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  1. I'm not sure, it's been a while since I last watch one of Naruto's movies .
  2. Hello everyone . I've been away for a while, so what's new? Are you guys still into Naruto? I stopped reading and watching it for sometime, but I've stared reading it again along with Detective Conan.
  3. I'v watched it a few months ago, after my brother told me about it. I think it's a really good anime, 10/10. However, I found the ending to be really sad, because no one knew what he really did and thought he was an evil person, apart from his three friends and sister,
  4. I had some spicy meat curry with naan and salad not long ago.
  5. I finished watching "Game of Thrones Season Three" and now I'm reading its book. Really good story to it .
  6. I wonder if anyone still remembers me :-|. I decided to start reading DC again and that's why I came bake ;).

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      :o You came back on Christmas Eve! That must be sign!
    3. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      @Rye, thanks :)

      @Balthazar, I think a year and a half :|.

      @Kid the Phantom Thief, lol, who knows :)?

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      *a sign

      Indeed, who knows! Santa, maybe?

  7. Good bye DCW. I will miss you all.

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    2. guitarpawat


      Awww bye and thank you for the curry *eats* yumm ^_^ good bye =_=

    4. its me sang
  8. Cool. Send it to me by emil, ok?

  9. Thank you . But I have to. Sorry. I would love to stay but I will be busy from no on, so I would not be able to go on anyway. Thank you and I will miss you all, too . Thanks. Lol. I ran away from my duty as leader of the village. Farewell. And you, too. You are welcome . And good bye. I'll miss you, too. Yeah, I wish I had a chance to talk to you, too. Bye.... Sure. Maybe....Jikei-san. Thank you . Yeah you are right. Good bye . @jimmyjr123
  10. Okay, tomorrow is my last day and I'll reply to all the post then. I had no internet so I couldn't go online and I'm tired now, sorry.

  11. Don't cry, you're making me wanna sty :(. LOL.

  12. You changed your name again, lol. So what you working on now?

    I'm doing good, thank you.

  13. Sorry for double posting, they wouldn't let me post all these replies in one box. Thanks. I'll still of course read and watch it from time to time, not to worry. And I did enjoy my self here, had a lot of fun as well. Farewell . It's okay, I wasn't much online to talk to any way. And you still can give me the nickname we still have some days left before I leave, I'll use it in "Naruto Community". Okay, lol. Later then .
  14. A dog...wait, was it when we had that war when you first joined? But, did I call you a dog? Goodbye Shinichi, I'll miss you . Thanks, and you take care, too. Sayonara . Yeah, I hope they do . Thanks for finding the time to post here and good luck to you, too . Lol. you used my old name "Detective", I'm glad you know who I am . And it sure is sad when someone leaves . Thanks and take care . I see you keep records of what goes on DCW, cool. And I don't think I'll call it good behaviour, more like didn't go on ass much as I used to, so I didn't have the time to get into a fight with anyone - not saying I would have. Thanks, but I think I'll keep that door closed . Thanks Monsi . We'll let the future decide that. Take care. Thank you . We still have some days left before I leave, so lets talk as much as we can. I'll miss you all too, and I'm sure DCW will be around a long time to come . Okay, but I still have to go and I'll not forget you DCW friends . Thanks and take care Naruto friend .
  15. Lol. Maybe I take after my mother, since she's from England. But, many people say I look like my father.

  16. Lol. I think there are at least a few members that will like to have an idea of how the member they have been talking to for almost 2 years looks like. You take care as well.
  17. Lol. You too . Sayonara. Sayonara . Here's a picture of me when I was 10 or so. Just an idea of how I look like before I leave.
  18. Your welcome :razz:. You should put it up in Naruto Community too, they'll love it .
  19. Amazing, I could never draw like that . A point from me too .
  20. Thanks. I'll miss you too . I guess all the other old members are busy or thinking the same thing . September....hmmm, maybe. No need to say your good byes just yet, I'll be here for another 9 days. And I miss you all too. ..when would you be leaving? I'll miss DCW and it's members too. LOL. So true. Dog :-o?? Thanks .
  21. My big announcement that I promised, http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/3654-good-bye-dcw/ Don't cry :P.

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    2. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      Lol. I'm not that important to DCW and I'm sure not one the oldest, too. But maybe a bit old :).

      Thanks, I'll try my best to be as happy as I was here.

      Sayounara :D.

    3. Kiel95


      You're important to me <3

    4. Inspector Gin
  22. Hello ^^ On 16 of October 2010 I joined this website and had a lot of fun with the members here. Anyway, what I'm saying is, I'm leaving. I don't think this is the right place for me any more. It's not like it used to be, (In my opinion) with all the new members arriving (most of them i don't know, because I'm barely here) and the old ones hardly online anymore. It's not as fun as it use to be for me, and I'm not that big of a Detective Conan fan. I just joined cause someone introduced me to it. But come on, it's not that big of a lost, most of you don't even know me and wont be bothered if I stay or not. And the good news is, CarpetCrawler, Mohorovicic and Parkur will have one least person to get on their nerves. My Facebook and MSN if you want to contact me. Notes: -I'll stop posting on the 1st of May. So, lets have a bit of fun together before then. -If you a Naruto fan, you can join Naruto Community. I'll be there. One last thing, I'll like to apologize if I offended anyone, I'm sorry. Thank you and have a good day .
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