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    On the topic of saving people, I will namely pinpoint certain situations where the tactic of preventing one’s death (which will simply be abbreviated as POD) is appropriate or not. I’ll start of with Shinichi’s attempt during the end of the Moonlight Sonata case (File 67.13 – 67.17). In this scenario, POD would be appropriate. Although Asai Narumi killed at most 3 men to avenge her father’s death, Shinichi willingly tried to talk her out of suicide, but to no avail. His attempt, however, is agreeable if we consider the morality of justice being served; in this case, committing suicide would be the “easy way out” for Narumi and thus, would not atone for her crimes (like being sent to jail would). Therefore, Shinichi kept that in mind, and although he ultimately failed (which in turn scarred him for life), his act of POD was not selfish in any way because he was given the opportunity to save Narumi’s life and primarily focused on saving her life. However, he cornered her in a way that averted him from doing so. Such cornering a suspect would indeed be selfish had he not made an effort of POD, which leads me to the next case. When Shinichi prevented the murderer from committing suicide during the Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death case (File 153.13 – 153.16), POD would again be appropriate. After realizing his mistake during the Moonlight Sonata case, Shinichi saw ahead of time the killer’s future endeavors and successfully prevented her from pursuing suicide. Once again, he was given the opportunity of POD, and despite the fact that the person was a murderer, Shinichi saved her life not for the selfish reasons of being a hero, but for serving justice (which is essentially the reoccurring theme of Detective Conan). Now for a more controversial example of POD – when Shinichi and Ran saved a serial killer during the end of the New York or Golden Apple case (File 354.8 – 354.14). I’m 50/50 on this one. For one scenario, letting the serial killer fall to his death would not only make it easier for the police to capture him, but would also save lives down the road, let alone Shinichi and Ran’s lives, had the serial killer managed to escape. For the other scenario, saving his life would allow him to serve justice suitably if he was subsequently captured and would possibly change him for the better (as cheesy as it sounds). But considering the fact that Shuichi Akai said, “Every crossing to this street is secured already” when he decided to leave Ran alone, I think it’s fair to believe Ran and Shinichi did the right thing since there would be nowhere else for the killer to escape to. Technically, it wasn’t Shinichi and Ran’s responsibility to let him die; one could counter this by saying it wasn’t their responsibility to save him either, but saving his life would allow higher-ranked officials to determine the serial killer’s fate after his capture. Who knows? Maybe the police department needed him alive for questioning, or maybe he would’ve been sentenced to death anyways, so it could go either way. But because it’s the police department’s responsibility to determine the killer’s fate, not Ran’s nor Shinichi’s, I would say POD is appropriate to a degree. This is probably the only example I can think of when I actually question Ran and Shinichi’s motive, but I don’t think their intentions are anything immoral. Lastly, when Ran practically sacrificed her life to save Haibara during the end of the Halloween Party case (File 434.6 – 434.9), POD would definitely be appropriate because Ran’s main focus was to protect Haibara whom she believed was still a child. Even if it meant her death, Ran still jumped in front of Haibara and caught Vermouth off guard. There’s not much to say in this scenario since it evidently demonstrates Ran’s selflessness. In the end, I DO NOT believe that Ran and Shinichi are arrogant for trying to save lives. On the other hand, I DO believe it is selfish to THINK that you can save everyone's life in any circumstance. It's pretty easy to assume that these two have this thought process in mind, but I honestly believe it is the other way around - they KNOW they CAN'T save everyone's life. But it wouldn't be wrong to try to save as much people as they can when given the opportunity to, and so far, every POD example I could think of in the DC series has a legitimate reason behind it; most of which are associated with serving justice. The closest (and probably only) example of when POD is not appropriate is during the New York case when Ran saved the serial killer/Vermouth from falling, but like I said, the killing spree would have ended regardless if she saved him or not because the surrounding streets had been secured by law enforcement. Overall, the ACT of saving everyone is far different from the THOUGHT of being able to save everyone. I apologize for such a long post, but I just wanted to get my point across.
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    My friend said: "Draw me a derpy drawing." I trolled her. :V Hooray for Derpy~!
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    This isn't going to happen, so I'm locking topic.
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    Someone can sign in, never post, yet contribute to the wiki. Does that make that person less useful than the one who has 5 000 posts in the games section ? I don't think so.
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    Hi guys I thought I would do this because - I'm bored - I want to teach people my language So anyone wanna pop in just come in and if you have a question ask away...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY YOU HAVE MANY MORE. wait now you are as old as me. 13 <3333333333333 OK OK now for your B-Day present.
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    Hey guys. I write stories a lot for fun and I wanted to know if they're any good. Answer honestly in the poll because I love professional criticism. but don't go overboard XD. Well this is one of my stories and I divided them up into chapters. My stories are really long so they don't go into the action until the middle or end of the story so be patient. Well, here goes nothing! Detective Conan Showdown with the Black organization Author's note I just wrote this story for fun. I like the detective conan series a lot. So I figured, why not make my own Detective conan story? I just did this for my own enjoyment and I don't plan on selling this to people so it's not illegal! XD oh and I also added some new stuff to my story. It has comedy, drama, romance, ect. And some stuff people wanted to happen. Hope you enjoy! oh and I also use I a lot. I like to be in the story if you know what I mean. Prologue "Damn it! How am I supposed to escape now!? My wrist watch stun gun is broken and my super sneakers are too!" Gin and Vodka were getting closer to me. I couldn't escape. I was trapped. And there they were with their guns in their hands. " This is the end for you, Conan Edogawa. No, Kudo Shinichi! " Gin had his gun on my head. I couldn't run away with Gin and Vodka pointing their guns at me. I knew I was going to die. Right here, right now. Chapter 1: The Letter "I'm back Ran-neechan!" I called. " Welcome home Conan-kun! Sonoko and Sera will be coming here soon. " Ran replied. " Why? " I asked. I didn't really like the sound of Sonoko or Sera coming here. Sonoko is Ran's best friend but she isn't the brightest person in the world. And Sera's too suspicious. She knew my name and that I was a detective. She doesn't act like an enemy, but I don't feel confortable around her. " Just make sure you don't do anything stupid, you got that? " Kogoro ordered. " Okay " Ran replied. Oh no. It's the drunkard. Mouri Kogoro, also known as sleeping Kogoro. He used to be a great detective, but now all he does is drink, and watch Yoko on TV. A few hours later, Sera and Sonoko came to Mouri's house. They were pretty excited too. " Ran! We have something to tell you! It's about Kaito Kid!" Sonoko exclaimed. " Kaito Kid? What about him? " Ran asked. " We know where he's going to be tomorrow! He's going to be at Teitan Highschool! " Sonoko replied. " We have a copy of his note card. It says he'll appear there tomorrow during school. And I want Conan to be there too. " Sera added and made a big grin at me. I was pretty surprised that Kaito Kid would be at our highschool. There's nothing valuable there so why? " Oh and I also brought some friends with me over here. " Sera opened the door and two people came in,Hattori and Kazuha. " I heard you were a rival of Kaito Kid, so I brought Heji here to see who's the better detective again." Sera explained. It was bad enough that Sonoko and Sera was here, but now Hattori's here? " Kazuha! " Ran cheered. " So did you confess to Heji yet? " Ran whispered. " No, it's harder than you think. " Kazuha whispered back. " Hey, what are you two muttering about? " Hattori asked. " Uh, nothing! " Replied Ran. "We'll talk about this later" Kazuha decided. " So Kudo, do you think Kid's really going to come to your highschool? " Hattori asked. " I don't know. The card says so, but I don't see any reason to come to my school. " I replied. Why would Kaito Kid come to Teitan High? I'll have to find out as soon as I meet him. " Hey Kazuha, Conan and I will go to Agasa's house. We'll be back soon. " Hattori said. After we got to professor Agasa's house, we immediately went to Haibara. " Haibara, can you think of any reason Kaito Kid would want to come to Teitan High School? " I asked. " No, it's only a school. Why? " Haibara asked. " We got a letter from Kaito Kid saying he will come to Teitan High tomorrow. " Hattori answered. " Well, Kid only appears when there's something valuable to steal, so I don't think he would come to a school. " Haibara replied. " Hold up, I'll go search online about Teitan High. This may take a while though. " Haibara added. " Shinichi! I made an add on to your glasses! It goes real well with your microphone! It let's you see things from places that are far away from you. It's a tiny camera. Just place it anywhere and you'll be able to see many things. And with your microphone, you'll be able to see and hear with your glasses anywhere! Agasa explained. " You always make the best inventions a kid could ever have. " I replied. I placed the camera on my glasses and went back to Hattori. "So far, Haibara can't find any motives for Kaito Kid to come to our school." Hattori explained. This was getting annoying. What could Kaito Kid gain from all this? " Well, it's getting late, I think you both should go back to Mouri's place. " Haibara suggested. We both agreed and went back home to sleep. " Wake up! Wake up Conan-kun! Sera yelled. " It's time to go to Teitan High! " Sera added. I can't believe Sera would make a kid like me go to her highschool and make me miss school. Well, Teitan High really is my school, but I'm stuck in this body now. How would the teachers react with me in their school? Hattori, Kazuha, Sonoko, Sera, Ran, and I got ready ad headed to Teitan High. I was really surprised by the teacher's reaction. " Oh look who it is! Conan-kun! You're that rival of Kid right? The teacher asked. " He just encountered kid a lot that's all! " Hattori replied. " Oh, I thought he was here because of Kid. " The teacher replied. " Wait, you know kid's coming here!? " I asked. " Of course. The police officers just told the principle recently. " The teacher replied. " The police are here!? " I asked. " Yeah, they're right behind you actually. " The teacher pointed out. We looked behind us and there were five people. Inspector Meguire, Sato, Takagi, Chiba, and Yumi. "Conan-kun? What are you doing here? " Sato asked. " Sera forced me to go to her school today. " I replied. " Well since Kaito Kid is coming here, I wouldn't want his rival to feel left out! " Sera explained. " Still, to make a child to skip school just to meet Kaito Kid- KAITO KID! I WILL KILL THE GUY WHEN I SEE HIM! Inspector Nakamori interrupted Sato. " Inspector Nakamori?!" everyone yelled confusingly. Wow. I should have expected this. Nakamori is always around when Kaito Kid is near, but with Nakamori here, they also recieved a note from Kaito Kid. Just what is Kaito Kid's intentions? It has been one hour since we got here and there was no sign of Kid. Still, Nakamori just sat there. Scaring the students. Who wouldn't be scared? There was an angry inspector holding a gun who looks like he'll shoot anyone any minute now. Then the door opened. Someone was walking in. The person who came in, was Kudo Shinichi.
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Awesome! >.< http://dcwuser.deviantart.com/#/d4srwd4
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    I hate Spongebob with a purple passion. I hate Twilight. I hate Abercrombie & Fitch. I hate Aeropostal. I hate Adventure Time. (It's really funny but... it just creeps me out for some reason! X( I like its humor but something about it is so hard to watch.) I hate people who make CONSTANT sex jokes and go on and on about the size of- I'm not finishing that thought. I hate it when people don't FOLLOW THE RULES! DX
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    wrong position. again. again.
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    This thread is idiotic, it's not up to any of you to determine whether somebody is "useless"
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    hehehe, who dos not want to be like me?
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    Always say 'thank you' :grin:
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    Have a good sense of humor and do not be evil.
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