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Kazuha and Heiji fall to their doom?

In And Then There Were No Mermaids, Heiji Hattori receives a pleading letter from a vanished client who claims she will be killed by a mermaid. Heiji and Conan along with Ran, Kogoro, and Kazuha Toyama arrive on Mermaid Island just in time for a festival where a 130-year old elder awards three people with a "Dugong Arrow" that is said to grant immortality. Kazuha wins one of the coveted arrows, but with it comes a fearful serial murder case, awakened superstitions, an unraveling of Mermaid Island's lies, and a hidden shadow of the Black Organization. Can Hattori and Conan bring the mystery of the island to the surface before Kazuha becomes the next victim of the Mermaid's curse? Read more...

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