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What will happen to Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai?

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Subaru Okiya for Shiho!!!!!!!

That's all...

LOLXDDD I'm happy I'm not the only OkiyaxShiho fan!!!

Oh and I agree with the idea of Shiho working for the FBI as a scientist...

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I would love it if Gosho makes Ai end up with Akai (Okiya) after she returns to her original form in the end. Otherwise, I think it'll be great if she remains as Ai Haibara for the rest of her life, growing up with the Detective Boys and ending up with Mitsuhiko. I think it'll give her a chance to relive her life and forget about the miserable time she had in the BO. I'll hate to see her die in the end and knowing her, I doubt she'll ever tell Conan (Shinichi) about her feelings for him as she knows very well that he is in love with Ran. So I don't think she'll want to come between the two....... 


Nonono. Gosho aoyama has said that its gonna be a happy ending. So I don think Ai will die.

Agreed! I don't want her to die, she's one of my favorites.

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For me, I want Ai to end up with a NEW cool character and have a happy ending... I dont want her to end up with Shinichi because, Shinichi is ONLY for Ran!!! Yes, I am a LOYAL ShinRan fan, but that does'nt mean that I hate HAibara... It's just that its kinda creepy and horrible, for me, if she will end up with Shinichi... That's why I want her to be with someone else...

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