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My Theories, that are probably wrong

Akai is the one on the phone with Masumi

Akai has had the opportunity to witness how close Masumi has gotten to the BO threat, and would probably find some way to communicate with her. Depending on whether or not there actually is a middle brother there are two options. If there is no real middle brother, he could have told Masumi to lie about having a second brother so that Masumi didn't accidentally reveal that Akai was alive too soon since this was pre-Scarlet arc. If there is a real middle brother, then he could merely be pretending that he is the middle brother so that Masumi and others would not know that he is alive too soon. Currently and for the last 300 chapters, he has had access to a choker voice changer and potentially could make himself sound like someone else as he has been doing for his Okiya Subaru disguise. If this is the case, Shuukichi could really be related to the Akai family, but Akai could be imitating him on the phone.

Kuroda and Sakurako

Both seem to really like Black Tea (red tea in Japanese). With all the references to Urusei Yatsura recently, I want to think that these two may be references to the characters of Sakuranbou (prefers to be called Cherry) and Sakura, who are an Uncle / Niece pair. I want to note that both Kuroda and Sakurako have appeared in the same case, although its unknown whether they saw each other. See Blogger Case.

Mary is Rum


Haneda Kouji story, case from 17 years ago makes this really unlikely. I'me leaving this here for future reference though.

Even though Conan has put thought into this, he has been wrong before. Case in point is "Mizunashi Rena is not Eisuke's sister". Conan said that at least two times, but he turned out to be wrong by the end of the arc.

Masumi won't be in movie 20
however Rum will be in movie 20

Other Rum information

In forums lately I've been using Genji Kojima as an example of how the three descriptions can fit a single person. While he does run a bar of some kind if I remember correctly, I do not believe him to be Rum at this time (12/14/2016)

""The one thing about Rums descriptions is that they are rather vague. Depending on how you read into certain situations, you can intemperate different things as meaning different things. The artificial eye thing aside, here is a description of Kojima Genji from the DCW Wiki that has essentially remained unchanged since it was typed back in 2010, before we even knew of Rum. "Genji Kojima prides himself of being a true edokko ("child of Tokyo"): He has a strong sense of justice, is confrontational, loves sushi and speaks with a distinct, old-fashioned dialect. He can be harsh and demanding, but he is actually very kind and caring." Depending on how you interact with this character it would be actually rather easy to see him as a Strong man, a Feminine man, or an Old man."" (10/12/2016)

In addition to this information, I find it rather interesting that Wakita Kanenori is an edokko, Wakasa Rumi seems to be a skilled fighter of some kind, and the song that that Genji sang was called Kuroda Bushi, then you have Kuroda Hyoue. Wakita, Wakasa and Kuroda seem to be the three main Rum suspects that the manga wants us to be looking at for the moment.

New Characters (Raiha to Present)


Otona FAmi (2008)
Mention of Journey to the West.

Masters Of Manga (July 6, 2010)
17. What kind of manga would you like to draw if you had the chance?
A story about Sun Wukong (Son Gokū).

Otona Fami (April 20, 2011)
Q: Speaking of your next work, what about the Journey to the West that you mentioned in your interview with this mazagine in '08?
A: I want to draw Journey to the West! I've finished the character design for Goku, and there was a plan to publish a one-shot on Sunday, but drawing ancient Chinese backgrounds is quite troublesome so maybe not. I'll say this since I don't think I'll keep drawing, but it's quite interesting (laughs).

Monthly Conan Newspaper (March/April 2014)
Q: When you've ended Conan, are there any themes you'd like to try out?
A: Journey to the West! I really like it. And, I wanted to do something like that. But, well, too many years have gone by. If this were when I was drawing YAIBA, I could easily do it, but now it would be too hard. I'd like to draw some kind of Science Fiction too. That'd be good. If I could have a break from Conan, I'd draw that. (laughs)

Super Digest Book 50+ (April 18, 2014)
Q88: What kind of manga do you want to draw after the conclusion of Detective Conan?
A: An adventure story like Journey to the West. Science fiction isn't bad either.

Postcard 2016
(そりゃー悟空だよーーー!(笑)) Of course Goku!

Kuroda -> Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 (Zhu Bajie)

Gosho's Hospitalization -> early 2015

Kouji / Amanda -> Feb 2016

Momiji -> Apr 2016

Rumi -> Jul 2016 (Sun Wukong)

Wakita -> Oct 2016 (Sha Wujing)

Iori -> Dec 2016