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  1. 1. Naruto vs Sasuke, who will win?

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Welcome to naruto club. cartoon-10017.gif

Naruto is my favorite Manga and Anime, I love it so much thatI decide to open a club in this website. I hope you like it.

What can I do in this club?

  • Talk about your favorite characters.
  • Talk about your favorite episodes.
  • Talk about your favorite scenes.
  • Talk about your favorite chapters.
  • Talk about how you've got to know about Naruto.
  • Ask questions about Naruto.
  • Talk about the latest News.
  • Talk about the author.
  • Tell us your theories.
  • Talk about your favorite pairings.
  • And anything else about Naruto.
  • Make your own short games.
  • Post pictures, share videos, post your fan-fictions, post fan comics, etc.


How to become a member?

To become a member of this club you will have to ask me and I will agree, but later on, stuff will change when there are members.

Thank you..

But you still can ask question and what aver else. :rolleyes:


@Officer Kaoko



@Rom Yui

@Tna Uchiha






@Kid the Phantom Thief



@Sherlock Lupin


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Wow, beautiful song :o ! I love that song... it's so sad and touching. And I also like the Japanese version B).

Who dos not love this song? 31101407-2-13C6.gif everyone dos!!!

I'm a big fan of Naruto too! Can I join? Naruto always has it moments! Gaara is like my favorite character

Yes, :grin: yes, :grin: you :grin: can. :grin:

I'm a fan of Naruto too...

I would like to file an application form...to join this club.

No need to. :grin:

You are already a member :rolleyes:

I hop you all have fun 31101407-2-1K913.gif

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Do tell who is your favorite character 615233Kakashi%252520Hatake.jpg Kakashi-sensei?



492269753_f00b39f62e.jpg Gaara of the dessert?

These top three are my favorite, there are Iruka-sensei who I like too! Sasuke is a traitor so...Konohamuru, a little to kiddie, Pervy Sage is too Pervy...

Tell me yours! ^^

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@Detective Gin

I got them from google!


Here is another one, chibisasuke_finishedsticker_sample.jpg

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What episode in Naruto make you cry?

Mine is

Their first mission. When Zubazu and Haku die,it just so sad. And when they talk about Garra's past, make me cry even harder. When Rock LI(Bushy Brow)'s past When they talk about everyone past.. When Juriah die. When the third Hokage die. When Tsunade talk about her brother and lover. When Nenji talk about his past and Hina past...When the fourth hokage show up and said that he is Naruto's father. And there are alot ore sad scene!

Naruto is very sad yet happy yet funny yet adventurous...That's why I like Naruto

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When the Third Hokage, Jiraiya and Asuma Sarutobi died, I did not cry, but I was sad.

Now then, I was asking, When do you think Naruto the anime will go back to the story?

Edited by Detective Gin

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