An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

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Chapter 9

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Title: An Unfortunate Misunderstanding
Japanese title: 不幸な誤解
(Fukōna Gokai)
Original release: March 2nd, 1994
Shōnen Sunday issue: #13/1994
Volume: 1
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 3: An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case
Viz Media version
English title: Resemblance
English release: September 7, 2004
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An Unfortunate Misunderstanding (不幸な誤解 Fukōna Gokai?) is the ninth chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #13/1994 on March 2nd, 1994 and later on reprinted as part of Volume 1 on June 18th, 1994. It was also featured as the fourth chapter of the compilation book Detective Conan Romantic Selection 1.



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In order of appearance:



In order of appearance:


Conan Edogawa, knocking out Kogoro Mouri with an ash tray and imitating his voice with his new Voice-Changing Bowtie, solves the case. But not all's well that ends well: Ran Mouri still misses Shinichi Kudo, so Conan has to tell her somehow that he's alright and will return to her someday.


  • First deduction show by the "Sleeping Kogoro".
  • The off-voice monologue about the diary at the end is explained like it's been a while ago; a rhetorical device that was already used in the very first chapter by Ran Mouri's "off-voice" (depending on the translation). It's conceivable Detective Conan is/was intended to be a retelling by Shinichi Kudo and/or Ran early on, even though off-monologues like those happen very rarely by now.
  • Ran wears her winter school uniform (October 1st-May 31st).
  • It's Waning Crescent Moon 🌘 during the night in the chapter.
  • The chapter ends with a small timeskip of "three days later".
  • Ninth chapter of the so-called "Conan Arc", a fan-coined term.


  • Resemblance (Manga: 8): This chapter is a direct continuation of File 8.


Eiichi Yamagishi is modeled and named after one of Gosho's assistants.
  • Yoko Okino and Eiichi Yamagishi are both based on real people acquainted with Gosho. The former is named after the mangaka Yōko Okino (沖野ヨーコ), who was studying manga art at Nihon University in a higher semester the same time Gosho studied there.
  • Yoko's manager, Yamagishi, on the other hand, is another of Gosho's assistants, this time not only named, but even modeled after him (judging by how he is usually portrayed in other manga and the Omakes). According to Gosho, Yamagishi is in charge of designing and drawing technical stuff, like machinery, vehicles, weapons and architecture. He already had some cameos and mentions in previous works, like WALK MAN, Nonchalant Lupin, Magic Kaito, Yaiba and 3rd Base 4th.

Real Life Models

Yoko Okino's apartment complex

The apartment complex Yoko Okino lives in is modeled after the Cite Neuve Kita-Senju, a skyscraper in the district of the same name around Kita-Senju Station in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo. Gosho Aoyama was living in Kita-Senju himself not long before serialization of Detective Conan started and used the surroundings there as inspiration for his works.

Shōnen Sunday Q&A

Every issue of the Shōnen Sunday features a question asked by the magazine to the manga artists featured in it. The one accompanying this chapter was:

The athelete you cheer the most these days is,
"Go go Ogiwara at Nordic combined in skiing!"
(Translation by justwantanaccount)


  • The large building with the monitor on it could have been inspired by the Studio ALTA in the Shinjuku Ward, which often appears in Gosho Aoyama's different works, but it's never named or otherwise made clear.


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