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Problem is they traded offense for defense, which isn't gonna propel them to the finals. Hibbert is awful, and really a waste considering his size. I think if the Rockets bow out early in the playoffs again, it'll be tough seeing Howard back in that uniform again. I don't have a prediction for KD, but I can't see Howard back in LA. That chapter has closed. The Lakers should pursue KD, Horford, Batum, Whiteside, and maybe even DeRozan. Pair the young core with possibly 1-2 of those guys, and you have a playoff team. 

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Thunder and bulls will be neck n neck...i think

Im thinking that the gsw will outplay the cavs

If the gsw make james do what he did in the final then they will win

Honestly, the players he has are just your good D players who cant score

Iman and jr...are you kidding me

Mozgov can do something

I dont think love will be special

Thompson will just rebound for 20M...next year im going to the nba

I can pass good for 5

Irving is not ready

Spurs and clippers should have no problem

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Only thing that's gonna save the Bulls is their defense, since their offense is underperforming. If the Bulls commit turnovers, the Thunder will capitalize off that since they usually rack up fast break points. 


I have GSW beating the Cavs. I wanna see how Kyrie performs after being out since last year. Can't believe they pay Thompson all that money to grab rebounds and he doesn't even start smh. 


Spurs over Rockets. Not looking forward to Harden flopping in the paint 100 times. 


As long as the Lakers don't get embarrassed, I'll be fine. Nothing would be funnier than us somehow pulling out a win, even if it is unlikely to happen. 

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The Warriors win in 2OT last night after Curry leaves with a shin injury. Draymond Green with a nice triple double. Now they're 31-2. The Spurs beat the Rockets too, which they should've done on Christmas but let Houston control the game. The Rockets are currently 8th in the West right now, haha. The Dwight-Harden era has not lived up to expectations up to this point.


Now that we have ushered into 2016, this means we're a month and some change away from the NBA trade deadline (Feb 18.) It's gonna be interesting to see what the Lakers do. Even though we're losing, the young core is getting better each game (especially Clarkson). They could trade a few away for a star player, but it doesn't guarantee=playoffs. But on the flip side, adding a star player now could help you in the summer when you pitch to free agents. I'm not a fan of Jim Buss, but I do like his sister and Kupchak when it comes to making moves. All this could determine how much time the lakers have to spend rebuilding. 


In other news, Ben Simmons is the real deal. 

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I only hope that 76ers dont take Ben from LA, dude can play inside and can pass 


i like green, i think he is a superstar basketball player

what i mean is he know how to play the game and can help your team win


houston is a mess, but have been  looking better lately

i dont think harden will live up to anything

in this time a lot of folks could score

and collect assists, run and throw the ball

what useful thing has he done for houston 


these young ones need to lear lear learn

man, nance really started to play

he is also a rebounding beast

we got a lot of potential, we dont need to win cause we will lose Ben

i do hope that Jeanie fires her bro soon

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I bet the 76ers end up getting Ben. They don't need anymore players in the front court. They do need more playmakers though. He does need to work on his defense and shooting ability. I like Brandon Ingram from Duke too. He definitely needs to bulk up because 6'9 197 the NBA guys will kill him if he doesn't. 


Harden has the most FT attempts in the league. Tired of the refs catering to him.


Nance is nice as hell. He has a lot of potential to growth, but the best thing about him is his hustle. Gives you energy every time. That definitely has something to do with him getting starter minutes compared to Randle. Ben is nice, but we need to just focus on keeping that pick. The draft is pretty weak this year anyway. A lot of these guys will good for trade value. 

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im wondering if anyone will team up with harden in houston next summer

the guy is young can do...something


all this cap space next season and folks are going to places like milwaukee, minnesota, denver, oklahoma

im interested to see, what if the lakers get the 1st pick, and trade it for demarcus

to be fair they are the league's leading team in Cs snatched

i wouldnt want that, but i dont run the show 

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Yeah they got blown out the gym. That JR ejection was a bit meh, but he couldn't have saved the team anyway. Love was so lost on defense, which is no surprise cause we all know that's not his strength. Thompson didn't do anything either, which needs to change for all that money they're paying him. I would be shocked if they didn't make some moves before the trade deadline. Either a Love move, or maybe even a coach firing.

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everyone is talking about trading Mozgov, but i think he and james could make a great duo

i dont think Blatt is much to blame here since james does coach too and he coaches players that are not coachable

there is a reason why shumpert and smith were traded away, and why the knocks sucked

these new players the knocks has, know how to play basketball, but are not superstars...so the result is not great but good

the lakers are looking to move hibbert and bass, maybe the cavs would want them

i dont think sacramento will give up cousins for love, seeing how he plays

there are rumors that dwight might opt out this summer, so if they want a trade with the cavs that could help them

but the way harden plays D, paired with love...#BucketsAllDay

i have said that irving is just a scorer, maybe he is what james needs in crunch time when it comes cause he is great in those moments but not when he needs help to lead the team cause irving never did lead a team

the spurs and warriors need to stay healthy and they will win it

Espn is raking players by position and now they started to do a Top 100

The only issue i have is at the SF countdown where james is first and bird is second

James is only a better defender cause of his athletic gifts, but bird was crafty on the D

Kobe wont be top 10 there for some reason

Lists are pointless

I cant compare kobe to west

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It's not that he's a bad coach, they just needed someone who's more assertive. A big reason why he got canned as coach this week. If he's hesistant to call out LeBron, and makes some confusing rotations to the roster, you're sure to lose the locker room. If I'm the Cavs, I'd entertain a Love trade to either the Suns or Celtics. He's too much of a liability on defense for them to contend against the West. I think the Lakers need to execute a move before the deadline. Move Hibbert to a playoff team, maybe Nick Young too. Will see if they move Bass though. 


I think Dwight should opt out this summer. Clearly this Houston experiment hasn't worked. They're 7th in the West, and barely above .500 with him and Harden. Josh Smith got traded back to the Rockets, and they expect him to provide a spark? LOL I'm not sold. They just aren't good enough to make it out the West.


I like Irving, but I agree he's really just a scorer at this point. He isn't known for his defense, and I think that's something he needs to improve on. The Cavs need elite defenders on that team. 


No bias, but any list w/o Kobe in the top 10 is ridiculous. These lists for the most part are dumb. It allows people to put certain players high on their list, whom they never even watched. Different eras. Different players. Different rules. 


GSW/SA are ahead of the pack right now. I know things may change, but I see one of them winning the title. No other team besides them is playing solid on both sides of the floor.

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to be fair, he really didnt have that great of a team anyway when you count their strengths and weakness

not to mention that most of them never wanted to try to work with him 

the only team that can take love are the lakers, no bull

sacramento aint giving cousins, boston is a great collective team and would have to give up a lot of players to match his pay..which would be stupid

i dont know if he wants to go to arizona and may want to block it

do the suns even want love

lakers can give roy and another one like bass or young that would match love

i would hate that since scott would make him work hard and he will injure himself again,  not to mention i dont like him cause he played outside the paint instead of in it

i dont understand this, if you are tall why do you go outside instead of back to the basket 


i think smith in a way gave them something they needed last year

i expected him to stay, but i also expected him to boost the clippers too

so what do i know

dwight should go to the cavs then

or at least demand a him-love trade

he would give them great D


irving is nasty, he can hit important shots, he could help and is the only help on offense for james 


i know, there is really no point in making it

my actulal list of the top players i based my game on when i was younger and think of them as the greatest are












karl malone










health is the only question

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I added the Suns because apparently they wanted to do a deal with the Cavs for Love last season. I heard the Cavs wouldn't mind Morris on their team, but I'm not really a fan of his game, but I get it. Could be send Love to PHX, Cavs get Morris & Chandler..and maybe another piece. I bet it won't happen though.


Boston is interesting. Ainge has stuck with this idea of grooming draft picks into studs, which for the most part, has worked. It would be tough for them to get rid of Crowder, who's playing great, but man he could really help out the Cavs defensively. They already have Thomas and Smart, you could ship out Bradley too. The thing is, if Kevin Love IS traded, will he return to Wolves form? that's the risk these teams would be taking with him. I don't think Love returns back to that. Seems like he was just a stat stuffer on some really bad Wolves teams. But all this speculation just has more excited for the trade deadline.


I don't want Love on the Lakers. Definitely something we need. I don't know how they'll trade Young since he stinks this year. His trade value is most likely shot right now. Hibbert and Bass are the most likely candidates. Rookies not going anywhere either (for now.) I hope they really get rid of Hibbert. Geez, talk about waste of height. You're 7'2, he should be a rebounding machine. He's been struggling with pick and roll situations too.


I wanna see what Dwight does, depending on how the 2016 playoffs go. I mean he's only 30, but the injuries and minutes have piled up..teams will have to wonder which Dwight Howard they will get...it's a risk.

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suns are desperate right now, confused as well

trade wont help them


Boston, i think, was only interested in signing him

i dont think trade is in their plans for love

and love has to plaay for a franchise like boston not stuff the stat sheets like he did in minnesota

this is why green is such a great player, cause he understands the mechanics of the game and knows there is more the just scoring to beat a team


no one wants love there

i get ya, and you know what the sad part is

he is a 85% ft shoter

i mean give the ball to him, back them down, let them foul you all day

he just stands there 


the team that would benefit most from dwight would be gsw

could you imagine dwight instead of bogut

and the ally oops would be there too

bogut does his share in the defensive part

but i just think that with dwight that part would elevate 

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The Suns are this close from exploding. Nothing going right with that organization. Feel bad for the fans. No, they absolutely need to make a few trades, not for now, but long-term. That roster is a mess, outside of Booker, Knight, and a few others. They've lost 22 of their last 27 games. Awful. Love is probably not the answer, but they won't be improving without trades, even with a high pick in the 2016 draft.

The Warriors were one of the teams Dwight looked at back in 2013. That definitely would've made a crazy threat.

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Another display of Vintage Kobe 38pts 5rebs 5asts (10-21FG) 


Not too much has changed since the last post on here. GSW keeps rolling. The Cavs winning a few games here and there.


Rockets say they have no plans to trade Dwight at the deadline. Heard they want to pursue KD in the off season...smh I don't see him going to Houston.

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Whish he could score like this till the end of the sesson

There arent a lot of games left

Gsw are tooooooo goooood

They hit them 3s like FTs

If steph has a bad night, klay steps up with 40

Cavs lost

Their problem was never blatt, but the overpayed overrated players

If he is going to texas he is going to san antonio

Him to the gsw is an interesting option

Im sad that he isnt going to the lakers

I would trade for dwight

Lets face it, they are going no where with him or without

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Kobe with another big game. 27 & 12. He's really starting to heat up in the season. Those legs are really back because he's hitting 3's like crazy. To think he's 37 and doing this is amazing. Black Mamba on a roll so far, 30 more games to go.

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I hope these other teams start getting better because the NBA is much more fun when there's competition. I enjoy watching the Warriors, but I don't want to keep seeing them dominate everyone. They can't help it I guess, too talented. 

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