The Hand That Plays in Dissonance

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Episode 544
(Int. Episode 595)

TV Episode 544.jpg

Title: The Hand That Plays in Dissonance
Japanese title: 不協和音を奏でる手
(Fukyōwaon o Kanaderu Te)
Original airdate: August 8, 2009
Broadcast rating: 6.50%
Filler case: #167
Season: 18
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Officer Tome
Female forensics member
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Crayon
Director: Koujin Ochi
Screenplay: Toyoto Kogiso
Storyboard: Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Episode director: Matsuo Asami
Animation director: Akio Kawamura
Haruo Ogawara
Character design: Masatomo Sudo
Junko Yamanaka
Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Production cooperation: Studio Izena
Opening song: Everlasting Luv
Closing song: Hikari
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The Hand That Plays in Dissonance (不協和音を奏でる手 Fukyōwaon o Kanaderu Te?) is the 544th episode of Detective Conan anime.





Kogoro, Ran, and Conan all attend a concert at the local department store. After the drummer, Yusuke Nakamura, hears about a CD Ran is searching for, he tells her to follow him to the storage room where he has a copy of it. While there, they discover the lead vocalist, Yukiko Watanabe, dead in the storage room.


EP544 Case.jpg

Location: Beika Department Store Green Room
Victim: Yukiko Watanabe
Age: 24 years old
Cause of death: Manual strangulation
Suspects: Makoto Nishimoto, Shouta Aoki, Risako Tanaka, Yusuke Nakamura, and Yuuki Sakamoto
The lead vocalist, Yukiko Watanabe, was killed inside the green room.

The band is interrogated by the police and they learn Yukiko planned to join another band. Ran tells Conan she noticed that the drum outside of the storage room changed position and Conan realizes who the murderer is.


  • Resolution

    BGM listing

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    4:09 - 4:23 レガート エピローグ Regāto Epirōgu Legato Epilogue Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack
    5:05 - 5:15 ????
    6:13 - 7:10 コンシダレーション Konshidarēshon Consideration Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    8:04 - 9:39 事件現場 (謎ver.) Jiken Genba (Nazo ver.) Scene of the Case (Mystery ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    10:18 - 12:04 ワッツ ハプニング Wattsu Hapuningu What's Happening Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    13:16 - 14:48 ????
    15:08 - 15:29 ????
    15:44 - 17:08 カギを探せ! Kagi o Sagase! Search for the Key! Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 4 ~Isoge! Shōnen Tanteidan~
    17:32 - 17:41 アクセント タッチ~コンティニュー Akusento Tacchi ~ Kontinyū Accent Touch ~ Continue Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    17:42 - 19:01 インターナショナル ケース(インシデント) Intānashonaru Kēsu (Inshidento) International Case (Incident) Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    19:27 - 21:23 コナンズ アイ Konanzu Ai Conan's Eye Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    21:33 - 22:07 トゥルー インテンション Turū Intenshon True Intention Detective Conan "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" Original Soundtrack
    23:28 - 23:59 のんびり気分1 Nonbiri Kibun 1 Carefree Feeling 1 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) La mà que toca desafinat The hand that plays out of tune
    Flag of Indonesia Indonesian (subbed) Pemain Nada Sumbang The Hand that Plays in Dissonance
    Flag of Italy Italian Accordi dissonanti Dissonant arranges
    Flag of Thailand Thai มือที่เล่นเพลงผิดคีย์ The hand that play a wrong note
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Bất hòa trong ban nhạc Discord in the band


    • Veteran staff from the early stage of Detective Conan (Haruo Ogawara and Akio Kawamura) returned to the anime production, which led to some unsteady animations within this episode.
    • The song at the beginning of the episode is the ending to Mysterious. The band then proceeds to play Everlasting Luv. It is also stated that Kogoro has never heard those songs.
    • The song "Moonlady" by Yoko Okino was referenced again. Kogoro mentioned it before in Conan vs. Kaitou Kid.
    • The names of paintings' kids:

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