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Just started writing my own original story.


I'm not very confident about the prologue or chapter 1 but I think chapter 2-4 are okay. 4 is my favorite. XD

On a side note, I saw Dark Shadows last night.

Humor was great.

Romance sucked.

There was absolutely NO BUILD between Victoria and Barnabus (sp...?). I think there was a total of... 4 scenes that worked on their romantic development until the end scene. They spent so much time building the witch's relationship with him that I preferred him with her. Even after the end of the movie. I think she was serious about being in love with him.

Not to mention Victoria was a bit of a Mary-Sue. :I Let alone her love life, they didn't develop her character very much at all. All we know is that she was sent to an insane asylum (so she has a troubled past), she broke out (she's smart), that she is the governess and speaks about the young master a lot (so she's good with kids), that she has child-bearing hips, and that she feels at home with his family and she's in love with him (so she gets a happy ending). We weren't introduced to any flaws she might have, and adding all of that onto the lack of flaws leads me to believe she just... was a Mary-Sue.

For shame, Time Burton and staff, for shame.

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