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Impossible Crime (Japanese: 不可能犯罪) technically refers to crime phenomena that aren't logical and feasible in practise, or, more accurately, resonable for a human being to cause them. There are many mystery novels that demonstrate this type of crime, for example, Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue (also known for being the first mystery novel to ever exist).

There are several ways to create a seemingly impossible crime:

  • Disappearance of Footprints: The victim is murdered and tossed onto a place (which can be on the snow or on the beach) where the surroundings don't see any traces of footprints. (Example: Magic Lover's Murder Case)
  • Locked Room Murders: The victim is murdered in an enclosed room where there are no exits (sometimes it can be a visual illusion). The culprit must have used some gimmicks and tricks to make the door of that locked room lock. (Example: A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs)
  • Alibi Testimony: By utilising the time differences and fiatus, the culprit might be able to ingeniously manipulate time and fabricate themselves an alibi in order to exclude themselves from the suspect list. (Example: Alibi Testimony Murder Case)
  • Impossible Disappearance: This refers to the situation where the victim or the culprit dissapears, making the case exceedingly puzzling. (Example: Missing Corpse Murder Case)

The following is a list of cases that all accord with the description of "impossible crime".