Hercule Poirot

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Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot is a fictional Belgian detective created by famed novelist Agatha Christie. Set from the Roaring Twenties to the Post-War period, Poirot remains one of the most recognizable detectives created by Christie. His stories are often narrated by his close friend Capt. Arthur Hastings.

He was the featured detective of Volume 3 of the Detective Conan manga.


Impeccably neat to a fault and constantly sensitive to his mannerisms and actions, Poirot carries himself in a regal and dignified manner constantly, often to the consternation of his associates. Though at first utilized almost exclusively by the British government, Poirot soon became his own private detective after the Great War.

Along with being a clue-oriented detective, Poirot also relied on his own personal forensic psychology, using his oratory to convince witnesses and suspects to give up information on any motives or flaws that would result in a case being solved.


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