Toyoto Kogiso

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Toyoto Kogiso

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Gunma, Japan
Location: Gunma, Japan

Toyoto Kogiso (小木曽 豊斗 Kogiso Toyoto?), from Gunma, is a Japanese screenplay writer. His real name is Toyoichi Kogiso (小木曽 豊一 Kogiso Toyoichi?) and he is sometimes credited with the old kanji Toyoto Kogiso (小木曾 豊斗 Kogiso Toyoichi / Ogiso Toyoichi?) with the character for so differing a little.

Scenarios Written

Number of case scenarios written : 12 (14 episodes)

Other Notable Works

TV and Drama

  • Taiyō ni hoero! : Screenplay
  • Sasurai keiji ryojō-hen : Screenplay
  • Hagure keiji junjōha : Screenplay


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