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    Name Changes

    Hey guys, quick question. Why is it that the English version names are different for most of the main characters than what it is in the Japanese version, the only name that stays the same of the main cast is Conan's and then his true name is still different. I do not see why the names were changed.
  2. dfjkiller

    Who is smarter?

    Not entirely DC related but it does involve Conan. Simple Who is the smartest of these three. Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo (Need I have to say?), Gregory House (House M.D.), or Adrian Monk (Monk). Also there is a forth option and that would be other, if you think there are others that are smarter please specify. Actually not sure if this is supposed to be posted here or in a different spot.
  3. dfjkiller

    Ai x Mitsuhiko

    I just read the Conan x Ai topic and thought of this one. Ai x Mitsuhiko. Mitsuhiko has a major crush on Ai, and Ai does exploit that sometimes. I think that they would make a cute couple, and honestly I think that the manga/anime and fanfics neglect his feelings towards our favorite little scientist. List reasons you think why they should or should not be together. Reason why 1. They would be so cute together. 2. Mitsuhiko has very strong romantic feelings for Ai. Reason why not 1. Major maturity gap (for obvious reasons) 2. Ai doesn't have the same feelings as Mitsuhiko does for her to him.
  4. dfjkiller

    Favorite Male x Male paring

    Not sure if this has been posted before or not but well lets have fun with it anyways. Whats everyone's favorite Male Male paring/s? Please give reasons Why Mine are Conan x Mitsuhiko- Just a cute pairing, Mitsuhiko is smarter than the average 1st/2nd grader and it really shows when they are together Kid X Conan- They have a very odd relationship, and it seems that Kid brings out the best in Conan. Conan X Heji- Just an epic paring. Together they can figure out anything. Heji X Kid- I would just love to see Heji go against Kid at least once... Well those are my favorite MxM paring.
  5. I'm doing good. Just got home.

  6. dfjkiller

    samurai x

    This is one of my favorite anime, actually people get Samurai X confused with Rurouni Kenshin. Samurai X is actually a 4 part sub series that explains Kenshin as an assassin and gives details about his past and why he became a what his is in the series of Rurouni Kenshin.
  7. dfjkiller

    AJ's Art Thread

    Thats cute. Nice work.
  8. dfjkiller

    Vodka..Lamest of the Black?

    Maybe Vodka is of some relation to Anotaka or of relation to a high ranking agent either still present or deceased. Perhaps he did save Gin or another high ranking member at one time. Maybe it really is about his memory since he can remember exact detail of times and dates [such as said before Shinichi's "killing"] With that he could be used for mostly information gathering. As for him being the lamest I don't think he is. There are some member that are of no real use and I think the true threat for the B.O. is Vermouth for she knows who Conan an Ai really is but has not told anyone, In the end I think she will betray the B.O. for some reason or another where as it seems Vodka has a lot of loyalty for the B.O.
  9. dfjkiller

    Misaki's EARLY Birthday Present

    Nice work, really enjoyed the vid.
  10. How are ya doing this cold morning?

  11. dfjkiller

    Ai x Mitsuhiko

    Need to start a Mitsu/Ai fanclub.
  12. dfjkiller

    How smart is Mitsuhiko?

    In episode 303 It shows just how smart he is when he solves the case. Do you all think this is a testament of how smart he really is, or did he just get lucky? Either way one must think that for his age he shows quite a bit of deduction skill in this particular episode.
  13. dfjkiller

    How smart is Mitsuhiko?

    In movie 10 towards the end of it when the DB, Ran, and Kazuha are chasing the thief he grabs a broom and throws it at the thief, which causes the guy to stumble some. This shows that he can think under pressure and in a pinch if the situation a raise.
  14. Nothing much just doin this and that, what about you?

  15. dfjkiller

    Ai x Mitsuhiko

    Ah a new MitsuAi drawing you're doin? can't wait to see it.