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    Post Your 5 Top Movies (and why)

    Why don't we share our favourite movies with each other? :-D Post at least 5 favourites movies which you enjoy, and do not forget to mention what is so nice about them. :-) Feel free to post :-) more than 5, Here are my top 5 favorite movies: 1. The Last Samurai: a movie you can watch more than once. It has a grate story to it with a lot of action. I will give it 10 out of 10 2. Gladiator: it is a great movie with a great story with good acting. I will give it 10 out of 10. 3. Troy: it is a nice and sad movie, with good actors. I will give it 9 out of 10 4. Brave Harte. I love the way the Spanish fight for the country, a very nice movie with a lovely story to it. I will give it 9 out of 10 5. The Lord of The Rings: an entrusting long movie which I have watched more than once. I will give it 8 out of 10 Thank you and take care
  2. Inspector Gin

    Post Your 5 Top Games You Played .

    Lets share our favourite video games with each other :-D Post at least 5 favourite video games which you enjoy, and do not forget to mention what is so nice/fun about them. :wink: Feel free to post more than 5. Thank you and have a good day
  3. Inspector Gin

    Advise The Person Above You

    Advise The Person Above You Starting: easy, it is a bit like 'Describe The Person Above You', but in this one you advise the person above you and that is it. Let's start! Someone advise me.
  4. Inspector Gin

    World of Naruto

    Welcome to naruto club. Naruto is my favorite Manga and Anime, I love it so much thatI decide to open a club in this website. I hope you like it. What can I do in this club? Talk about your favorite characters. Talk about your favorite episodes. Talk about your favorite scenes. Talk about your favorite chapters. Talk about how you've got to know about Naruto. Ask questions about Naruto. Talk about the latest News. Talk about the author. Tell us your theories. Talk about your favorite pairings. And anything else about Naruto. Make your own short games. Post pictures, share videos, post your fan-fictions, post fan comics, etc. How to become a member? To become a member of this club you will have to ask me and I will agree, but later on, stuff will change when there are members. Thank you.. But you still can ask question and what aver else. Members @Officer Kaoko @J3nny @Mohorovicic @Rom Yui @Tna Uchiha @Savior @conankoibito @Aniki @Rum @Tsukiko @Kid the Phantom Thief @phantomlady1101 @NutCase @Sherlock Lupin @Ran-chanxX
  5. Inspector Gin

    World of Naruto

    I'm not sure, it's been a while since I last watch one of Naruto's movies .
  6. Inspector Gin

    World of Naruto

    Hello everyone . I've been away for a while, so what's new? Are you guys still into Naruto? I stopped reading and watching it for sometime, but I've stared reading it again along with Detective Conan.
  7. Inspector Gin

    Code Geass Boukoku no Akito

    I'v watched it a few months ago, after my brother told me about it. I think it's a really good anime, 10/10. However, I found the ending to be really sad, because no one knew what he really did and thought he was an evil person, apart from his three friends and sister,
  8. Inspector Gin

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    I had some spicy meat curry with naan and salad not long ago.
  9. Inspector Gin

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    I finished watching "Game of Thrones Season Three" and now I'm reading its book. Really good story to it .
  10. Inspector Gin

    What's on Your Mind?

    How am I going to get up for work in the morning when I've been up all night ?
  11. I wonder if anyone still remembers me :-|. I decided to start reading DC again and that's why I came bake ;).

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      :o You came back on Christmas Eve! That must be sign!
    3. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      @Rye, thanks :)

      @Balthazar, I think a year and a half :|.

      @Kid the Phantom Thief, lol, who knows :)?

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      *a sign

      Indeed, who knows! Santa, maybe?

  12. Inspector Gin

    The Black Organisation club

    Welcome to The Black Organisation This is a club for members that are interested in the Black Organisation to hang out . I was going to open a club for only Gin fans, but I thought it will be more interesting to open a club for the Black Organisation, where all evil characters from DC would be . An idea of what you could do here: -Talk about Black Organisation characters. -Share news on the Black Organisation. -Make short stories of your own of the Black Organisation. -Share cool images of Black Organisation. -And other stuff that you can think of. Note: Please don't double post, and go off topic. Members: @aika @Valkyrie @Tsukiko @75aichan Thank you and enjoy :cool:.
  13. Inspector Gin

    The land of the Samurai.

    Welcome to The land of the Samurai. This is a Samurai club where all the members that are interested in the history of the Samurai, Samurai Books, Samurai Manga, Samurai Anime, Samurai Games, etc. can come to and have fun. Here are some lists of stuff related to Samurai: -List of Samurai Documentaries: -List of Samurai Articles: -List of Samurai Books: -List of Samurai Movies: -List of Samurai Manga: -List of Samurai Anime: -List of Samurai Games: Have fun and take care :grin: Members: @aika @Conia @Officer Kaoko @detective-db @Hajime Kindaichi
  14. Welcome and have fun 'What Will You Do If There Was No this Or That?' is a bit like 'What would you do if this or that happens?' but in this one there are rules and it is a bit different. Rules: 1.You can only ask questions that are to do with the topic. 2.You will have to answer the question above you before you can ask a question. 3.You'll have to choose which team you'll be on: The Questioning Team or The Answering Team. 4.You are not allowed to change your position after you choose your team. Winning and Loosing: If the Answering Team cannot answer to the question that had been asked, then the Questioning Team win, if the Questioning team cannot ask any questions, then the Answering Team wins. Example: Person 1: What will you do if there were no Internet? Person 2: I will read books. Person 3: What if there were no books? Person 2: I'll write a book. And so on... The Questioning Team: @Rom Yui @blueberry @Mohorovicic The Answering Team: @Shinichi Kodou @hikari4869 @Kaitou1412 @Shuichi Akai @Aeyra By & @Officer Kaoko Starter: What will you do if you cannot go to school?
  15. Inspector Gin


    Nonsense Round One Okay, lets play Nonsense game. How to play: The game works like this, we have to talk nonsense. For example: Person 1: a king killed himself because he wanted to become a king. Person 2: I was having fun when someone hit me and I laughed Person 3: a general got up and went in the middle of the battlefield and started dancing How to win this game: In this game there are 3 rounds, to win a round you have to get a staff to post. Round 1: In round 1 you have to get Southpaw to post Round 2: In round 2 you have to get CarpetCrawler to post Round 3: In round 3 you have to get Maurice to post Okay let play. Starter: a man picked up a sword and killed the biggest army in the world while they were watching him do it. I hope you have fun :-D
  16. Inspector Gin

    Good bye DCW

    Hello ^^ On 16 of October 2010 I joined this website and had a lot of fun with the members here. Anyway, what I'm saying is, I'm leaving. I don't think this is the right place for me any more. It's not like it used to be, (In my opinion) with all the new members arriving (most of them i don't know, because I'm barely here) and the old ones hardly online anymore. It's not as fun as it use to be for me, and I'm not that big of a Detective Conan fan. I just joined cause someone introduced me to it. But come on, it's not that big of a lost, most of you don't even know me and wont be bothered if I stay or not. And the good news is, CarpetCrawler, Mohorovicic and Parkur will have one least person to get on their nerves. My Facebook and MSN if you want to contact me. Notes: -I'll stop posting on the 1st of May. So, lets have a bit of fun together before then. -If you a Naruto fan, you can join Naruto Community. I'll be there. One last thing, I'll like to apologize if I offended anyone, I'm sorry. Thank you and have a good day .
  17. Good bye DCW. I will miss you all.

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    2. guitarpawat


      Awww bye and thank you for the curry *eats* yumm ^_^ good bye =_=

    4. its me sang
  18. Inspector Gin

    The land of the Samurai.

    Welcome .
  19. Cool. Send it to me by emil, ok?

  20. Inspector Gin

    Good bye DCW

    Thank you . But I have to. Sorry. I would love to stay but I will be busy from no on, so I would not be able to go on anyway. Thank you and I will miss you all, too . Thanks. Lol. I ran away from my duty as leader of the village. Farewell. And you, too. You are welcome . And good bye. I'll miss you, too. Yeah, I wish I had a chance to talk to you, too. Bye.... Sure. Maybe....Jikei-san. Thank you . Yeah you are right. Good bye . @jimmyjr123
  21. Okay, tomorrow is my last day and I'll reply to all the post then. I had no internet so I couldn't go online and I'm tired now, sorry.

  22. Inspector Gin

    Detective Gin

    Hello dear friends :razz:! I have decided to introduce my self before I go out :wink:. Okay, let me start :grin: ! I am Detective Gin, also known as Ginseng (that's my nickname given to me by Kiel :cool:) I am 16 years old, I was born in Europe in 1994/08/10, my mom and dad are not from the same country :smile:. By the way I speak more than one language of course . My hobbies are: Gardening and cooking. What I like to do: learning, writing, reading and drawing some times . My dream is to become a chef and a writer or a doctor then when I retire I will go to a peaceful place with my future wife and worship god for the rest of my life :cool: . and of coures I will have pets hehehehehe !! Stuf I like or love: FOODS. Couscous, curry, Spaghetti, noodles, fish, pizza and cake. BOOKS. Troy and young samurai. MOVIES. Troy, the last samurai, brave heart and Sherlock homes, GAMES. Strounghold 2, SPORTS. Swimming. Thank and take care :-P.
  23. Don't cry, you're making me wanna sty :(. LOL.