Ladies and gentleman, my procrastination level has reached a new peak. I'm downloading old episodes of DCWs Podcast to listen to \o/ Ayy that's great Machine. Working full time is a blessing after barely making ends meet working in retail... though I shouldn't comment on that, I only worked part time for a year before returning to freelancing
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    The topic was deleted by error. I was able to restore a backup. It is one of the oldest and biggest/most famous topic on the forum after all. A trip down memory lane and through DCW's history.
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    File 1110-1112 Review There were multiple hints/developments regarding the main plot in this case. For starters, we had Gosho finally giving us a clue to the state of the shrunkies body when it comes to aging. Conan questioned why he didn't grow a centimeter every time his height got measured (File 1110), which Haibara deflected to answer by playing it down. This is as good of a confirmation as any that Conan, Haibara & Mary cannot age in their shrunken state like Vermouth, which not only implicates Vermouth further to have taken a variant of APTX in the past but also that the shrunkies have to take the antidote by the end of the series to regain a normal life back. Another part that caught my interest is the fact that Gosho used specific yen numbers in association with Haibara & Maria in the case, that had interesting potential to be chapter easter eggs that could be serving as foreshadowing/references to Haibara & Maria. Haibara was gonna pay 258 yen & Maria was gonna pay 302 yen. If you look up the which chapter these numbers correspond to, Haibara's is a reference to desperate revivial case, where she completed a prototype antidote for the first time and was questioned whether she was gonna take the antidote or not (File 258). Maria's is a reference to Sunset mansion case, where the Boss of the organization Karasuma Renya was first introduced (File 302). This is the second time Maria has been indirectly associated with the Boss of the black organization, seeing as her reintro (File 1006-1008) was the same case that revealed Karasuma Renya to be the Boss of the black organization. It looks like it's by design that Gosho dropped these antidote easter eggs for Haibara, just after teasing the idea that Haibara can't age normally, as well as these continued Karasuma Renya easter eggs for Maria. It's hard to say in the current stage what future awaits Maria (especially if there is any connection to Karasuma), but there are handful of clues to that she is more than your average side character, just by the nature of her characterization (her name, english influence, being the next transfer student after Haibara). The following chapter potentially gave us the awaited answers to the mysterious Kohji case uploader. Yusaku reveals the suspicions that Wakasa was behind the Kohji case info uploads, and that she monitored the IP address of PC:s that entered the website, which in turn lead her to Conan who used Agasa's PC (File 1111). This part seemingly resolves the mystery behind the Kohji case uploader, however, it doesn't fully resolve/explain why Wakasa set her eyes on a random curious kid, or how she realized his true competence/value to the point of joining an elementary school. I think this part of Yusaku's suspicions could be complimented with the idea of Asaka having sources that directly confirmed Conan as a valuable asset/player against the organization (i.e Kir, if Asaka is a CIA agent). Yusaku then started to warn Yukiko about the possibility of Asaka being the type who would go through any lengths to achieve her goals (File 1111), which Gosho seems to wanna emphasize a lot to clarify her character type, as seen even with Rum's subordinates mentioning her potentially using teachers and kids as shields from bullets (File 1112). Yusaku then proceeded to analyze her motives for staying in Teitan Elementary for as long as she has, which was also questioned by Rum (File 1112), only to be revealed at the end of the resolution chapter that it'd because of her fixation on Haibara. Regarding Wakasa's fixation on Haibara, we do know from File 1097 that she blames Haibara's mother for her life getting messed up. After the reveal of her relationship with Amanda, it's pretty much confirmed that her hatred towards Miyano Elena is due to her being the creator of APTX poison that killed her mother figure. We still don't truly know how exactly the Miyano parents died, apart from the surface-level "lab fire accident" explanation, so there is still room left there for a hidden backstory where Asaka was involved in their death (soon after Haibara's birth 18 years ago, which could have been 17 years ago after the Kohji case). In File 1070, we learned that Wakasa is aware of Sherry being the successor scientist behind the current APTX creations, and that she betrayed the organization. However, Wakasa doesn't know if Haibara is continuing her research outside of the organization. It's therefore possible that her fixation on Haibara is due to her trying to find out if Haibara is creating more APTX poison or not, and whether she needs to do something about it (especially if she potentially did something to Haibara's parents in the past). The rest of the case had very heartwarming stuff with the kids and their parents (especially Haibara & Agasa), including a unique twist where Haibara ended up becoming the culprit of a relatively harmless act, which was refreshing. We also got to properly meet Maria's mother for the first time, who resembles her quite a lot (apart from having black hair like a full-blooded japanese). We have had clues to Maria's foreign blood through not only her foreign name and light hair colour but also the showcased english influence when her grandma called the bird toy "bird-chan" (File 1007). The fact that her mother doesn't seem to have foregin features could be an indication that Maria inherited the foreign characteristics from her father. There is therefore room for the possibility that Maria's father is an important foreigner/non-full-japanese character in the main plot. In which case, a mysterious foreigner-looking character that comes to mind that could fit that role is the driver of "Vader" (respirator elder), who recently got a keyhole feature for Volume 103. Even if Vader ends up being Haneda Yasuharu (Kohji's father), we have no guarantee that the driver is a good guy. For all that we know, the driver could be Maria's father who is connected/related to Karasuma Renya himself (which would explain the potential easter eggs to Karasuma in recent Maria cases).
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    Thanks for bearing with the triple post. 1,112 spoilers are now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/8373081049 DC will now go on break for 6 weeks until SS #28—we can expect 1,113 spoilers around June 2nd.
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    Love Dostoevsky Yes, yes.
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    People are sinful and foolish. Even knowing full well that they’re being tricked and manipulated into doing so, humans can’t help but engage in the act of killing each other. -Fyodor Dostoevsky
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    A little topic to tell why we all love Detective Conan (Case Closed) and what is SO great about this series. Personally, when I first discovered Detective Conan, it was by curiosity. I had finished watching another anime called City Hunter, which is great, and I wanted to find another series which was as thrilling as it. I knew Detective Conan by its reputation, but I thought it was the story of a little boy who outsmarts professional detective. How wrong I was ! I was litteraly captivated by the story and the strong characters of the series. The first investigations were a little too easy, but it became much more interesting and complex quickly. I love the idea of a detective story where the truth comes from a child's mouth, and the fact that tricks that deceived adults aren't able to fool "the little eyes of justice". Conan is much more than a character, he is a metaphore about guilt and judgement. In fact, the whole series is a metaphore of the fight between good and evil inside the society and inside each of us. Much of the murderers of the series aren't really bad people, they are much more victims of the merciless society who turns people into vultures and the innocents into killers. Their reasons to kill are understandable and we often feel sympathy toward them. They are just good people who take a wrong turn in life because of this crual world. In the way this world work, Conan represents the true justice, impartial and sometimes harsh. He has the most difficult role in each murder story because he is the one who can't sympathize with the culprits. He must confront them to their crime, no matter what their reasons are, and sometimes we can see clearly that he doesn't always like to do so, harboring some sympathy towards some criminals even though he can't close his eyes or substitute himself for justice. And, while most of the culprits don't regret what they did and think their actions by the "an eye for an eye" moto (while forgetting the "makes the whole world blind" part), when they are confronted by the look of a "pure" child, they truly realize what they have just commit and they express some remorse, ashamed to be seen as killers in the eyes of this child. So, while Conan is a kind of fighter of true justice, I also see him as a kind of angel guardian. While he comes to late to prevent the souls to be dirty, he is still able to make them redeem themselves, even though it might be already too late. He makes them realize that, even though bad things happened to them, they had still what was the most important: their souls. And that they lost it by themselves and can't take it back once lost. Regardless of their reasons, they are just the wrong kind of people. And I think this is an important part of Shinichi's evolution: it shows him another side of the culprits that the high-school detective couldn't have seen. Maybe that's why he feels some kind of sympathy for some of the culprits: because he starts to understand them, even though he can't forgive them for what they did. And, at the same time, in his role as a young seeker of the truth, he realizes that the true battle comes from the society itself that corrupt the human mind. But this is a fight no one can win and I think this is one of the most depressing aspects of the series. But I wonder if the war between Conan and the Black Organization couldn't be some kind of a metaphore of this fight for the society's soul. The Black Organization is pure evilness and the ultimate enemy of Conan. While his reasons to fight them are kinda selfish at first (he wants his real body back), they became more genuine after the death of Akemi Miyano, the moment when Conan decides to destroy the organization even after he has his body back. And the role of Ran is also important because, as Vermouth say, she is an "angel". As Kaori Makimura in City Hunter, she is some kind of guardian angel who brings love to those who have known and who gives them the determination to accomplish their goals. She is a pure woman, one who is able to touch the hearts of the wrong kind of people and who must absolutely be protected from the evilness of this world. No matter what, Conan cannot afford to lose her, she is the light that guides him and protects him, she is too precious. And I also find that reminiscent of Ryo Saeba, the City Hunter vigilante who didn’t have a true childhood, a former war orphan, and who discovers true love at the side of that woman who is both a mother and a lover for him (though he won’t admit it). A mother and a love, that’s also pretty much the role Ran also plays toward Shinichi/Conan, waiting for him while he can’t reveal his true feelings for her. Not yet… So, while it's a very cliché idea, Detective Conan (pretty much like City Hunter) is a story about how love can save a city from it's own decadence. I find the same kind of spirit between these two series, just different, and I think that's why I fell so much in love with Detective Conan. Because, while it’s not a love story, romance is pretty much at the core of the whole dynamic of the series. Conan is indeed a true knight who would put his life at stake to protect what is most important in the world: the love of a woman, a love which is for one but also for all. I also like pretty much the dynamic between Conan and the culprit. There is something of a mise en scène on both side: the mise en scène of the culprit that Conan must see through (well, it's a little strange, but the random killers in Detective Conan are all criminal masterminds. But, if they weren't, the storylines wouldn't be so thrilling), and Conan's own mise en scène to unmask the culprit and the trick used while protecting his true identity. Both tricks are based on deception and, in a way, there is a metaphore of the child who sees a magic trick and who tries to see through. And once he does, there is no longer magic at all and the "magician" himself becomes no more than nothing. Especially when Conan acts himself as a magician with his own mise en scène and, so far, only Heiji Hattori has seen through the "trick" of a detective mind inside a child body. For all those reasons, for me, reading Detective Conan is like watching Peter Pan. There is this magic and this wonderful story of beautiful and genuine feelings which is very reminiscent of childhood (while it's not really a story for children. It's like a universe caught between two ages, like the main character) and, at the same time, the story itself and its themes are universal. And Shinichi has still to uncover the greatest mystery of all: what is lying deep within the loved woman's heart ? As good a detective as he is, will he still be able to see through Ran's tricks to protect her hidden feelings ?
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    I ate a piece of cake last night. Eating it wasn't difficult at all -- in fact, it was a.. uh, piece of cake... to get down.
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    Hello, This is my first post here on the forum so I apologize if I make any formatting mistakes. With 101 released volumes, there are now 101 characters featured on the back cover of Detective Conan volumes. Practically every single character that had at least some form of an impact on the story has their own keyhole, and then some. Several one-off characters get there own keyholes too: Haga Kyosuke (46), Bartender Lady (81), Vampire Maid Lady (79), etc. It's important to note that those were all "memorable" one-off characters. Aoyama is so desperate to find new keyhole characters that Vermouth appears four times: Chris Vineyard (26), Sharon Vineyard (35), Scar Akai (78), and Enomoto Azusa (90). Do you think that this scarcity of untouched characters will eventually reach a point where the course of the whole story shifts so that Aoyama can feature a new character? After all, every single keyhole character appears in the volume they are on (Even Okino Yoko in volume 17 (she's in one panel in the background of a thought)). Also, who do you think is next in line to get their keyhole? My bet is Hagiwara Chihaya. Finally, who do you think should get their keyhole ASAP? My choice is Itakura Suguru Here's a list of notable characters who haven't gotten keyholes yet: Hagiwara Chihaya Miyano Elena Haneda Kouji Korn Iori Muga Sonoko's Father Itakura Suguru Tsuburaya Asami Futoshi Ejiri Iwao Ida Nakamichi Inspector Momose Lupin (Suzuki Jirokichi's Dog) Kenzaki Osamu Sanada Takahiro Rum (without disguise) Karasuma Renya Miyano Shiho Tequila Pisco Numabuchi Kiichiro Phantom Lady Nakamori Aoko ... Alright, now that I listed them there might be quite a few left. But some of these characters like Futoshi Ejiri and Iwao Ida don't have a reason to return. What do you all think?
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    Hello, Just letting you know that the forum may be down a little while today for a maintenance operation. Hopefully, it'll be back soon enough. Thank you, Maurice
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    I'm six days late but I love this kind of communication! Thank you for letting us know.
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    Amuro is a character who deserves sympathy: His friends are all dead. Elena, Atsushi, and Akemi are all dead. He still wants to protect Japan!
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    True, i never post a comment, but i always read and i appreciate ur effort!
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    You are a true champ for consistently keeping DCW forum on a lifeline as new chapters release
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    The current prime suspect is Rumi Wakasa, but I don't think it's that obvious.
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    Hopefully the thread can be restored :c I miss it a lot tbh
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    Hello! First, welcome to DCW! Thank you for the suggestion. Indeed, that could be something interesting to implement.
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    Hi I am From India Detective conan is super underrated here but its my favorite anime
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    Because Kohji was drugged with the earlier prototype of aptx4869 which was created by shiho's parents. Shinichi was given haibara's aptx which she created using remaining data of her parents' research.
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    Dear Anonymous, You're a great person and you deserve someone so much better than me. Leaving people is easy but staying with them is what truly defines a strength of a person. Unfortunately, I am not strong and I'll live alone only. But still thank you for loving someone so broken like me. Sincerely, Me.
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    This topic is pretty old and quiet but it's not too late to reply right? :DDDD Detective Conan was already aired in my country for some time during my childhood (2000s) so I already know the background of the anime. But one day when I was 10, I decided to watch from the first episode of Det. Conan. I was surprised with the old artstyle and the totally low quality (good streaming sites don't exist then) but I kept watching anyway. As a child, of course I would be awed about the complicated tricks and puzzles the anime provided. As I grew up I still follow the series and with more information about the anime leaked out, I dare to point out the reasons I will still put Det. Conan as one of my top anime. If you think they're wrong, fight me 1. The anime uses real fact and logic. MUST SEE! --> Gosho Aoyama Interview video [link] Aside from the anime often broke the laws of physics, this anime uses legit facts in their reasoning. Gosho Aoyama actually researched the facts in a wide range of aspects for the content of his manga/anime. Besides that, he also tests the tricks for the murders (idk how many times tho) before he actually writes them in his manga/anime so NO ONE has the right to say that his tricks in the anime are 'not logic'. Anyone remember when Conan and Reiko dialed the phone using their voices in movie 12? It actually works in real life! I wish I remember where to find the video though... 2. The artstyle I'm not sure about other long-running anime but I'm sure none has a gradual change in artstyle as Det.Conan. We know some long-running anime like Pokemon and Naruto that stick to one artstyle in a period of time before changing it (or maybe the change is not obvious enough, I'm probably wrong). I find it fascinating to see the change of the art slowly change as I watch the whole series. 3. The connection and complexity of the plot. Det. Conan fans know how Gosho always make the plot for an arc complicated. Especially in the current arc in the manga that connects with the old cases we won't expect to appear (don't worry no spoilers). I wish I could explain in detail but then there would be spoilers and I forgot most of the details because I'm currently watching Pokemon anime. 4. The balance I'm not sure if I'm looking this too deep but I feel there's a certain balance in Det.Conan. Like Vermouth who is the antagonist but is protective of Shinichi and Ran, proving that she is not heartless. Or Mouri who is a drunkard but is a really caring father to Ran. I don't enjoy watching anime if I could predict what a character does next and go "Oh, of course he does it because he's like that." I won't say that the characters have realistic personalities but I enjoy seeing two sides of a character that make us understand them better. Last but not least... 5. This awesome fan-base. (except those immature ones, including hard-core shippers) I admit that I haven't watch or been in Det.Conan community for a while but I really enjoyed my past experience in the Det.Conan fandom. I enjoy reading threads about fan-theories and some theories really amazed me. I mean, the possibilities are endless and it's fun to throw out opinions about a never-ending series. Besides, I'm glad that I don't see too much hate comments regarding 'new Det.Conan vs old Det.Conan' so I think this fandom is the best one I've been so far. Yeah... these are my reasons to love Det.Conan.
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    This is my analysis on Vermouth, my favorite character, using facts and some speculations (not to be confused with a fanfic). Hope you like it! The silence of the universe, the dormancy of the deepest sea level, the darkness of the basement, the peacefulness of the sky, and the tranquility of the moving breeze are undisturbed. When slightly touched, it becomes the explosion of the Big Bang, the rise of tsunamis, the dazzling gleam from the lights, the turbulence of Mother Nature, and finally, the boisterousness of the tornadoes. When the mysteries blacken the extremes from each end, we sense the vast arrays of mannequins lying in front of us upon entering the Void, with the question of picking the correct one. That correct version, at the end of the tunnel, is where all queries and mysteries are decrypted. The purpose of life, the true allegiance, the ulterior motives and most importantly, the face behind the mask make the fathom trip interesting and thought-provoking enough for any us readers. It all begins with the initiative of debunking the most mythical character to have ever existed, Vermouth. “A secret makes a woman woman.” Tilting her head slightly to the right, making a creepy yet omniscient grin, lighting up her eyes with a stunning stare that never leave the opposite in conversations and dilating her own pupils to relax all muscles, Vermouth perfectly keeps us in the vortex of confusion, amazement and silence. Boasting a curvaceous body with immaculate boob size, oval face, long hair, ludicrous height, long yet moderately meaty legs and a confident posture, Vermouth is a flawless creation of Gosho when it comes to physical appearance. Such a stainless figure seems outrageous and instigates rebellious fantasies within us, with the ability to shut down and unfreeze the most frigid mind. Immerged in the abyss of the immensely intricate outward appearance are the alternate layers of a multitude of charm that not only further perplex us but also carry thousands of messages to be understood. The soft core of one message is to garner more attention towards her, while the hard core of another message is to publicly display how Vermouth’s appearance can alter the entire structure of the atmosphere. And when our first feeling of being thoroughly impressed seems to peacefully drift, several layers of fatal thorns show up from the inside of Vermouth and begin to surface. Vermouth kills. Cloaking the form of one of the most charming human being to have ever existed, now on the other end of the spectrum, Vermouth quietly shows multiple levels of taints that turn her into a morbid figure that is a strong embodiment of the Black Organization. The guise of a seemingly introverted lady with soul-absorbing eyes and skin-tearing grins is stripped off and a split of personality becomes present. In a tight black suit, collared shirt and mobile equipment for use, Vermouth now appears as a killer no one expects. Armed with high-trained gun use, superior intelligence, unprecedented sensitivity, quick-minded grasp of each situation, indomitable calmness of the soul yet fiery forces of vengeance, and on top of that the broad understanding of medical knowledge and the ultimate weapon, out-of-this-world disguise capabilities, Vermouth is a fearsome opponent on the field that is ready for pursuit and termination. The most fixated look and thoughts on her vanish and are now replaced with apparent fear yet mildly amusing satisfaction. Being murdered by one of the flawless creations in this world can even bring about what is called “bliss” in death of the preys. Each prey can at least somewhat feel the pain and torture when Vermouth begins reading the requiem (Shiho, Jodie), yet can also perceive the less tortured imminent death. Vermouth really kills in style, and she sends the most tranquil yet disturbing messages to the preys she is about to dispatch to another world. Now, another door opens up another riddle of Vermouth’s life, what does she live for? The answer is obvious yet incredibly obscure. Vermouth has everything in this world that the Creators have bestowed on her: impeccable charm, sparkling beauty with shining visage, overpowered disguise abilities, enhanced stamina, superb acting and even top-notched intelligence. She possesses everything that each girl wants. One noteworthy trait, is Vermouth’s notorious disguise skills. It is still a great riddle as to how she manages to turn herself into anyone she wants, virtually, regardless of shape and size in most circumstances. The tutelage of Toichi Kuroba is the main cause, but other than that, her ruses into bluffing her identity that no one in the surrounding suspects are unbelievable. Among thousands of identities that mask her, this is what makes Ver gain the upper hand not only in infiltration and combat, but also her improvisation and well-used anthems to dig into the exposed personalities of the exposing side. She understands everyone’s actions and motives, but, what inside her awaits her decipher. When one puts on too many masks at the same time, he eventually forgets who he really is. The real entity is gradually eclipsed by the alternate egos that have now ingrained in him. The same process is happening to Ver. Being under the guises of all Dr.Araide, the serial killer in New York, Jodie Starling, Shuichi Akai, Azusa, and various other characters, Vermouth’s seek for her true identity is much and much more arduous. Vermouth is an extremely capable actress, and her outlook on her own life strongly suggests that she considers her own life a gigantic play, with her being given a specific role to play. Her bemused manners even in danger not only show her utmost bravery but also further exhume her attitude of how she considers each scenario an act in a particular play so that when she decides to make a move, all preplanned thoughts and predictions will serve her well. Even in an evil organization, she is also a favorite of Anokata, the boss that rules all. This enormous advantage, as a result, shields her from countless unnecessary complications or even in real predicaments. Coupled with that is her eternal youth, being unable to age during more than 2 decades long. The cycle moves on infinitely for Vermouth, as long as she lives, she is enveloped by burning jealousy, guaranteed security, and ultimate pleasance. Her life continues to be unharmed, and harnessed by every potent force that ensures her safety. However, on the opposite side, a door is squeaking and finally burst open. The journey is not over yet, and another corner of Vermouth marks its existence. We wish to be normal individuals, with a normal life, go to school, find a job, get married, have children, and enjoy the beauty of the nature. This wish, though ordinary, has become, becomes, or will become a burden for a lot of people out there with tremendous odds against them, such as being mentally challenged, physically crippled, so on and so forth. Being a genius, while garnering all the spotlight of accolades, deep respect and unfathomable admiration from others, can also deal huge blows to one’s own life. The wish to become normal again becomes more and more unrealistic. What eventually arrives at the end of our life is what we want to pursue the most normal things that everyone is entitled to. Vermouth can also be considered a genius, when various different fields of study such as medicine (as Dr. Araide to pass on knowledge to subordinates), disguise and acting (instructed by Kuroba), weaponry (trained in Black Organization long time ago) and her amazing intellect (developed on her own) are absorbed in her mind. She is blessed with a variety of talents that a lot can only dream of, and in her reverie now Vermouth vehemently desires peace in her soul. The struggle that we are trying to touch the darkest layers of Vermouth is equivalent to the struggles that Vermouth has been putting up with through her entire life. Her Oscar award and roaring fame are only superficial, and at present, Vermouth is doing the job before time runs out for her. It is not the Itakura program that presumably accelerates her age to become normal or a family with children that dispel her loneliness. Vermouth is racing against time, to find out what is the most valuable assets in her life. No more fame or public attention is needed. No more money is desired. What we have seen so far is the intense wrestling that Vermouth has put on. While it is true to say that she has many enemies in her real life, her most formidable enemy that she will ever face, is her own self. This is my analysis on Vermouth, my favorite character, using facts and some speculations (not to be mistaken as a fanfic). Hope you like it! Life is very fair and at a peak of a cycle is the initiation of a downfall for another reach to equilibrium. Vermouth’s life has been blessed with everything a human can basically ask for, and this suggests a new yet subtle trend that she realizes: The need to return to her natural self, not to become anyone else any more. “No angels have ever smiled upon me. Not even once.” This confession of Vermouth, as Sharon at the time, truly means more than words. What has gone wrong with her personal life has made some sorts of things irredeemable. Vermouth, up to this point, has no relatives (possibly the boss, yet this is to be confirmed). Surrounded by her are merciless sharks that can devour her any time. The stoicism, the sternness, and the stress around her are becoming more and more burdensome. The favoritism she receives in Black Organization is less and less meaningful. She has more than once expressed her conviction that Conan is the Silver Bullet that will take down the organization. Rooted in evil and now climbing out of a filthy swamp for a better future, Vermouth becomes a different individual that we see the change in color. Her definition of justice has been holistically modified and her wicked belief system has been undermined as a whole from Conan’s sheer influence of how justice should be looked at. Her allegiance, though unknown at this point, has been split in halves and what she needs is someone who can guide her through this mess, dragging her to the good side and ridding all the evil remnants that have been with her for such a long time. The quest for the right and the fight continues as her life passes by. As a seasoned disguiser that has successfully masked herself with hundreds of disguises, Vermouth is meticulous in love affairs as well. Gosho has indicated that Gin is not the type of person to fall in love with anyone, and while Vermouth is also an experienced assassin, she is of a very different type. The rock solid love deep down her heart for Shinichi and Ran lays the foundation for her behaviors of a nurturing mother. Vermouth can look ruthless, as Jodie has claimed in rage, that “how can she be a good person with that smile?”, or Shuichi, who also said, that Vermouth is a “wilted, rotten apple from the inside”; nevertheless, that is quite a misunderstanding, even though their words are meant to be and suit the situations well enough. Here is what comes to mind of us readers. Shinichi took a different approach rather than taunting Vermouth like what Shuichi did. In the guise of a serial killer, Shinichi still saved the killer, and said that there was no necessary logic needed when it came to helping people. Evidently, this bold approach almost made Vermouth in disguise kill him still, but, she was definitely moved by his demeanor and thus refrained from causing any damage at that point. From this incident, it is wisely interpreted that Vermouth is not an evil character, and a magnanimous behavior like Shin can change the world. Violence can be used for good to represent how justice should be served, but peace is the ultimate solution that erases any grudges and hatred. Vermouth is bright enough to thoroughly grasp the gist of life and how things work with reasons behind each incident, and this perfectly captures how the seemingly cold heart of a character can be absolutely melted. It does not take long before Vermouth figures out that her most invaluable “treasures” in this world are Shinichi and Ran. Even though Ran saved her life in New York thanks to her quick reflexes, In Vermouth’s eyes Ran is still only a stranger, not a blood relative. However, the fact that she clings to, with a clear imprinted will to protect Shinichi and Ran no matter what truly emblazons Vermouth’s twisted mind of a serial killer. This is the trait that sets her apart from other black organization members, who are brutal assassins and have no heart. And as we have seen, Vermouth has shown insane progress in modifying her substance to display her unbeatable tendency to change and adapt to new concepts. She is still learning, and fortunately she is a quick learner. Against the black organization, it sounds exactly like you are being mind-controlled by an evil force but you just keep fighting to not be controlled into destruction. Vermouth is being trapped in the locked maze of the situations in which life and death are not much of a difference from each other. She deciphers her own puzzles that she has set up, as a way to gain freedom. The fact that she cares extremely deeply about the couple Shinichi and Ran already implies her potential sacrifice in the future or noble departure from evil. Whatever denouement awaits her at the end of the street, her throbbing heart begs for care, protection, love and embraces like what a mother can give to her beloved children. From the aforementioned point of view, how do we think of Vermouth as a female character in response to romance? We see that she has shown the true noble love for Shinichi and Ran, but when it comes to romance it is a totally different topic. Vermouth’s real age remains a big secret, as always. If we assume that she is at least 50 years of age, which sounds the most reasonable considering that she killed Jodie’s parents 2 decades ago, Vermouth’s concepts of romance can already be scrutinized. Being one of the most magnificently beautiful female characters in the entire series, it would be unreasonable to claim that Vermouth has never got married in the past in her whole life, as the fact that she likes Gin a lot is taken into account. She poses no gender issues, and on top of all, the romance is explicit. Indeed, Vermouth is one character that is decorated with romantic penchant. Her slight complaint about Gin’s abruption in the classic “martini” scene emphasizes Vermouth’s complex thoughts of how true romance should look like. Every single human being has his or her soft moments. We are humans, not machines. When we have our weak moment, what we want is peace. No throttling, no bashing, no any punishments. It has already been a bad day and we need to be alone for a while. Vermouth is a warm-hearted person when she really means it, even though her acting can somewhat set it up at ease. Vermouth treats her friends, including Yukiko and her daughter Ran and Shinichi in a friendly manner and with evidence to conclude that she is not an iron-hearted person, Vermouth can indeed fall in love, despite the fact that she has been single for a long time in the organization. She shows that she is totally capable of loving, caring and taking after of the one she dearly loves for that matter. There is also a notable trait in Vermouth’s mindset that she is very serious in the face of romance. Her psyche, while containing the impulses of a serial killer, is in fact vulnerable to the core. Her insecurity, high standard of choosing a real lover, or fear of responsibility as well as other resulting entanglement could make sense in Black Organization like a bomb ready to explode. Vermouth is a female character that can feel mental pain like many others – in the past she hoped Shinichi would not think bad of her and that she could prove her worth later on in the series. While Vermouth can be a cold member in the organization regularly when on mission, or meetings, etc, as a regular person we can feel the loneliness deep within her. No one in the organization understands her thoughts and her feelings at all. No one really care. Black Organization is a brutal place in which if one is born into it, he or she perishes in it, and along with it. It is a butchering furnace that does not hesitate to terminate senior members, like Pisco. There is no such thing as feelings in there. Now that Vermouth has been exposed to what is called “love” and “feeling”, she is sweltered every single day. There is no one in the organization currently that she can put her faith on as a love partner. She is sexy, charming and she knows it very well. She rejected Calvados easily because that is what a wise woman would do. Calvados is known to fall for her because of her physical appearance, and while it is a normal thing for guys to fall in love with girls with striking appearance, physical appearance deteriorates over time and then who knows, Calvados might ditch her then, right? Vermouth chooses to let herself develop romantic relationship with someone she trusts enough, not those who fall for her beauty because out of 100 men, all of them could easily snatch her. Her insecurity might have resulted from the decadent past with an abusive husband, which we cannot confirm right now, but what she has been through in her long life this far has formed a shell covering her from hurts and pains. She has suffered a lot more than we would expect, and she does not want any more dents in her soul. She is one character that rather than cursing her, we should sympathize, with all our respect. Vermouth has done a lot, and exerted incredible efforts in learning to be an ally, as well as searching for her true self over time, but whether she will make it in the end, to fully develop as a memorable character for the entire world to see, depends on a lot of variables and remains to be seen.
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    So, right now I have an unhealthy obsession with Hattori Heiji. discordiansamba on AO3 (think they're on fanfic as well) has a good selection of fic about the Osakan detective that's only augmented my favor. I haven't read through all of their fic, but I'll gladly rec what I have. discordiansamba (if you're on here) if you want me to take this down for any reason I will (I like your fic a lot U^U) (if anyone thinks any of what I've written needs to be put under spoilers, please tell me!) Okay, first up. Blood and Snow. Basically, it's canon divergent (some time around 2012 I think). Heiji, who is, of course, a skeptic, is forced to face the facts that there are things in the world that can't really be explained away. In other words, vampires. This fic is so good you guys. I was leery to start this--mostly bc I don't really like vampire stories all that much. But it's written so well. It's completed, with 20 chapters and an ongoing sequel, Bloodsport. Both stories have blended casefic into supernatural-esque fic so good! Speaking of fic that does casefic/supernatural blending perfectly (Don't) Believe What You Know does it so well. It diverges after the Nue arc. Basically, it's Conan who has to let go of his skeptical views for Heiji's sake. Because Heiji is constantly knee-deep in supernatural cases for a very good reason. Honestly, watching Cone investigate Heiji is so great and I just love this story so much and you should go read it this instant. It's up to date and ongoing. I'm in the middle of reading Twist of Fate , which basically takes the premise of Detective Conan, and switches Conan with Heiji. So far, it's pretty great. I'm not caught up on all the chapters, but I'm liking it. It's up to date and ongoing as well. All of the above fic have canon pairings. And I'm reccing one last fic from this author (although honestly, there's more that look good that you should check out as well--I just haven't got there yet). By the Moon's Light is a fantasy AU. It's not Heiji-centric like the other ones I recced--more of an ensemble piece, but this author is so freaking good so go read this anyway. I'm just going to post the summary, because a) it's only 5 chapters in so I don't know where the story's completely going yet, and b ) I wouldn't be able to do it justice-- When her kingdom's royal treasure is whisked away by a mysterious thief in white, Princess Suzuki Sonoko sets out to reclaim it- and maybe capture the handsome thief's heart while she's at it. What starts out as a simple quest driven by a maiden's heart soon involves countless people, dangerous curses, ancient witches, and a long hidden truth waiting to be revealed. It's mostly canon pairings, with the exception being Sonoko/Sera (which is such a good--and too rare--pairing that I don't even care :3). Honestly, the people in this fandom are so creative and smart:))
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    In my opinion, if all love stories on the same format, this would be boredom and if LOVE has continued since cildhood this would be the purest love. And this is just my opinion.
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    Dear Anonymous, I love you. Signed, me.
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    That's because he's an annoying arrogant jerkface
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