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Junichi Miyashita (宮下 隼一 Miyashita Jun'ichi?), born August 12, 1956, is a Japanese screenplay writer from Tokyo. After graduating from university, Miyashita started a career as assistant director, but later specialized in scriptwriting, starting in the 1970s in police TV dramas, and later shifting to Tokusatsu. He first started scriptwriting for anime series in 1984, and was a writer for Detective Conan as early as the series' inception in 1996. Having written more than fifty scripts for the series, he is one of its more prolific writers, and is known for creating cases focusing on kidnappings and character development, being however less creative with tricks. Since the late 2010s, he has been less involved in the series, but has provided significant contributions, including to the compilation movies released before big screen releases of the annual movies. Read more...

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